The “Elk Of Life”

Elk Of Life - A Bright and Glorious Mystery

I have been sporadically working on this large piece of HamaNar, or Narbarian, mythology for about 25 years now. I have finally come to some contentment with the text, which fills about 540 pages.

I am now putting forth an effort to augment the text with illustrations. The story of many and diverse episodes offers plenty of opportunities for “art work”. I have always appreciated books with pictures. They enable brief restful breaks from the continuous flow of text.

The picture I am drawing right now is where the “Red Dragon” (“RhoHana”} is, after a long period of recuperation and therapy for the injured Fandor (“Sharma Shan”), exercising him in the vast skies above her lair. The exercise becomes a skill game where the two flying creatures vie to see how close they can come to each other without disrupting collisions.

Up to this point, in this work, I have drawn the “Elk Of Life”, “Scolos”, “Beloquish”, The Winter March of the “Muhkan People of Onagar”, the “Hot Pool in the cave”, the Oalchud village on Twarth Aga and a couple of maps of those prehistoric times, places and Peoples. Also a dedication page to my “KatDana”, my Dear Friend and Sweetheart for about 43 years now. She has always endeavored to encourage me in this work, that was so important to me.

I don’t really know anything about the marketability of this effort. Originally, I was only writing it as an example and first installment of Narbarian Mythology. I have often fantasized that it might be made into a beautiful James Cameron movie and generate for me and my “Sweety” a  handsome sum of spending leaves with which to finish Our Final Days on Urth. Doesn’t hurt to try.

Here it is, June 22nd, 2019, and I have made about twenty pictures and maps. I’m up to Chapter 17 in Part 2, “Onagar”. I just finished a picture of the “Death Mound” that Onagar’s People, the “Ami-Achina”, made to bury their dead, under the slain bodies of “Shuga” (sub-humans). Mainly the swarm of Buzzards and Ravens, all over the mound, is depicted.

Next will be a picture showing the “Ami-Achina” arriving at their new home on the Caspian Sea. This will be a tricky one, because I will try to show the perspective of the tribe looking down into their canyon from the cliffs above.

I have finished the “re-write”. Added more pages to the work. Renumbering what was already written and then drawing illustrations in the empty spaces.

I think I have found a “Good Guardian” for my Work. He is “Young” (in his twenties, I think) and seems to really like the idea of protecting the Narbarian Work for its time in the future. He is intelligent and strong in many ways and will well succeed in his Guardianship of Narbarism. To have found him is a great relief to me. I hope I am not making a mistake in this choice to place Narbarism in his hands. It just somehow seems a better idea than placing this work in a crypt, near my scattered bones.

That’s about all I have to share about this right now. Probably more later.

Author: Dan 1 pathsofnewtribalism

76 year old Male Euro-Aryan, with long time interest in Human History, Human Pre-history and New Tribalism. Founder and developer of "Narbarism"...just one of the many branches of New Tribalism. I am writing a 556+ page book that depicts an example of Narbarian Mythology. Have also written several articles about different aspects of the design of Narbarian Culture. I have delved and dabbled in Art, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ways of Survival, Social Structure, and Mythology, in order to provide a foundation for My People Yet To Come...The "HamaNar", the "People Of Hope". This endeavor has made my Life a Better Thing. As I engaged in this New Tribal Culture Work, I became interested in "Collective Governance", feeling deeply that the more Good Hearts and Minds that participated in governance, the better the government...which contributed to a better culture, be it Tribal or Aggregate.

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