About Investment, Shareholding and Stocks and Bonds.

The investment game of Capitalism, is a treacherous one. It is a game that is designed to build wealth with other People’s money and the “other Peoples” are just greedy enough to buy in to this scheme. It is the quest for the easy buck. It is the quest for one’s money to “earn” more money. It is a pyramid scheme that depends on the low Morals of Individuals to succeed. Maybe the greedy ones get what they deserve, when they lose. But, are they getting what they deserve when they “Win”?

Many of We The People and Our Government are part of this Mammonite game. Our laziness, or Our tiredness, motivates Us to become involved in this “no work” enterprise…that ultimately benefits a relative few.

Stocks and bonds are the certificates of money value in this game. These values are manipulated by a few ruthless Humans in such a way as derive profit from whether the stocks and bonds are low valued or high valued.

Most stocks and/or bonds end up being devalued, which causes loss of wealth of the investors. The goal of the game is to buy low and sell high. But only a very few buy when the price is high. When they do, it is usually a power ploy. A bid to acquire the controlling number of stocks, or bonds, of a business.

Must We allow this game? I’m afraid so, unless We can develop “Rules for Investing In Stocks and Bonds”, that can keep the purpose for this economic process as being a reality game for said Investors that is limited to profits on shares of stocks and bonds and away from the manipulation of the controlling wealth and power elements of the “Stock Market”. Maybe making it illegal for the originating business to buy back its own shares of stocks and bonds, would help?

I don’t know. I have little “feel” for this “Stock Market” thing.

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