“Direct Democracy and Billionaire Warlords”

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Yesterday, (October 30th, 2021), I saw the first mention on “You Tube” about  “Billionaire Warlords and their mercenary armies. This Idea was in a video presentation by Sean McFate called “Billionaire Warlords: Why the Future Is Medieval” At “You Tube”.

Needless to say, I found the Idea to be disturbing and scary. I had visions of Our Nation being carved up, enslaved and ruined by this possible phenomenon. Possible, because I believe there are billionaires who would do this and there are sub-humans who would do this.

But can they do this? Can they really develop the power to conquer the millions of Humans on the planet? I think Yes. If…enough of these millions of Humans allow these oligarchs to do this. But I cannot believe that all of Humanity will bow and allow this without resistance. We are a species that Loves Freedom and a Good Fight (even to a fault). Many of Us would rather die than be slaves to the mammonites. And many of Us would prefer to die killing.

Pray for fragmentation! For the inability of sub-humanity to hold together this scope of conquest. May it turn in upon itself and fragment in many places!

Our Nation would experience mercenary armed forces hell bent on carving It up into evil fiefdoms and the depredations of fragmented marauding bands of the cruel and predatory kinds of humans that We should be getting rid of…either through wise inclusion of their selfish skills and energies, or eradication…are they even worth the effort? Some might be.  

Once I calmed down a bit, from the effects of this video presentation, I began to try to think of ways We Good Democratic Republic Citizens could fend off, or survive this dire threat to all that We Live For. A vile dark circumstance that, added to the challenges of the Chinese assault of “Corona Virus 19” (not absolutely proven yet…probably will not be for a very long time…time We don’t have). Add to this a weakened economy, excessive and damaging political adversarial attitudes and Dangerous Climate Change. These realities could turn Our Evolution into devolution and throw Us back into an incapacitating “stone age”…if We survive at all. Personally, I would find this degree of loss unbearable. Therefore, I am compelled to try and at least Think, of ways to stave off, or minimize this degrading social possibility. Surely We are Better than this degree of a “set back”!?!? In some ways We are at a time of “reset” in order to nullify impediments and consolidate   toward what We should become, but too much of this destruction could cause great harm to Our Species and World. There are a lot of “babies in the baths” that are worthwhile and should be saved. “Clean up” and keep, what We can.

So. What would I have Us do? We should continue to do what I have been recommending for several years now. Strengthen Our Sense of Goodness of Responsible Citizenship and use this Strength to prevent (if possible) Our decline into much less of what We are and what We Should be. I still have faith that there are enough of Us to want this…achieve this.

The individuals of darkness will have consolidated their power and prepared for their insane quest. They will have stockpiled every foul weapon known to Our Species and will not hesitate to use them. They would rather rule over a destroyed and “empty” world, than none at all. And watch out! They will make themselves out to be so benign for Us! Learn their lies and be NOT deceived!

It’s a shame We Decent Humans couldn’t just tuck and hide and let this run its course…hoping that its “nature” will cause it to turn on and eat itself. But this would take a long time and do too much damage to Our World. We would emerge from hiding to breathe death.

We have options and blends of options, that We can pursue and add to what We already have.

What do We have?

First is Our Awareness of Each Other. This awareness can be strengthened into mutually Beneficial Alliances, through the Spirit Of Cooperation and Agreement that I have always advocated and tried to practice, in the final days of my Life.

I need to do More. I need to get my feet on the ground and quietly find my Direct Democracy “Family” (Community Size) and Work with them to organize and build Our Self Defense For The Well Being Of All Of Us. Hopefully, Our present national Representative Democratic Government, the “United States Of America” will have enough strength to stand against the coming threat…to a large degree. If not, there will be elements of these that might help Us. If not, We are on Our Own.

A simultaneous “awareness” that We should have is that of knowing Our enemy. Are their signs of their dark preparations? Do We know what to look for? Are there indications of mercenaries being organized; Companies that sell “security”, elements within the militia groups and established armed forces, (national and state) that have revealed some of their dark goals?

Secondly, We need to train and “harden” Ourselves. We need to begin forming Our Citizen Militia Units of the Direct Democracy Self-Defense Forces. I hope this is already happening as I write this. There are sizable militia formations in Our Nation, but I don’t know if We can count on these to help Us Direct Democratists, or Representative Democratists, survive the threat. These militia members, tend to be non-progressive types of Patriots. Looking back, more than forward. But this conservatism is a valuable part of Our Culture, as long as it is not permitted to unduly thwart Our Nation’s Evolution. They are the Guardians of the Foundational Values and Roots of Our Nation. Including the Values and Roots that We Progressives, wisely carry into Our Future with Us.

Thirdly, We need to penetrate the enemy, to know what they intend to do. Join them, where this might be possible and join Our established national military and clandestine services, to not only strengthen Ourselves, but to look for the enemy there.

Fourthly, We need to arm Ourselves well enough to have a fighting chance to defeat this impending evil that stirs on Our Living Horizon. Here is where the skills and training, of well established national military structures serves Us well. Some of these might just prove to be valuable allies as well. Read the “Art Of War”. We gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. When to duck and hide and when to hit.

Fifthly, We need to find who and what, We can ally Ourselves with, for Mutual Benefit in this just cause. All over Our Beautiful World are Others who do not want what is possibly coming. Our Old Representative Democratic Government still might have elements in it that could strengthen Us. We should cultivate these elements and protect them.

You might be surprised, upon learning, Who might ally themselves with Us…temporarily…and for purposes of their own. But We should keep in Mind that these could “turn on Us” eventually…once they feel assured that Our Mutual Enemy has been beaten enough to render it “relatively harmless” to Us. At that point We might consider the possibility of including what’s left of the Oligarch mercenary forces…if We can convince them of the Rightness and Superior Reality of Collective Governance.

I wonder how deep oligarchic power has entered the governance structures of other nations? I wonder if there is any resistance to this entry and influence, in those governments? Will the power of the oligarchs be able to utilize the strengths of mighty nations against Us? Or would some of these nations be able to use the oligarchs to bolster their already excessive power?

If and when, We survive this oligarchic threat, We should counter its ability to again attempt military world domination by shifting its worldly wealth to more worthy pursuits…or…legislate and enforce Constitutional and Governance laws, that declare world domination pursuits to be intolerable criminal behavior…or both. Nationalization of natural resources and occupation of productive facilities, would be part of this corrective response.

All of this being based on the assumption that there are enough Good Heart and Mind Citizens, (World Wide) to do these difficult things, for survival of Our Better Democratic Ways and the Better Evolution of Our Species.

This oligarchic bid for world domination is a direct product of “inferior capitalism”. It might be possible, that there are some Superior Capitalists, of sufficient Good Heart and Mind, that would join Us in Our fight for Freedom to Live Good Decent Moral Lives. We can only Hope…and act out of that Hope.

Pray that all of this will not come to pass…that We can continue to build Our Direct Democracy on relatively “Peaceful” conditions and terms…even if We have to practice this governance while in hiding.

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