Conglomerates and Fragments

This is the post excerpt.


Like the great waters, Life is tumultuous. Constant motion and shifting. Low points and high points. Movement given validity by islands of seeming less movement. Moments in time of darkness and “Light”…always known by CREATOR in all IT’S forms.

Like all things of the Material Creations, Centers of Culture aggregate and wax strong. Then they seem to lose their way, become unwieldy, break down and “fall”. Usually leaving their legacy, their mark on Human Evolution, as they are replaced by newer social constructs by the Few that rise up out of the Many of Us. Comes new societies that always intend to be “good”, within unique (in certain parts and elements) Moral standard systems, that call to and challenge Us, to become More and Better. It is hoped, that each epoch of Human History is More and Better…and is seen to be so by the opportunist leadership elements that promotes the latest developments, that the dreamers and Visionaries present for adaptation and adoption.

The epochs and centuries become distinct and more visible when viewed from the Future…which is really to say “Now”.

Evolutionary Progress is being made. The healing is done and the lessons are slowly learned. At first by a few and then, Hopefully, by More and More of Us.

First come the strong visionary leaders. If they succeed in initially establishing a brave new society, or culture, they are joined and followed, by those that need something new in their lives. Then, if “successful”, the cultural and social innovation becomes the province of the Guardians Of The Society’s altered Codes Of Morality. It becomes the new status quo.

Some do well as they practice these valued codes…some do not. Sometimes the codes have to be adjusted “downward”, so that the society can maintain as broad a productive spectrum of Living, as it can. A place for the less, as well as the best. But Individuality cannot be given free rein. The power of cooperation suffers from this. Individuality is the essential building block of the cooperation that constructs a strong society, but it can reach  it’s limits of social use and become disruptive and destructive. It is “normal” for this to occur. It is part of the Evolutionary Process. Just as Cooperation brings the power to form strong new social constructs, it can be suppressive and lead to stagnation that does not serve Our Evolution well. If the “settled” period lasts too long and improvements are prevented by strict adherence to established mores and ways, the flow of meaningful change loses vitality and could begin a kind of social stagnation. But this will produce “tensions” that will lead to the freeing of Individual expressions and new energy for the Many.

Learning to recognize and value positive change, is “key” to the best ways to Evolve. The more of Us that learns these positive Evolutionary values, the “stronger” Our True Evolution will be.

Good Ways are the Ideal and they are at their best when they change for the Better.

A whole Evolving work can be done in the exploration, adaptation and social application of what “Good” means to Us. A base criteria, to which ideas of True Goodness can be compared and selected for service to Humanity, would be very valuable in Our Evolution toward “More” and “Better”.

Each collapse of civilizations are lessons in the nature of how much and how long. Too much and too long causes stress and strain. Sometimes this is a slow dissolving, sometimes cataclysmic…sometimes both. This process begins with the Individual. And is the most successful when a majority of the constituent Individuals succeeds in Living well by the societies codes of Morality. But all must learn how far something is to be taken for the lastingness of their culture. A culture best “lasts” through Evolution.

Do any not do this? Do some last longer than others? Why? Which “People” build the most lasting centers of culture? How do these utilize change? And make change, for Better and More, their lasting strengths?

While most of Humanity now enjoys the fruit of its endeavors for More and Better Culture, it from time to time, also is challenged to salvage pieces of what once was and rebuild, the best they can, something new. The “pieces” of a collapsed civilization are found, scrutinized and judged as to their worth in a new endeavor for Evolution…in a new culture.

Sometimes the pieces are remnants of older cultural efforts, that are found, resurrected and tried again.

The “best” of New Tribalism will do this. Because of its “outsider” perspective (and it’s “Insider” perspective too) it seeks fragments of Morality, Virtue and Practicality to reinstate into New Tribalism existence and Life Practices. Some of these fragments are the trampled ideas of Harmony and Balance With Nature. Other parts are the Golden Rule Revelations of Peaceful pursuits. These being synchronized with Our wonderful energy to live well…”well” being that which is Good for the Most Of us.

In juxtaposition to this Ideal, will be the efforts of “lesser” New Tribalists that reach not as “high” for cultural expression in Life and the die-hard types that cannot or will not see the Truths of their civilization’s sickness and demise. They identified with their mighty civilization so much, that they would not Evolve to something More and Better (in the sense of new constructs) and devote themselves to trying to fix what went wrong with their culture. Sometimes these are successful and actually do rebuild their civilizations into fresh new expressions of some of the values they hold dear. But, among these are the parasitic types that want only to “feed” on the dying carcass of the culture that has become “sick”, or is failing.

All of these Human elements of change demand energy and resources. They will not always be nice, or Peaceful, in their demands for what they think they need. Some will depend on secrecy. Others will seek powerful and protective alliances. And others will readily engage in wars of taking what they want and need.

Rarely a dull moment…especially since there are so Many of Us.

Author: Dan 1 pathsofnewtribalism

73 year old Male Euro-Aryan, with long time interest in Human History, Human Pre-history and New Tribalism. Founder and developer of "Narbarism". Have written a 556 page book that depicts an example of Narbarian Mythology. Have also written several articles about different aspects of the design of Narbarian Culture.

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