Corridors Of Freedom

From Sea to Shining Sea…
A Great Flow Way For…
Wildlife and Tribes.

“The Fantasy and the Possibilities”

Once the rightful and just territories and Sovereignty of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island has been, to some fair extent, restored and once the population of Earth’s Humanity has been carefully and gently, reduced and stabilized, a new, fair and balanced reapportionment of the rest of We The People’s Land will be good to undertake.

The purpose of this being, to provide land for the practice of the many diverse lifestyles that Humanity has lived and brought forth, to some degree, to modern times. This will be done in the name of cultural diversity, dynamic balance and richness. A healthy thing for Our Species. There is no reason why the Tribal Past cannot coexist with Civilizations that build cities and advance Humanity in all aspects of culture. There is no reason why those who feel they have lost their Tribal heritage, cannot seek to rectify this by forming their own Tribal Groups and endeavor to build vibrant and viable cultures of their own. Happy co-existences of “Improved” Civilization, Old Tribes and New Tribes can be a beautiful “triality”.

To facilitate the Free Travel of Indigenous Peoples, Pastoral Nomad Lifestyles and an abundance of Prairie Wildlife in the Land of the Eagle, the Land of the Condor and all The Sovereign Lands In Between, certain lands will have to be delivered from capitalist bondage, healed and restored to the Free and Natural Living Peoples of Mother Earth. The cities would do well to aid this effort, for it would enhance them as well. From Metropolis Core, to Suburb, to Farm and Ranch Belt and then the Lands of Freedom; this could all be a beautiful Human planetary expression of Balance, Harmony and Fairness on Our Home World.

The cities and their food belts will have enough territory. It is time to stabilize these dynamic Human Metropolitan Achievements. Instead of fomenting rampant Human reproduction to increase their consumerism and their tax bases, they should be reducing their need for expansion by reducing their populations, land eating construction practices and their narrow predatory attitudes of how life should be conducted. They should shift from their policies of unending expansion and, instead, successfully initiate programs of population control and improving the quality of life inside their domains. Come into balance with all Others.

The emancipated land will become corridors that afford the Nomadic Peoples, Old and New, Indigenous Sovereign and “New Fire Welcomed”, room to live their respective lifestyles in peace and a healthy freedom of motion.

To facilitate this regained open space and celebrate its return, a monument will be constructed; as a reminder of the evil days of barbed wire and emancipation from such. Our monument will be built of this insidious product, taken from once “imprisoned” landscapes of Mother Earth. Tall indeed would these barbed towers be…maybe Black Berries would eventually cover them. We could leave the wooden fence posts in place, until they rot, and use them to tie Horses to and feed Our Tribal Fires. The steel posts will make good tent pegs.

Sweeping around the islands of civilization and technical advancement and between the vast farmlands that feed the Peoples of Earth, the “Corridors of Freedom” would flow. East and West, North and South this wonderful multi-trail would flow. In places, it could be a hundred miles wide. It would connect Wilderness, National Forests, BLM lands and the holdings of Sovereign First Nations. These could penetrate into the cities via the park “green belts”. A citizen could have the pleasure of knowing, that the park he is having lunch in, can lead him to wonderful adventures beyond the boundaries of the surrounding architectural wonders.

These corridors should become free trade zones of barter as counter balance to the profit orientation of the cities. In America this is needed most, but these corridors could be and should be, established all over the Earth.

The rolling lands within them again rumbling to the hoofs of countless Bison, Antelope and Deer. The soft padding of Families of Wolves and Coyotes follow unheard, except when their songs fill the night. Above, the skies filled with enchantment and flight.

Human Families will roam these great reaches in Peaceful Freedom too. Following the corridors from Old Tribe holding to Old Tribe holding, Prairie to Forest, and Sea to City, these “New Fire Peoples” and “Old Sovereign Re-established Tribes” follow the Bison or the Wolves, their own humble herds…or their hearts. The rhythm of their Horses hooves echoing the happy beating of many free hearts and the whisper of electric motors, as their cycles and gher-homes move in unhurried, quiet dignity, across the miles from horizon to horizon. Guests from the cities travel with them in good will, cultural exchange and vacations.

Not only tribal peoples would have this freedom. This dream should be common cause to conservation groups, clubs and Horse lovers, of all persuasions and lifestyles, who love a good long ride, camping under star lit skies, or journeys to distant places of interest across the land. All those who also love freedom and its diverse peaceful expressions. There would even be good hunting. This could give peripheral rise to a whole new branch of the hostel, food and “Provision” industries.

There would be brief encounters for celebration, trade, Horse Archery and sharing, then the resumption of the purposeful wandering of daily life, that helps to express Humanity’s ability to live so many lifestyles in balance and harmony. It is hoped that many co-operations would strengthen the relationships between these Earth Loving Peoples.

“Humble Beginnings” From Trails To Corridors.

Even before the prophesied success of re-established sovereignty of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island and their “Rainbow Allies”, the Corridors of Freedom would begin with the completion of a coast to coast “Peoples Horse Trail”.

This beginning strand, to what will become the restored and joyous sweep of open land across Turtle Island, could have so humble a beginning as mere permission to travel, singly and in groups, across private holdings. The good behavior, new friendships and relationships that these utilized permissions would encourage, would open the way for more permanent usage rights and acquisitions of the wee pathways. First we establish the Horse, Hike and Bike Trails and Zones of Conservation. Linked coast to coast and ready to use by Individuals, Families and small groups of Tribal Peoples.

Then modest use donations and tolls, enabling the additional acquisition of lands adjacent to the trail; for the “widening” into the desired widths for tribal and club group passage, could be received and utilized.

“What Could It Be Called?”

What would they name this accomplishment I wonder? What name would properly symbolize the Evolutionary importance of such a volitional, unending journey corridor and expression of liberty. Maybe the T.I.T…the “Turtle Island Trail”? (But how could such an expanse be called a “trail”?) “The Way System of Freedom”? “The American Canadian Mexican Arteries of the Peoples”? (A.C.M.A.P.) Who knows? What is important is to make it so…acre by acre and mile by mile, make it become. The name will come and it will be beautiful. Personally, I like the simple title “The Vast Way”.

To make this happen, much work has to be done to obtain the land for it. Purchasing programs, Donation Projects and legislative efforts can all bring this dream to pass.

Some of this will have to be done openly and honestly and some of it will have to be done quietly. Evaluations will have to be done to determine which approach for a given parcel or stretch is best. If the Human population continues to increase, this will get harder and harder.

Where to buy first, will have to be carefully considered. “Key Points” along the route to secure the idea and the actuality of connection will have to be determined. Once these are properly placed, it will be harder to block the realization of the dream and easier to achieve the vital connections. It would probably be wisest to secure these key points first, in a quiet manner. The target size should be forty acre parcels, but even a few acres will serve as a beginning. Length would be the first priority. Width can follow.

The land around cities will be the most expensive and should be acquired after the key points are secured. Several methods could enable this to happen. These will be looked at below.

It should be easier to get land the further from the cities the project progresses. Especially if capitalists don’t “get wind” of what is going on. Trusted agents of the corridor will be highly valued here. Political work to obtain favorable legislation near the cities, would help protect the agents of the “Corridor Project” from excessive profiteering…which would introduce the wrong “spirit” into this and slow down the project’s development. Acquisitions of five, or more, acres can be used to generate further purchase funds, as Modern Nomad Camp Grounds.

It may be possible to obtain the remotest stretches of the corridors from government entities, such as the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Either as leases or “permissions of right of way” might be possible. A committee that specializes in this kind of transaction should be established to formulate petitions for these sections of use. Do not forget the “First Eligibility To Purchase” clauses, in legislation, if these government lands go up for sale, because of economic pressures, or shifts in areas of responsibility or operating policies. It might be attractive to these government agencies, to be offered volunteer time and labor too. The “L.E.O.S”, of these agencies, counties and townships, could be “won over” to this magnificent cause with the right communication and help. Many of them became “Park”, “Forest” and “BLM” Rangers because they, too, love the “Great Outdoors”. They can become very valuable “allies”; especially in the “movement” maintenance work of ensuring the good behavior of Individuals and Groups within this “Freedom Territory”. The influence of “Good Morality” will make this movement Freedom a shining Human success.

Some kind of legislation should be sought for these corridors that frees them from taxation. The Corridors are not profit making…or shouldn’t be. The “Corridors” represent non-capitalistic lifestyles and shouldn’t be subject to capitalist systems. Way Tolls would go toward the establishment and maintenance of containment for the wildlife, so that these creatures will not harm the adjacent agricultural zones. Usual taxation would enter the picture when trade ensued between the tribes and the cities. This is all about mutual respect, recognition and benefit for Many.

Already, much good work has been done to set aside lands for conservation purposes. In Montana alone, fifty thousand acres has been set aside this way from private holdings. This was done by the “Gallatin Open Lands Movement”. A worthy precedent for study and emulation.


Donated Lands

It will sometimes be possible to touch the Good Hearts and Minds of certain people and inspire them to give their land to the corridor nearest them. If this land is not right in the proposed area, it then becomes a holding that possibly could be traded for land that is…or it could just be held for the day that the Corridor reached it.

When seeking opportunities of donated land, it is imperative that our agents really come to know the folks that they are dealing with in their aquisitional zones of operation. Information about the following would be helpful:

Do they believe in the desirability of different lifestyles living in freedom and harmony?

Do they embrace the concept of the Familyhood of Humanity?

Do they live by the Golden Rule? Even at the expense of Self Serving Capitalistic ethics?

Have their children abandoned them to go to the cities?

These are just a few of the questions that need answering before asking anyone to donate their land to this worthy cause. Many can donate and spend the remainder of their lives on their properties. Maybe they would be willing to give conditional right of way permission until they pass on to their reward in the next life. It could go to the “Corridor Foundation” upon their passing. Perhaps we could even enhance the lives of such donators. Maybe we could be of service to them. Ease their burdens in their remaining years. Fix this, repair that. Help them to understand the rightness and goodness of what they do. Even offer them a place on a “Corridor Donators Memorial” for all to see.

It could be real damaging to ask the cold or hard hearted, or anyone that feels that the corridor or its purpose is a threat to what they feel is “the right way to live”. Steer clear of the diehard capitalists and the racists here. They should be the LAST to know what is going on. We have to know what kind of people we are dealing with. We have to live among them and come to know the truth about them. We approach those who are with us and avoid those who are not. Those who are not, will have to be approached with cash…a language they will understand and be able to come to terms with.


Trusted Men and Women will become intimate with certain proposed corridor regions and after all possibility of donated land becomes exhausted, they will offer deals to owners or agents. They should do this when sufficient cash becomes available for their regional funds. These “Corridor Agents” would move to the area they are working and begin their studies of it.

As mentioned above, their first purchases should be the “key points” along the Corridor path. Then the land nearest the cities.

The land purchase funds will come from many sources. Corridor Toll Fees, Private donors, Casino Operations, Charities, Government Grants, Fund Drives and maybe even businesses that rake off the cream of their profits for the Corridor Foundation.

These Men and Women should be approached within the limitations of their own biases. Those that approach them should look like them and give the impression of the same mindset and evolutionary level as them. From these, Our agents would appear to be buying their land to do as the sellers did with it. This method may seem to be dishonest and in truth it is, but it would make easier the purchasing path. Why get bogged down in contentious relationships, when one can move so much quicker and peacefully by “playing the game” when needed. But, on the other hand, maybe total Honesty is the best policy. “Fire with Fire” is tricky business…shifting “winds” can get one “burnt”. Maybe one could just try making an attractive offer without explaining “Who, What, When, Where and Why”?

Message in “Ghostchild”* About Corridors. July 23, 2006

“Ghostchild” is a movement in Canada that seeks to reinstate, or build new tribal structures, of Individual Original People that have been, for one reason or another, disenfranchised and ostracized from various Old Tribes. The hard working “Leader” of this movement was called “Okimow Wakon Nepa Ka Nee Pa Wit. There was inclusion of “Others” too. This “policy” formed a basis for New Hybrid Tribal Groupings, of which “Ghostchild” was the first.

“What the Original Peoples Could Do.”

We have spoken of “Old Ways” and “Old Tribes” here. I’m thinking that the Old ways we are referring to, are the ones within a specific tribe that brought joy and livability in Family and Clan. In the “old days” this inner tribal joy was not always in relation to other tribes who may have been enemies. But the Old Ways within a certain tribe were strengthening and enabled pride in self, as individual and as member of the tribe. These valuable cultural attributes are still alive to some extent today.

In the plains, tribes scattered somewhat to make greater use of available food supplies and to wisely spread thin their Human impact upon the Earth. But as they expressed their family as cooperative and bonding “work together” units, they eventually began to yearn for friends and relatives of the whole tribe. Then they would come together at a great camp and be so excited and happy to be together once again. The boys would bathe and scrub themselves extra good and adorn themselves with lovely decorations given to them, or even made by themselves. The girls spent much effort to make glossy their hair with much bone combing. Sisters doing each other and Daughters doing Mothers and GrandMothers. This good hearts and minds preparation was accompanied by much chatter and speculation about changes within the tribe. The Fathers yearned for news from the Fathers of other Families about how the hunting has gone and if there was any trouble with the “Others”. Mothers yearned to see their grown children and know how they were doing.

Finally the scattered Families reached the appointed place for all to re-gather. Then the hoots and jokes began to flow as Friend spied Friend. It was a good time. A good Old Way. The powwows are grand echoes of this today. There is much happiness to be seen at powwows as well as serious tribal business…inter-tribal business. This is one Old Way that is still alive today. This is one Old Way that helps other Old Ways to again become. Information is exchanged, plans are laid and there is much serious discussion that leads to positive change in the future. Much good work can be done when tribes gather in peace and friendship.

There are certain Old Ways that I do so very much want to see return. But for some of these to happen, the Capitalist Governments have to enable, by returning enough land for the Old Way to be able to thrive. Wide corridors connecting the Tribal Holdings would greatly enhance this good process. After all, the returning is of property that was not right to steal in the first place. This returning can be encouraged and augmented by sincere intelligent effort of the Original People. The financial power is already emerging in the casinos. Much of these earnings can be allotted toward purchase of land that lies within the proposed corridors areas. These corridors would help give the tribes they connect a renewed and actual sense of Brotherhood, Solidarity and Sovereignity. Which is part of Original People’s and Ghostchild’s goals. Efforts are underway for this correction to take place.

Some old ways are worthy and so very appropriate for Original Peoples of Turtle Island to have and be. These are Red Family’s share of and contribution to, the Corridor Development. The corridors would not feel full and right if the Old Tribes rode on them not. Add to this, the efforts of the “New Fires” and other kindred spirits and one day this fantasy will evolve into the sublime reality that it could be.

Respectfully Submitted,  DAN 1

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