“A Video Game To Help Evolving Direct Democracy Citizens Practice What They Have Learned In Their Civic Education”. Part 2

A Utilization Of “Virtual Reality”.

“House Of The People” A depiction by Daniel Donnason Jones (Dan 1)

This Citizen Governance enhancing game, should be able to accommodate at least a thousand Citizens, as they practice their new Civics and electoral skills and develop proposals and prototypes for a Real Direct Democracy. They would be like a “Cloud Countries”. A virtually real nation with a social contract exercise.

There would be sections in the game that facilitates perusal and discussions of issues and problems…as well as new Ideas for making Our Nation Better.

There would be other sections that offers information regarding the various issues and problems. Here would be the archives and sources. And maybe paths to “Trusted and Proven Consultants” that could answer questions and offer their opinions.

Then too, would be the Offices of Our Elected “Honored Advisors”…set free from the weaknesses of Representative Politics. Some of these might even be Real, as they get on board with the Direct Democracy Idea and elect to help with this virtual game foundation.

As I eagerly await for Kevin Triplett’s proposal for “Collective Governance”, as a “Variant 7” transition endeavor, I continue to try to Think of more helpful aspects that would increase the effectiveness and value of the “Direct Democracy version of “Democracy 4”. As I write this, I hope to hear from “cliffski” (Cliff Harris) of “PosiTech”, about this project. He designed “Democracy 4” and it has become quite popular among politically minded gamers around the world. I am hoping that “Cliffski” will see merit in this “Direct Democracy” version and sell Us his expertise (hopefully at a price We can afford). His “Democracy 4” can provide an intricate and tested core to Our Version. We’ll see. Will get back to you on this, as developments occur.

That is about all I can Think of for now.

September 10th, 2021

Haven’t heard yet from Kevinn Triplett, or Cliff Harris. So I will just have some fun here imagining how the new Direct Democracy Game might look and feel to Participants, as it is played.

Imaginary Historic Scenario:

Through the corruption of self-serving and overly greedy, Men and Women, the disruptive impact of biological weapons and the mob mentality of mis-guided and fear filled, citizens the “United States Of America” has devolved from a promising beginning and over two hundred years of “development” to a point of economic, social and political collapse.

A sizable and visionary, progressive majority portion of the Citizenry of this stricken nation, has managed to sufficiently prepare for this breakdown and has managed to garner enough votes to start a government reset process that includes:

(1) Designing and “building” a New Direct Democracy Constitution for the New Nation…that includes::

{A} That retains improved and modified, forms of most of the “Old” Representative Democracy and Republic, Governance Institutions.

{B} New Moral Guidelines in written “Standards Of Decency”.

{C} An adjusted and expanded “Bill Of Rights”.

{D} A Clarified Declaration of States Rights and Responsibilities as Members of the New Improved Nation.

(2) Establishing the New Government near the *territorial center of the Sovereign Territory of the Fifty States.

{A} *Adjusted to include the States of Alaska and Hawaii.

{B} Near Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

Opening Day:

It took seven years for the new Direct Democracy Center to be completed enough to facilitate the personal presence of the first one thousand New America Citizens in their practice of Direct Democracy. It has been located twenty miles North of Belle Fourche, South Dakota, which includes Alaska and Hawaii’s statehood status. This location was the second decision made by the New Collective Government, which was a choice between  39°50′N 98°35′W, about 2.6 miles (4.2 km) northwest of the center of Lebanon, Kansas, approximately 12 miles (19 km) south of the Kansas – Nebraska border…a location that is more the center of the “Lower 48 States” that was determined in 1918 and the more correct and up to date locality near Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

The decision was made by We The People to utilize the newer 50 State location by a majority vote of eight to one.

This vote, like *the first one, was submitted from the Homes of the one hundred million Americans who had been playing the “Direct Democracy Game by “Positech”, or “vironIT”. This participation rate, as a classic example of “starting small and growing”, was rapidly increasing.

Right after the “Location Vote”, the third Direct Democracy Vote, of a call for Construction Volunteers and supportive infrastructure, was taken. This “Call” was passed by an 85% Majority. Those that voted against this believed that it was too soon to undertake the construction of the New Capitol at Belle Fourche. But the Majority were “hungry” to get busy with this very challenging national project. The “Call” was made.

Hordes of American Workers converged on the Plains north of Belle Fourche, South Dakota. A construction camp fifteen miles in diameter, well organized and laid out with its own electric, water, sewer and transportation systems, sprang up and the Work on the New Capitol was begun.

Washington D.C. still functioned in its time honored and dishonorable, ways. Mostly focusing on maintaining the integrity of the Social Security System and the nation’s defensive capabilities. This venerable old center of governance, had decided not to interfere with the New Collective Governance Movement and actually recognized new possibilities for itself in the new scheme of things.

The New Capitol rose up, in it’s immense majesty. Its foundation stretched for three miles in diameter and rose in three domes, to a height of 21 stories. Each of the domes represented one of the Houses Of Governance. The first dome being symbolic of the “House Of The People”. The second being “The House Of The Congressional Honored Advisors”. And the third dome was the “Honored House Of State Representation”.

The 49 foot high foundational wall was penetrated by 50 huge doorways. Each stainless steel doorway, was decorated with the symbols and art of each of the fifty states. It is through these doors that the Participating Citizens, from each state, entered and exited, in measured respectful cadence, to their “Seats Of Deliberation and Decision” in the first dome. There were ten thousand of these seats.

The “First Honored Participating Citizen” to take Her seat (Number A1) was Kathy Rogers Penisten, a retired professional Herbal Pharmacist from California. She had won the “First Citizen Lotto” and was thrilled to be chosen for this once in a lifetime singular honor. One hundred more American Citizens were selected from this “lotto” and then a mighty Artificial Intelligence Loga Rhythm was activated to continue the selections.

It took ten days to fill all the ten thousand seats for the first time. The first selected Citizens were speedily transported from their Home Towns, by Air Force fighter jets and luxuriously accoutered fast armored vehicles, from the nearby airbase to the appropriate door of the new capitol. “Citizen Transport” became a new aspect and duty, of Our Military. Dress uniforms only.

Kathy, after signing in to Her “Seat Of Deliberation and Decision”, was escorted to secure and appropriately equipped quarters, where She could rest and study the “Pending Issues Of Deliberation and Decision” Of Our Nation.

While waiting for “The Seats” to fill and begin function, Kathy enjoyed many discussions with Other Participating Citizens. She was exposed to a full spectrum of perspectives and opinions and experienced confusion, then making up Her own Mind. She quickly realized that Governance was, for the most part, not a matter of “clear cut” understandings, but rather a choice about solutions that afforded the better solving of matters that confronted the nation. Very few solutions would “stand” for a very long time and Her perspective and Her Vote was Good for the moment. Many problems and issues were almost perpetually on the “Record Books Of We The People” and were continuously being considered and judged. The tallies of the votes changed daily, but as long as a “Clear Majority” was held (65% or more) the decision held and was usually proposed into Law. The Law functioned until the “Will Of The People” decided otherwise. Adjustments and modifications usually happened, as it did its Work For Justice.

The other two “Honored Advisor Houses” constantly “weighed in” on the matters at hand. These Men and Women were highly esteemed and were very influential with their suggestions. They were members of at least eight political parties, but the majority of them were “Independents” and not under restraints of party platforms and agendas.


A New Direct Democracy Constitution was being “built”. The first issue that Kathy had to face was whether, or not, a New Direct Democracy Constitution was needed for the rising New Nation. Kathy had studied the written constitutional proposals of “Dan 1” (It is rumored that She was a close Friend of this “Radical Progressive Visionary”) and it just made sense to Her that a “New Direct Democracy Nation” should have Its New Constitution. She Thought it ok for the previous “Second American Constitution” to have influence on the Third One. The most important thing being that “The Will Of An Enlightened People Would Prevail”. She voted “Yes” and so did 77% of the governance body of The New American People.

The New Constitution Work was begun. All of its precepts and components were brought before The People, in the Three Houses and across the Land. As It developed, it became 94% approved by The American People. Even most of the “Conservative Element” of the populace embraced it. They saw that it served them too. It preserved any of what was called “Rights” and even improved on these as to clarity and applied Standards of “Limitations Of Decency”.

Another initial national issue that was brought before The People, was the Idea of the Need for “Excellence Of International Diplomacy” in America’s dealings with other nations and Peoples.

One of the Ideas behind the “Excellence Of International Diplomacy Movement”, was that the horrible resource waste from the functions of the “War Industries” could be reduced and rechanneled, for the benefit of all The Nations Of Urth and this would lead to Greater Peace and Prosperity than Humanity had ever experienced before.

A wonderful notion, that was at the core of this movement, was that if Diplomats could like each other, then the nations could too. Especially when the prosperity of Peaceful Trade began to be felt and nurtured.

A basic tenet of this movement , came from the Life and inspiration, of a wonderful Personality named Shirley Temple. This positive and precious curly headed Child grew up to become a warm, positive and inspiring Ambassador and “Served in three ambassadorships. Her first diplomatic post was as U.S. delegate to the United Nations by President Richard Nixon in 1969, she was the ambassador to Ghana from 1974 to 1976, appointed by President Gerald Ford, and she was the ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992, appointed by President George H.W. Bush. 2.” Her Work and examples for World Peace “set the bar” of what a Good Ambassador should be and “The People Of The Direct Democracy Republic Of The United States Of America” rediscovered this and began the authorization of the search and Enlightened Training for Good Heart and Mind Personalities to continue this wonderful Woman’s Work, for the benefit of a Happier and Happier, Humanity. As these Good Heart and Mind Personalities were found and as they became inspired to do this Good Work for Peace, they were Honored to become known as the “Shirley Temple Mountains For Peace and Prosperity”. Other nations joined this magnificent quest. Many Good Hearts and Minds found each other in this Bright Rising For Humanity.

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