Dogs and Tribal Responsibility

Dogs are a valuable asset for New Tribes. Just as they were for Old Tribes. The usual Loyalty of Dogs, for their Humans, has a wonderful psychological effect on the Humans. Not only is this needed, but it provides a valuable reminder and lesson about this important virtue. Our Dogs remind Us of the value of the virtue of Loyalty.

But Dogs do not always express Loyalty and Love for other Humans and for other Dogs. The interactions between them has to be watched and controlled, for the sake of all concerned. This is part of the social responsibility that comes with being part of smaller, close knit, tribal constructs.

It is possible to achieve the goal of all the Dogs and all the Humans getting along in a high degree of harmony and Peace. But this requires patient diligence by the Humans, until the bonding between all concerned is accomplished. The “bonding” would be experienced as the Dogs not fighting each other and not biting the Humans. This would be very hard to do. Even Wolf Packs fight amongst themselves. But this is a worthy goal that is possible to achieve with the right sustained effort in the training of the Dogs and the Humans. Intense training can accomplish this. So, it has to be an important goal of the tribe, to make this happen. Everybody has to want it.

Everybody has to be able to see and appreciate the benefits that would result from this superior relationship state.

Some of these “benefits” would be:

(1) A more generally disciplined and controlled social environment, that would be as beneficial for the tribal members as much as for the Dogs.

(2) Quieter, more orderly, camps.

(3) Healthier Dogs and Humans. (Less need to give medical attention and medical resources to the participants in the tribe.

(4) Superior performance, on the part of the Humans and the Dogs, in self defense and hunting.

(5) A Living example of the superior Morals and Values of a Good Heart and Mind People.

(6) An example, that might be emulated, of the positive possibilities of this Ideal kind of relationship between Dog and Human.

(7) A deep satisfaction and pride in all of the above.

But We have to do the Work to reach the benefits.

First We, as Good Heart and Mind Individuals, have to study this possibility.

Then We have to sincerely and “skillfully”, discuss this with everyone else in Our Good Tribe…to try to accomplish a “Consensus” that this should be done…by all who have Dogs.

Thirdly, We would acquire the knowledge and skills that would make this happen. It might be a good idea, here, to go outside the tribe and find the best sources from which to gain this knowledge and learn these skills.

Fourth, We should custom design the training We do, to best suit the needs of the tribe.

Fifth, We put what We have learned and developed into daily dedicated practice, that brings Us closer to this worthy Harmony and Peace Promoting Goal.

We should become Masters at Dog Psychology and adept at the best possible relationship between Dogs and Humans.

Some of the things We could do to bring this to pass, would be:

(1) Feed the Dog in the privacy of the Rubber Tire Domicile, or “Pitched Dwelling”. This will serve to cut down on the fighting over food…and the “raiding” that leads to this.

(2) Use the harness and leash! Until the training reaches the desired pinnacle of “Voice Control”.

(3) Carefully select, for Good Companionship, the smartest, most obedient, loyal and Loving, breeds. (Loving of other Dogs as well as Humans.) This selection process involves more than genetics. It also has to do with the Individual Personality of a Dog.

(4) Carefully avoid brining into the tribe certain breeds that have been specifically bred to fight and kill other Dogs (and other kinds of Dogs and Animals) in the “Dog Fighting Arenas”. Actually we should do more than avoid these. We should support all efforts to gently eradicate these breeds, as well as their mean and cruel owners.

So, Good Breed selection plus Good Human Training, followed by Good Dog Training, will result in a boost to In-Tribe Peace and Additional In-Tribe Strengths.

Author: Dan 1 pathsofnewtribalism

76 year old Male Euro-Aryan, with long time interest in Human History, Human Pre-history and New Tribalism. Founder and developer of "Narbarism"...just one of the many branches of New Tribalism. I am writing a 556+ page book that depicts an example of Narbarian Mythology. Have also written several articles about different aspects of the design of Narbarian Culture. I have delved and dabbled in Art, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ways of Survival, Social Structure, and Mythology, in order to provide a foundation for My People Yet To Come...The "HamaNar", the "People Of Hope". This endeavor has made my Life a Better Thing. As I engaged in this New Tribal Culture Work, I became interested in "Collective Governance", feeling deeply that the more Good Hearts and Minds that participated in governance, the better the government...which contributed to a better culture, be it Tribal or Aggregate.

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