When A “New Tribe” Is Of Value.

Depending on how one defines it, a “new tribe” can become a valuable social entity for several different reasons.
It might be mentioned here, that the “Old Tribes”, having developed out of little Families, Clans and Bands of richly varied and diverse Pre-historic Humanity, were intrinsic Evolutionary and essential steps toward a one day United and Peace Waging Humanity. A day that is probably still many thousands of years in an uncertain future. We, Homo Sapien Evolvus might not come to that day. There are forces and conditions that are competing to influence the achievement, or non-achievement, of this “dream” which began with the Creational Evolutionary Plans of Creator, here on Our World, Urth.
The value of the “Old Tribes” is in their “role” as social building blocks that augment and expedite the plans Of Creation. It is about important aggregations for survival, in the competitions between parts of species and races of Pre-Humanity and Humanity.
New Tribes, in some ways, are also expressions of Our quest to fulfill Creational Evolutionary Design and Planning. They can be valuable in their role to salvage elements of the largest social constructs, as these fragment and collapse under their own weight, as Humans reach limits of their abilities to successfully control their destiny. In other words, We tend to grow beyond Our abilities to maintain “large” societies because of the “Frontier Unknowns” these bring with them, as certain stresses accumulate to strain the abilities of the Leadership Kind of the Governments.
Usually We learn Our lessons in Life, from these stresses and strains, but usually after a collapse has occurred.
One of the values of New Tribes, (of the more Progressive and Positive Kind) is the saving of what can be used to rebuild a Better World, but not necessarily the same pattern as before. This idea could be said to be the “Overall Positive Value Of New Tribalism”.
But there are more “personal” viewpoints about the values of New Tribalism also.
One of these “personal viewpoints” is related to some Individual Needs that come from the weakness, or even absence of a “Good” Family structure in one’s Life. A new tribe could provide some healing and satisfactory emotional support for some Individuals who might need a Family Structure to relate to and function “in” (with), in their Lives. Family structures can become Clans (United Families) and Tribal (United Clans) size groups. But there is a “science” and “art” in the achievement of this. Methods that encompass, or is influenced by, many social organization styles and norms.
Another value, of a personal viewpoint, might be the mutual protection and safety that a new tribe might provide. Usually, it takes more to defend against more. Unless one is a formidable warrior type, then survival can be augmented in close knit groups. But even “Lone Wolves” have their limitations…as do any social groupings.
The preservation of and maintenance of a new tribe can be a wonderful challenge for those of Us who perceive the value of this remedy to collapsing civilizations…or even merely to experiment with Better Ways Of Living. Those of Us who enjoy the challenge of riding the “Winds Of Change” and even directing them to serve Humanity and the Creational Plans.
But We must keep in Mind that there will be “Loss” as well as gain. The point might be to minimize the losses and maximize the gains; according to the Morals and Values (Virtues) of the members of a new tribal society.
There will be many differences between the world of the “Old Tribes” and that of the “New Tribes”.
For many thousands of years (almost a million) the Old Tribes had vast lands in which to seek “elbow room” and expand into. They did this as one solution to the problems caused by prolific Human reproductivity and the competition that came from this. (Also, there is the manipulations of Us by powerful alien groups that promote “gains” for themselves from Humans waging war on Humans) We have much ignorance to overcome.
Today and tomorrow, the New Tribes will not have the luxury of Wilderness to go to and fill. The “More Advanced” of them will have to master their numbers in relation to their ability to produce food and the amenities of Life and will have to learn the arts of making do with limited areas of land. However, the overpopulation of Our World might be reduced to where this limitation of space to Live in, might be relieved, through times of terrible struggle, disease and war.

Far Better to Responsibly learn and develop the disciplines of self-control that would promote a Peaceful and Evolutionary transition to Better Humanity Of Urth. Far Better to reduce Our Birth Rate and Humanely cull genetic defects and develop the social skills We need to construct Good standards of Living within prescribed areas. Each tribe should do this, un-interfered with within established “Standards of Decency”, in their own way. For the sake of their own group.
The value of this aspect of New Tribalism is obvious, to those of Us who can perceive it.

Author: Dan 1 pathsofnewtribalism

76 year old Male Euro-Aryan, with long time interest in Human History, Human Pre-history and New Tribalism. Founder and developer of "Narbarism"...just one of the many branches of New Tribalism. I am writing a 556+ page book that depicts an example of Narbarian Mythology. Have also written several articles about different aspects of the design of Narbarian Culture. I have delved and dabbled in Art, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ways of Survival, Social Structure, and Mythology, in order to provide a foundation for My People Yet To Come...The "HamaNar", the "People Of Hope". This endeavor has made my Life a Better Thing. As I engaged in this New Tribal Culture Work, I became interested in "Collective Governance", feeling deeply that the more Good Hearts and Minds that participated in governance, the better the government...which contributed to a better culture, be it Tribal or Aggregate.

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