Personal Integrity Is Essential To Improvement In Our Species

I will write a few more general proposals and then narrow my focus to more specific work…such as my “pet” project “Narbarism”. I will start a new page of articles for this.

There is no Species Evolution without “Personal Integrity”. It is indispensable to the energies needed for Evolution to progress.

Personal Integrity is the hardest thing to increase in one’s Life, because it demands the best values to be applied to everything We do and think. But it is well worth the effort. It brings rewarding new strengths and changes into your own evaluation of yourself. And makes you more valuable to your own species.

It’s about doing the right things in Life and knowing what those “Right Things” are. This all begins with caring about Good Ways Of Being…and understanding the benefits of increasing one’s personal skills in Personal Integrity.

It begins with a genetic code in one’s DNA and this is nurtured in your Life’s Environment and brought to deeply satisfying fruition as You increase it’s strengths and powers within You. Ultimately you will take charge of your Personal Integrity and validate the elements that were the beginnings of this quality. You will become the “Captain Of Your Destiny” and will become a valuable contributor to Humanity and its Evolution. And this will be rewarded in Eternity, as You continue to grow More and Better Forever.

Before You “go” you become more valuable to Life On Urth.

You have to want this. And then you have to make great efforts to increase it in you.

You will be tested all along the way. Which is a Good Thing, because in the “testing” is the measurement of your progress in ‘Personal Integrity”. Testing keeps it “real”…and protects you from self-delusion…that intoxicating state where you think you are more important to Creation than you Truthfully are. We must never lose sight of the Truth. Even when the Truth reveals only what We do not know yet.

So. If you realize the Truth in Yourself that you do care about “Personal Integrity” and want to increase its strengths in you, then apply yourself to this quest. Be ready to deal with difficult situations and circumstances. These will be your meat to eat.

Become ready to listen and watch and read.

Study lists of recognized Virtues.

Seek and embrace what are the most valuable…to yourself and Humanity.

Do not give in to fear. Bravery is a virtue and a valuable part of Personal Integrity.

Yes. All this easier said than done. Do what you can. Be the “best” you can be, in all the circumstances and situations in your Life.

You will “grow”. You will become more important to yourself and others. You will become of the  “MWE”…the Superior Collective Mind. There is wonderful strength and Wisdom in this.

A note of caution: Remember that “Personal Integrity”, like any other element of Life in the Material Realm, can be misused. Mistakes can be made in its applications. It would help with this problem, to consult others you Trust with some of the decisions you have to make about things. This is where the “collective”, or “group” becomes more valuable to you. To feel that your idea is more True and Useful, not only to yourself, but also to the whole scheme of things.

Author: Dan 1 pathsofnewtribalism

76 year old Male Euro-Aryan, with long time interest in Human History, Human Pre-history and New Tribalism. Founder and developer of "Narbarism"...just one of the many branches of New Tribalism. I am writing a 556+ page book that depicts an example of Narbarian Mythology. Have also written several articles about different aspects of the design of Narbarian Culture. I have delved and dabbled in Art, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ways of Survival, Social Structure, and Mythology, in order to provide a foundation for My People Yet To Come...The "HamaNar", the "People Of Hope". This endeavor has made my Life a Better Thing. As I engaged in this New Tribal Culture Work, I became interested in "Collective Governance", feeling deeply that the more Good Hearts and Minds that participated in governance, the better the government...which contributed to a better culture, be it Tribal or Aggregate.

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