Early Writings – Narbarism

The Fourteen Lifestyles of Narbarism

So far, Narbarism has fourteen or more recognized and valid lifestyles that function in seven life zones. Some of these fourteen lifestyles have divisions within them. They are planned to be included in Our cultural structure as actual Narbarian Lifestyles, that express the NarBar Way of Ways…which further is included as a strand in the Great Rainbow Way of Humanus Evolvus of Mother Earth. It is hoped that the embracing and living of these lifestyles will expose many kinds of Humanity to Narbarian aspirations and goals. It is in the lifestyles that positive influences can be presented by Narbarians on the rest of their Human Family. May it be the Will of Creator and in harmony with Creation for this movement for “Our Better World” to succeed.   Most, but not all of these lifestyles, will involve Family, Clan and Tribal structure. Some are proposed in recognition of certain individual’s life needs and abilities. Others are designed to peacefully touch upon, enter and be co-existent with other Tribal or People structures. This is for the sake and purpose of “weaving” the tapestry of Old Tribal and New Tribal unity and solidarity…which would become beautiful in the light of Our Sun, glorious in the sweet winds and splendid upon the body of “Our Mother”.    This will serve NarBars well in keeping up on developments in the Indigenous World and in giving them a better voice in “Original People’s” affairs. We feel that, with some exceptions, Our mindset will enable Us to harmonize with many diverse cultures. It is quite conceivable that even individual, attached or unattached, practicing Narbarians can become part of non-Narbarian Families and social structures. If “attached” they would be liason to their Home People, or SevNars, as well as messengers to other peoples. If “unattached” they are the ambassadors of Narbarism to the many Disciplines and Ways of Humanity.  These individuals would represent the NarBar Way mindset, while at the same time enhancing the Human Relationships and Ways that have allowed the NarBar presence. These, as unattached, would be of the “AloNar” and would be the “seed bearers” of the Narbarian Mind Set. If attached they would be of many many New Peoples, Tribes, Clans or Families. It is all about life and service in the building of a Better World.   The Narbarian philosophy will describe the desired Better World and suggest Ways to construct it. Basically it is about an all-inclusive, give and take position that achieves a balance between “rights”, responsibilities and recognized planetary and species limitations. To live within “Our Means” is of planetary importance.   At this time, the “Seven Lifezones” are thought of as Polar, Oceanic, Forest Temporal,  Mountain Temporal, Steppe Temporal, Desert Temporal and Equatorial. It was thought to divide the Temporal zone into two, because they are divided by the Equatorial zone, but decided that, even though they were divided, they were similar enough in terrain and temperature ranges to be considered as one zone. This may need to be re-evaluated. We are aware of further divisions within the Polar, Oceanic and Equatorial zones as well, but so as to not get this too complicated for referencing, we have not made these differences into classifications of sub-zones. Our zones are not scientific studies, but rather general environmental habitat reference points, intended to help in the identification of possible Narbarian Lifestyles and to provide a quick reference in case one is needed. This system is contributary to the Foundational Structure of Narbarism, as well as its language. The zones and styles are indicated together in the identification labels. These are all Human Beings trying to live the best desirable and chosen lives they can. The recognition of the following lifestyles are an attempt to build as broad a social basis for the existence of the NarBar Way of Ways as possible. Within these categories the individual and collective applications of Narbarian philosophy, Spirituality and other aspects of culture can be practiced. It is hoped that all of this will contribute to a Better World and further evolution toward Humanus Evolvus status with its resultant “Age of Light and Life”. The lifestyles are briefly described as follows:

(1) City Life – includes suburbia and industrial sectors. What We call the “CitNar”. This lifestyle has the potential to exist in all seven life zones as PolCitNar, OceaCitNar, ForTemCitNar, MounTemCitNar and so forth. These Peoples would dwell in house clusters, large houses, converted warehouses, underground facilities and even the rooftops of buildings. This lifestyle would compress the most number of people into a given space, with the resultant social consequences. Cities normally would be surrounded by vast farmland zones. Through intelligent application of science and technology it might be possible for these centers in the Polar Zones to produce their own food, but would probably still have to depend on trade for certain natural resources. The Oceanic Cities, built directly on, or in, the water will have to depend on trade for farm produce, but do have the potential to grow their own inside eventually. Certain Human elements are in place for Narbarism to build City Tribal Structure. Just two of these are single parent Families that have come to need more than what they are and the “Punk Rockers” who already express Tribal tendencies, but seem to have much to learn about service, the Golden Rule and the New Tribalism. They are presently given to the rage that the stress of cities foments. The “stress” is a combination of crowded conditions and the pursuit of the profit motive…two things that Narbarism could help change within the cities.

(2) Town Life – Large towns and Seaports of 12,000 to 50,000 folks. Over this amount these would qualify as cities. These could include Oceanic and Polar communities as well. DesTemTowNar, OceaTowNar, EquaTowNar etc.  Also surrounded by large farmland zones. Lots of intentional community opportunities here.

(3) Village Life –Farm and Fishing villages, small towns and hamlets reached by road, river or sea. Service oriented, Merchants, skilled tradesmen, Food Processing and Fisherfolk. What We call the “VilNar”. The heart of the Farm zones. Villages can be underground or on the surface and their habitats can be designed in a great variety of ways from house clusters to stone fortifications. Populations of up to town size level, say up to 10,000 Souls. This lifestyle would be limited to Oceanic, Temporal and Equatorial zones, except for extremely cold hardy types, such as Eskimos, the new hybrid NorEuro/Eskimos developing in Greenland and Iceland and perhaps some of the more northern Siberian Tribes. These would have to trade for food grown further south…at least until they develop ways to grow their own inside. ForTemVilNar, DesTemVilNar, etc. Narbarians could build their own villages and not only service NarBar Farmers, but the Nomadic Groups in the “Corridors”.

(4) Farm Homestead Life – includes vineyards, dairies, ranching and meat processing.
Usually contained within set boundaries with the exception of Public
Recreational Land Lease. What We call the “AgriNar”. These folk live in one to three single Family homes in the center or close proximity to their fields. It could be that two or three Families could live in large single dwellings. But any more than that and they would be identified as Hamlet Lifestyle. These are serviced by secondary roads and possibly by underground tunnel branches as well. They are usually within one hour of City, Village or Hamlet. DesTemAgriNar, StepTemAgriNar, etc. Here the “fencing” phenomena begins. Here the NarBars could be Family and Clan structures…affiliated with nearby Tribal structures or not.

(5) Pastoral Nomadic – herding beyond the boundaries of fenced ranch holdings. Following their herds over vast stretches of Mother Earth, that have been intentionally set aside, (see article “Wildlife and Tribal Nomadic Corridors.) or on ancient traditional pastoral steppe territories. What We call the “NomaNar”. Meat, hides and wool production. They do some gardening on their huge wagons, but trade for most farm products and city commodities. One of the good things these peoples offer in trade is hospitality for vacationers escaping the confines of the cities. These Peoples would practice the “New Tribalism” and closely interact with the Old Tribes on the Tribal “Holdings” that the corridors would connect. ForTemNomaNar, StepTemNomaNar, DesEquaNomaNar, etc.

(6) Hunter Gatherer – Tribal Peoples living in what is left of ancient wilderness. Their activities include hunting, foraging and gardening and are nomadic or sedentary. What We call the “HunGathNar”. Some may trade handicrafts and hospitality for food and commodities and some will remain self isolated. Their stabilized, non-expansive territories will be respected. They are recognized as the Living History of Humanity and are valued and protected as species treasures. ForTemHunGathNar, MounEquaHunGathNar, etc.  
This lifestyle would include those who follow wild predators for survival. “TylNar” as We NarBars call them. In honor of Tyler Dreamwalker who took this radical Narbarian Path in 2002. In 2002, Tyl disappeared  into the Trinity Alps of Northern California. He is a very spirited young man who was very concerned about the diminishment and extermination of wildlife on Mother Earth. He believed that the Sasquatch of the western United States and Canada were the last of the Neanderthal Peoples and it was his goal to find them and live with them to learn all he could of their ways of survival. Also, he wanted to develop a lifestyle where a Human could follow Wolves and other predators and eat off their kills. In exchange for their services he proposed to protect them to the best of his ability. He is the “Jeremiah Johnson” of Wilderness Narbarism and represents our “purest” wild lifestyle. He entered the Trinity Alps armed only with a spear and a knife.  We look forward to his eventual return and the stories, discoveries and findings of these last four or more years of his life.

(7) Roma Style Life – wandering skilled peoples that trade work and
products for items or cash as they wander. They live in what they
travel in. If treated with respect and left in peace, they are equally comfortable in metropolitan as well as Nomadic areas. We call these wagon or truck peoples the “RomaNar”, after the original Roma who came out of India and lived in this manner. Unlike the Roma, considered to be “Old Tribe”, the RomaNar are skilled enough in music, art, crafts and mechanical skills to earn comfortable livings without resorting to predatorship or exploitation of Human superstitions. But to honor their namesake, some of the RomaNar become very entertaining magicians. These Narbarians quite often attach themselves to circuses. DesTemRomaNar, StepEquaRomaNar, etc.

(8) Wilderness Inn Life – tiny hamlets not reached by road, and
functioning as shelter and rest places for adventurous travelers on foot,
animals such as Horse or Camel, “all-terrain”tracked or wheeled machines, boat….or flying craft. Supplied by the same methods that they are visited with. What We call the “InNar”. These are the hospitality masters of the remote areas of all four life zones. They provide relief from extremes of temperature, food and some comfort to the bold adventurous types that work hard to get where they are going. These little inns are the Shangrilas of the far corners of the Earth. They provide some medical hope as well.

(9) Transhumanists – between two or three points, always returning
to the starting point…such as a city, or suburb. Going into the
Mountains, Forests or other Wilderness for a season and then
returning to the main or starting point…usually at the same time of
year. Their movements are usually motivated by economic
considerations, but there could be other reasons involved. What We
call the “TranHuNar”.

(10) Sea Nomads – Traders, Mercenaries, Craftsmen. Masters of the Winds and Currents…the navigational geniuses of the oceans of Mother Earth. They live in their various vessels. What We call the “SeaNar”. Some of these live in one vessel as Family units and others live in Tribal Groups on more than one boat or ship. From Sea City to ports they wander. Living off the sea and taking on cargo for trade in far away lands, these Narbarians are usually not far from their vessels, but otherwise will be the most free of the Humanity of Mother Earth. Piracy among them will be non-existant. They would be of two basic divisions, “The OceaNar” and the “ShorNar”. The difference lying in how far from land they go and for how long. Occasionally they will be found far inland on large river systems.

(11) “Homeless” – Those who wander the world, and build homes in many places and ways.  Who live quiet lives outside of Family, Clan and Tribal structures, for one reason, habit or another, alone. These are the Hobos, Students of Humanity, Story Tellers, Musicians, Holy Persons, Mercenaries and Messengers of various types. They form and unform temporary group associations as needed in their Lifestyle. They visit other peoples often, exchanging tales, news, knowledge and a helping hand for shelter and food and other necessities. These often become honorary members of many Tribes and places and can be valuable links between such. What We call the “AloNar”. It is rumored that some of these will be an important element in the secret “Third Part of Narbarism”.

(12) Monastic and Cult Center Life – Those who live isolated lives, in ordered groups, for various religious or philosophical reasons. These frequently are industrious makers of good products such as wine, beer, handmade textiles, crafts or some such. They may, or may not have various sized communities nearby to trade their products for. What We call the “TemplorNar”.

(13) This lifestyle was introduced recently by Rad 1, who is in the process of becoming the First Member of the Second TriNar. He has revealed to Us that there may be Narbarians who go in and out of the realm of Narbarism and Narbarian status. He has named this
style “TransNar”. TransNar is different from “TranHuNar” in that the TransNar actually sheds Narbarian relationship, identity and responsibility to immerse oneself in other cultural expressions. Sometimes individually, sometimes as a Family, Clan or Tribe. There will be a mystique about these “Disappearing Peoples” who so value change and difference that they become the living Human expressions of these elements of life. Sort of like changing ones clothes and identity, though never the personality…other than the “masking”. This kind of individual or NarBar Group, may or may not experience different degrees of personal difficulties in this “Changling” activity. It is unknown what effects this style would have upon the practicer. The TransNar Life Style is possibly the “edgemost” position of Narbarian Culture, in that it is one step away from non-Narbarism. Its usefulness to Narbarism has not been established yet, but I feel that it might produce surprising benefits. One of which would be the deep insight of different cultural experiences, that could lead to wise recommendations for different parts of Humanity to build more understanding, cooperation and bonding.

(14) Kindred in spirit to the SeaNar and NomaNar, but living in the different environment of the continental highways will be NarBar Family, Clan and Tribal groups who live on electric or alcohol powered motorcycles. Known in Narbarian Culture as “JassSan”, (the “Black Path People”. They will be the back up security and help force for the police of a given culture and will also provide manpower for highway maintenance and construction. The “Pick, Shovel and Badge” is part of their symbology. They will be proud contributors to the completion of the “Bering” and “Iceland to England Super Bridges”. One of these biker tribes will be called the Cy-Huns.
These exist now:   (15) The Snow Geese? Retired Silver Haired Peoples. many of these are an important part of the “BobWellite” New American Nomadic Movement”. North in the Summer and South in the Winter, is the normal travel rhythm of these People.  

(16) Migrant Workers? Men of the Soil and Crops. Following the harvests.

(17) Rainbow Gatherers? Seed Camps and Clean Up Camps and the Gathering of Thousands of Kindred Spirits to offer good vibes to Creation. Maybe these should be included in the “Homeless” category. But then again, many do have homes that they return to, in the TranHuNar lifestyle tradition.   All of these Narbarian Peoples will set the best possible examples of good living for the Better World they all believe in and devote their lives to. None of them will practice the fear based excess profit taking of the 21st Century Capitalist Societies. None of them will have anything to do with Man’s InHumanity to Man, as a technique of living. Only in defense will they kill, never firing the first shot.

Respectfully submitted, DAN 1 of the First TriNar of Narbarism

This article last edited by DAN 1 on September 15th, Hama 8 (2008)
And again just before bringing it here on June 2nd, 2021 (Hama 21)


Narbarism and Other Cultures – Mongolians

“NarBar Interactions With Other Cultures: The Mongols”

The Relationship’s Ideal, an Attempt and It’s Current State.

The best relationships between peoples are reciprocal and mutually beneficial. Be it the exchange of trade goods, knowledge, friendship, protection, emergency assistance, sanctuary or recreation, if the relationship is full circle and balanced to the satisfaction of both sides in the interaction then it is good. This ideal takes time to develop, but the first step has to be taken.

In the year 2000 A.D., (Hama 1 of Narbarian Time), of the Christian calendar, (Two years before the NarBar time of Hama, (It was decided by the First TriNar to begin Narbarian Time in April of the year 2000. Uhis was done for two reasons. One was to co-ordinate with the beginning of the Third Millenium of Christian Time, believing this would be an omen of good luck and good fortune and auspicious to the invitation of success from Creation and Destiny. Two was to celebrate the establishment of the First TriNar of Narbarism, which is seen by us as the “real” functional start of the Narbarian Movement.), I turned my attention to Mongolia and its hardy people, because I came to realize:

  • That, despite its few cities, Mongolia was still predominantly a Horse People and Pastoral Nation, living with their herds just as they had for more than two thousand years.
  • Mongolia was sparsely populated, unfenced and covered a vast stretch of desert, steppe and forest that bordered even vaster stretches of the same in the hands of other Pastoral Horse Peoples, Reindeer Peoples and Hunter Gatherers. Mongolia was central to all these Peoples.
  • Mongolia still had strong sense of tribalism. The Mongols themselves being a composite of sixteen tribes of different sizes that lived mostly in peace with each other.

For these reasons, it became my idea that the Mongols were the best example of its kind still surviving and living on Mother Earth. They fascinated me. I have always been enamoured of Nomads and this of course was part of why I started here as a people to interact with. I hoped to learn much from them and be of use to them.

I dreamed of a Narbarian Tribe living much the same way they did and in harmony with them. This is part of and in keeping with, the NarBar goal of different tribes living one or some of the “Fourteen Lifestyles in the Four Life Zones of Earth”. Our desires, expressions and experiences as a movement dedicated to the evolvement of a Better World and Humanity, leads me to seriously consider Mongolia as a wonderful place for a Narbarian Tribe to be. These fourteen diverse lifestyles must not just be read about, but experienced as living Human History. I believe knowledge and Spirit Essence is lost if the lifestyle does not continue to live by being Lived. A rich cultural diversity, that would serve Humanity of Earth well, in the ages to come, is a part of the Narbarian Fantasy or Dream.

The year 2000 brought dire news of these people that spurred me into action. I resolved to reach out to this great people, because events were happening that made me think that they needed help.

The Mongol Culture was in a state of transition from Communist to Capitalist and had to achieve this pretty much on its own. A relatively small people caught between two racially and ideologically opposed giant nations, the People of Mongolia were in a vulnerable position and could, at the worst, be culturally absorbed or exterminated and this represented to me a horrible possible termination of a good Nomadic People, that still knew joy and freedom in a vast land. I feared for the Pastoral Mongols.

Then, in the midst of this confusion of social direction, they were hit by a terrible weather condition called a “Triple Dzud”. A triple Dzud  is a severe drought followed by a severe Winter of high winds, extreme cold and no snow. This combination denudes the land right down to the soil. No grass or grain could grow and entire herds of livestock were wiped out. Ruined herdsmen were going to the few small cities to seek work or help of some kind. They could not take care of their children and these entered the cities as homeless and parentless. They began to live in the sewer systems of Ulan Bataar in gang families of mutual support and protection, quite often led by unscrupulous and criminal adults. They were becoming a new element of the cities. One that was not welcome. These were Nomadic Children from the countryside and had no metropolitan life building skills and the cities were not prepared to help them gain these skills.

Later, I was to learn and realize that among the Mongols themselves, there was the city based non-pastoral element, called the “New Mongols”. The New Mongols desire to embrace Capitalism and make Mongolia a part of the Capitalist “Globalization Movement”. A movement that threatens to enslave Humanity in the name of wealth and power and ruin Our Home World through excessive harvesting of natural resources and processing those resources into products of consumption that are detrimental to the environment. That threatens the health and well being of Our Mother Earth. These New Mongols will sell out their culture for the highest dollar, yen or euro.

Seeing these threats to a valuable culture, I resolved to try and help the Pastoral Mongols as much as I could until better times when they could find work or return to rebuild herds.

I went online to a Mongol chat room and asked if anyone there spoke English. “Otgoo” responded in broken , but mostly understandable English. She was a 23 year old, who lived with her Father and Brother in an apartment. We began to privately email each other, with the result that She agreed to accept and distribute clothing and food to the “Sewer Children” for me. She knew one little group near her home in Ulan Bataar that She could take the help to. It was a beginning of one of the greatest adventures of my life. An adventure that taught me much.

I was working as a warehouseman then and managed to buy about $350.00 worth of clothing and canned food and box it up. It cost another $350.00 to ship it. I did it anyway, fully knowing that this was not an efficient way to help, but still feeling that it was the right thing to do since the gift was so desperately needed.

Otgoo went to the airport and picked it up and took it home. Then she and her brother took it to the sewer family she had in mind. Three boys ages 4 to 9 and two girls ages 7 and 8. There wasn’t enough to clothe all of them so Otgoo gave the clothing to the ones that needed it the most. The canned food lasted them about three days, but I like to think that it helped them reach their next supply.

Otgoo took pictures. Some of these are in Narbarism2 group site. A couple of the kids wrote thank you notes that were very endearing. I cried upon receiving them. They are now part of my personal treasures.

I could not keep up the expense of these packages to that remote land. I had to find a better way to help them. Otgoo broke contact and later told me she had gone to Japan to work. Then I lost touch with her. Only God knows what became of the little sewer family. I couldn’t find them.

I kept working and saved what money I could and built up my credit power. I started a cyber organization to help the sewer children and called it the “Mongolian Children Help Bucks Club”. Our philosophy was to put these funds as cash directly into the hands of those who needed it. At the time, while beginning to hear stories of graft and corruption regarding help efforts for Mongolia and the rise of crime and alcholholism, I decided not to trust the money to anyone but those who needed it. The motto of the Help Bucks Club became “To the Hands”. Not only the sewer children but destitute Mothers and Old Folks as well.

Friends, fellow workers and even some strangers all contributed to the funds. It became my task to take it to them and make sure they got it.I also planned to begin a new phase in NarBar interaction with the Mongols. Horse Archery was being reintroduced and revitalized to the world by a Magyar Visionary and Master Bowmaker, Kassai Lajos. This man was fulfilling his dream of seeing this ancient art become a sport reborn in the Horse Cultures of the world.

I found out that this form of archery had just about disappeared in Mongolia and I thought it would be a good gift to the Mongols to inspire its rebirth there. It would give them a happiness to do it again…a fun thing to enrich their struggling lives. I would furnish the prize gifts and money for the “First National Mongol Horse Archery Tournament of 2001”.

http://narbarism.homestead.com/Archery.html (No longer available)

So there. I had two ways to interact, as a practitioner of the NarBar Way with this exciting culture and people.

A third way was also in my mind. This was the adoption of orphans and elderly to form the first Narbar Tribe in Mongolia. I saw all of these ways as a planting of seeds for the future development of a good relationship between the NarBar Way and the Mongols. I still see it this way. I have not initiated any activity in this direction yet, except for “running it by” my interpreter, who seemed to think it might work.

http://narbarism.homestead.com/NarbarismandMongolia.html (No longer available)

Vacation time came and I bought air tickets to China and Mongolia and prepared to leave on September 11th, 2001. This came out of my own credit pockets. I did not use any of the help funds for expenses whatsoever. In my briefcase I had over $3,000.oo in cash, which was intended for distribution among the hands of the Sewer Children. I had arrived at the airport and was about to board the plane when the airport was shut down by Osama Ben Laden’s destruction of the Two Towers in New York City.

I rescheduled for the 28th and this time reached my goal.

It was morning and Tengri’s sheep were peacefully grazing in the great blue sky. I was above them and tried to count them, but failed. How can a mere mortal count all of a god’s sheep? The “Sky Mother” I was in dropped to the flat spacious runway at the airport in Ulan Bataar. A Horse was cavorting with joy as we approached…trying to race the plane. It was a good beginning.

I got messed up on the timing of the day of the arrival, (arrived a day too

 late), and no one was there to greet me. I took a cab to the “Genghis Khan Hotel” and settled in. Made a phone call to my contacts and it wasn’t  long before they arrived at the hotel to meet with me.

They were the Brothers of the Purveejin Family. Their Brother in Philadelphia, Batsaihan, had helped me arrange this assistance in my endeavor. An interpreter named Batgerel was there to help us communicate. We worked out what we needed to accomplish and they came for me the next morning.

The Sun had just risen over the quiet city when they came and took me to see their Mother, the Matriarch of their Family, named “Naran”, (Sun). She lived in the western outskirts of the city in a humble but comfortable house of Russian design. Nearby were Ghers and houses, most of them surrounded by tall board compound fencing.

Batsaihan had sent some money with me to give to her to distribute to “The Hands” along with the funds I brought. She was a “portly” woman of quiet dignity and good heart. Her Sons took good care of Her and She wanted to also help the less fortunate of Her People. I visited with her for a couple of hours and then Bilgee, Battulga and Batgerel, two of her sons and my interpreter took me to find hands to give to. We would find the sewer children first. They would be coming out of their holes by now.

The details of this part of the interactive quest are in the Mongol Children Help Bucks Club section of the main website.

http://narbarism.homestead.com/MongolianChildrenHelpBucksClub.html  (No longer there.)

After putting some help into some of those hands, we went back and got Naran and went to what Batgerel called a “French Hospital”. There we gave more. Then after that we went to a school and gave more. This is all in the report found above with the url. This will all be placed in the MSN archives eventually.

So. The above is an example of two kinds of interaction with another culture. One, the helping hand is a good way to start developing a relationship and learning.

The other, was a unique opportunity to reintroduce or “freshen” an element of culture that was disappearing. To help it re-develop self sustaining pride and purpose and to link it with the International Horse Archery Movement of Lajos Kassai; a Magyar of Hungary. I was able to do this because it was a historical element of other Horse Peoples as well and this rebirth essence lived by Kassai, could be transferred to the Mongols who will give it their own style and expression.

I have heard that more small “tournaments” were held in following years. (I have not heard if any have been done since Hama 4. I owe money to the winners of these later tournaments; as per my personal promise.) (I still have contact with Batgerel.) Maybe this is going to work and be of value in Our interaction. Maybe not.

I think the next area to develop in Our relationship with the Mongols is trade. They make some really culturally unique and nice clothing, Horse tack, Boots and such. “Puppy Khan” of New York City has opened one path to the United States for these ancient products. We could help them market these things. But to cut the expenses we have to be able to buy and bring large quantities in sea containers. This will take time to develop this kind of purchasing power. I may start working on this aspect before I try building a tribe there.

Since the Mongols have shifted toward more Capitalism in their culture, I think it might be a good Idea to invest in the Herding Businesses there. I personally like the idea of investing in a Horse Herd.

Before I can do anything, I really should get the Mongol tongue as a skill. It so helps to speak the language.

I guess that is about all I can say about the NarBar Way and its interaction with the Mongols. Though there is a few other interactions I did there. However, there is a detailed report of my visit there, that I plan to rewrite into “Word” format and add to this article. Please know that these “Relationship” articles are evolutionary in nature and will grow with time and effort.

Next will be Our relationship with the Ghostchild Peoples of Turtle Island. Please bear with me. This may take a while, as I am currently still writing my book and looking for a job.

Respectfully and Humbly Submitted,   DAN 1 of the First TriNar of Narbarism.

8/17/Hama 3 (Edited ,when bringing in here, in June 4th, 2021 (Hama 21)

May 4th, Hama 7. “Follow Up Report”

            Batsaihan Purveegin, the Mongol Artist and my Friend, returned to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia after four years of incarceration by American Immigration Authorities. He is currently living with his Family. He has pending lawsuits against the American authorities and is in poor health, (Diabetes). He has asked me for help with medicine, but, I am ashamed to say, am not now in a financial position to render this good man the assistance he needs. I myself, have bad credit and no earnings and work for food and shelter.

The “Sewer Children” in Ulan Bataar are being sold for body parts to the Chinese. Probably by the same criminal and morally corrupt adult elements that had organized these children into gangs in the first place.

This weighs heavy upon my heart and leaves me with a depressed feeling of social impotence. I pray for the strength to resume the good fight for Pastoral Mongolia. The strength to overcome the wall of apathy in Humanity and my own “spread thin” state.

CREA help us all!

Dan 1

June 4th, 2021 (Hama 21):

The news has it that the weather in Mongolia is consistently worse than it was in 2000. The “Dzuds” are reoccurring year after year.


 A Quick Sketch of Thoughts and Events.

1963 to 1989

1963 – The “New Barbarism” is born as an angry fantasy in a jail cell. The anger is directed at the dismal world DAN 1 failed to successfully deal with. It’s insidious fiction and its hypocrisy. DAN 1 believes it should be destroyed, so that a better world can be built. He plans the formation of other raging men and women into motorcycle hordes, that he calls “CyHuns”, who will undo the world of greed and selfishness.

Out of this angry fantasy, was born the Thought that: “If One does not like Something, then One should make Something that One does like…if One can.” Out of this simple Thought Narbarism emerged.”

Before the year is over, the Good Teachings of DAN 1’s Grand Mother and Great Aunt, begin to assert themselves in his mind for his internal healing. He tires of being angry and having destructive thoughts. He realizes the truth of “violence begetting more violence” and sees that his “solution” lacks a replacement for what is destroyed. He assumes that his hordes would not be Spiritually and psychologically  capable of the desired re-building of a “Better World”. 

Through reading, he begins to seek a better way and begins to discover many better ways to be…harmonious ways to become More and Better. He did not yet realize that there would always be Better Ways.

            The New Barbarism is explored, opened and examined, for any elements of worthiness for Better Ways. Some are found and kept. The husk of rage and violence is thrown away. The New Barbarism, begins its long metamorphoses into a positive force for goodness and worthiness in the eyes of God. It’s name becomes Narbarism, which becomes a word symbol for an enlightened way of many ways. For our world to be a Loving, sharing, understanding, harmonizing, and cooperating collection of individuals and societies that respect and support each others Rights…that practices the Good Heart and Mind of the Superior Part of a Superior Species, that intelligently recognizes and mandates a balanced population on our finite world. Living within our limitations for the benefit of all, instead of the “few”.

But, of course there is so much more to it than that.

            To insure his survival for the long years and effort ahead, to build his ideas and find others to share them with. He studies wilderness survival arts and martial arts to augment his learning of history, philosophy and many varieties of Spirituality.

In short, He is Growing…becoming More than He was.

            He tries to interest Family and a few Friends in his ideas to little effect. He begins to see the terrible wall of apathy that comes from the many crutches and habits that men and women immerse themselves in to preserve their sanity. He experiences rejection of Narbarism in its many forms. Narbarism is just “the weird fantasy of a man who never grew up.”

Some “Growing” cannot be seen.

            He begins to write his ideas in philosophical and fiction works. None are completed due to the errors in his own personal life that caused a certain restlessness that robbed the dream of strength or ability to stabilize into reality. He cannot inspire others to the beauty he sees. He holds the dream in his heart and mind and practices it whenever he wins freedom from the demands of eking out a living. He became a weekend warrior and went into his beloved mountains whenever he could to practice a Narbar lifestyle, in the hopes that it could become permanent. An actual living example of the ideas of Narbarism. He believed if one man can do it, others will join in.

He did not yet realize that Some Things can never be “completed”.

            In about 1967, developments in the world cause DAN 1 to have hope that Narbarism may yet find a place in other hearts and minds. The Vietnam War causes the social formation of “The Flower Children”. These hippies of revolutionary and socially adventurous character have many ideas that are harmonious to Narbarism. Their influence led to many changes in ways of thinking in the world. Some good, some bad. Good was the call to re-examine societal values and seek better mind sets about them. Good was reduced racism and tendency for war. Good, was the appreciation of other ways of thinking. This was a light of hope. But bad was the “Drug Culture” and the dis-arming of the People and their right of self-defense. This was an increasing shadow in Life. The world got worse in fragmentary and insidious ways.

            But best was the emergence of the “Computer Age”. In the 70’s this ray of hope made its way into Dan 1’s awareness. There was talk of networking home computers all over the world, for the sake of enhanced Human communication. Dan 1 saw a possible opportunity in this. He continued to read and practice his ideas, while he watched for opportunity of availability to enter the “New Age of Communication”. Narbarism continues to evolve in him, but in no other Soul.

1989 – Dan 1 leaves Seattle and heads south into California to build a new life.

By 1993 he receives the gift of a job that gives him unlimited access to computers and the internet. From “Providence” and through His “KatDana” and Her powerful Son, this “Gift” comes.

By 1994 he begins building a Narbarism web site and Narbarism groups at Yahoo and MSN. He begins linking up with kindred spirits. He discovers and associates with Ghostchild, a Canadian Metis and Red Family movement that has as its goal the emancipation and self determination of Aboriginal Humanity and all disillusioned Men and Women who reject the same aspects of Capitalist Culture that Narbarism does. Here DAN 1 manages to earn an “Honorary Eldership” and important ally.

            All this time Dan 1 continues to read and write and develop. He designs a foundational structure of “level one” involvement so that interested parties can participate in what he is trying to achieve. He attracts Gwa 1 and Shra 1 and they become level one inspired to help Narbarism make formational decisions. They both write articles for Narbarism and add the beauty of their good minds and hearts to it.

            In 2002 the “First TriNar” of Narbarism is born with the petition and acceptance of Gwa 1 and Shra 1 as Level One (TriNar Advisors) NarBars. This team begins to formulate the foundation of the Narbarian Language, additional foundational organizational structure, developments in Narbarian Spirituality and successfully build a project that placed over $3,000.00 into “The Hands” of destitute people in Mongolia. 

            By 2004, concepts such as the “Family of Tribes”, “14 Lifestyles in the Four Lifezones”, “New Tribalism” and the “Symbology of the Narbarian Star” emerge. Horse Archery is discovered and embraced as a valuable NarBar sport of interaction for the old and new tribes. “Agreeology” becomes a technique for Narbarism to seek and find harmony in the worlds philosophies and religions. Familyhood and Motherhood concepts as applied to Narbarism are included.

            2006 – the work continues. The Second TriNar has begun to form with its first position being successfully filled by RAD 1, a skilled researcher, organizer and counselor. Gwa and Rad begin building a new Narbarism web site of superior design and function, over the “old” one made and lost by DAN 1.

We are only beginning.

June 4th, 2021: The TriNar System has not functioned since 2007. The Narbarism Group at Yahoo seems to have become inaccessible…or deleted.

A Mission Statement:

The NarBar Way has as its goals the following contributions to Humanus Evolvus and a Better World:

(1) To be a source of ideas that contributes to Humanity’s quest to Evolve OUT OF the present predicament of lack of responsibility in the name of profit, ecological disaster, religious intolerance and moral bankruptcy in racial affairs.

(2) To be a conduit for other ideas and systems of ideas that has the same, or similiar, goals as the NarBar Way.

(3) To become a Way Of Life that sets example for the above ideas and become ally to parallel paths and kindred Spirits. To live alternative.

(4) To become a Way Of Life that provides roots and culture for the conquered, assimilated, disallusioned and disenfranchised of Humanity of Mother Earth…with emphasis on the individuals of the White Races of the American Melting Pot who need and seek roots and heritage to enhance sense of self worth. Who for moral and intellectual reasons have rejected capitalism and other conquerer aspects of American Culture. (This is not to the exclusion of other individuals of other races who might need the same.)

The “Whites” need, very much, Tribal Groups. They have lost their ancient tribal structures to conquerors a long time before they came to the “New World”. Probably, most of the Narbarian Tribal Groups will be of mixed ethnic origin. But Peaceful groups who wish to maintain ethnic and cultural standards will be included. It is the right of an Individual to live with others of his or her “race”, so long as they do not cause “harm” to other groups.  

(5) To enable understanding of the NarBar Way through teaching its precepts, (as they are developed or adopted), whenever asked to do so.

(6) To enable other Kindred Paths through finding and learning the common ground and connection potential in them…and then endeavoring to build foundations, “bridges” and networks to them in the name of Unity of Humanus Evolvus.

(7) To empower, through hard work and diligent, persistent effort and contributive sacrifice, the NarBar Way and the Ways of Kindred Spirit, to become examples of what it takes to build Our Better World.

 “Narbar Lifestyles in America”


The TransHumNar lifestyle of the NarBar Way could be in harmony with the NarBar ideology of the balance of clean technology with living close to nature. NarBar travel wagons and domiciles can be equipped with computers, televisions, some electrical appliances and power tools.

To achieve this balance, it will be necessary for a certain portion of a tribe to hold jobs in civilization to earn the money or credits to purchase the items of clean technology. This, out of fairness to all, could be done on a rotational basis for certain portions of the year.

While some Families tend gardens and practice hunting and gathering in the mountains and national forests, other Families of the tribe can work in places of employment. More in the Winter. If one is lucky or resourceful, a job could be found not too far from the area of tribal living. Farms, ranches, small towns and such might serve well in this part of TransHumNar activity. The Forest Service also might be a nice option here. Usually the most money can be earned in the cities and suburbs.

Housing while working could be a problem. For the groups that are not Nomadic. It is hoped that rent costs will not eat up most of the earnings. A helpful cooperative option for the TranHumNar might be to billet with CitNar tribes. This would be mutually beneficial and the CitNar might spend time with the TransHumNar tribes in the wilderness. A NarBar Way cultural exchange if you will.

There are many beautiful things that NarBars would like to have but are unable to make themselves. The TransHumNar lifestyle would be a balanced approach to the acquisition of these things, as well as a way to stay abreast of changes in the city societies. Knowledge is power.

Respectfully Submitted,   DAN 1

NarBar Tribal Traditions.

“Dance of the Childrens Fire”

Like the Old Tribes the New Tribes will have their myths and traditions. These traditions will serve the same purpose as the ones practiced by the Old Tribes; to stimulate memory of tribal ways and reaffirm one’s value within new tribal society. The only difference is the age of the tribe. Just about everything else is basically the same…but, perhaps, uniquely expressed.

            We will have Our Good Path. Our Way of Life, of ways that express the best of Human Thought and Feeling. In our dances around the fire, along the streams , filling the meadows and winding among the flowers and trees, we show each other that we are part of each other and responsible for each other.

            We have warriors to protect the children and the children’s fire…those wee flames of hope and faith in a bright future.

In the center the wee fire,

Fed by wee sticks,

Offered by wee hands.

Hear their prayer.

Around this fire,

Are Our Hopes,

Of More and Better.

Hear their prayer.

Around Our Hopes,

We place Our strength,

Outward to face all danger.

Hear Our prayer.

See Our Shields,

Our many weapons,

Our resolve to protect.

Hear Our prayer.

The sticks are in,

The fire burns brightly,

We turn to Our People.

Hear Our prayer.

Where do we get such strength,

Our warriors shining brightly,

Shielding us so rightly.

Hear Our prayer.

From Our Fire,

To the Hearts,

Of Our People.

We do go.

Singing We do go.

The shields go too,

In warrior hands,

Weapons and love ready.

We do go.

Singing We do go.

To the hearts,

From Our fire,

All burns brightly.

We do go.

Singing We do go.

Can you hear the Joy,

Of every Girl and Boy,

As the warriors go with us?

We do go.

Laughing we do go.

To Our Mothers Love,

And Our Fathers arms,

And Grand Parent charms.

All around Our good little fire.

We do go.

Of course, weaving all through this is song. By one and by many.

Yes. We will have Our good path.



As an element of the “2nd Circle of Defense” the sword, in certain situations, with adequate training, is an effective weapon. When a Narbarian acquires one he is pleased to do an initial ceremony of commitment to its use in his or her defense system. This ceremony is composed of the following actions:

  1. Along with a lot of practice and thought about this ceremony, a period of meditation the night before the ceremony that focuses

on proper state of mind, sword use and care. This meditation         would include a prayer to Deity for guidance in maintaining, and      strengthening this correct state. Self discipline and responsibility, along with recognition of self defense situations are given much thought.

  • Early rising and preparations for the journey to the chosen ceremony site. Shower, clean clothes, and serious mind set and contenance. Bring the following:
  • A clean cloth to cleanse the blade of the sword for the “Cut of Understanding”, or “COU”
  •  II. Alcohol, oil, sterile bandage and swabbing for the sword and initiate.
  • III. A decorated paper bowl of meat, fresh vegetables, and fruit to offer Deity. (God, any of the Spirits who serve God, Mother Earth, Midwayers, and / or any personal guardians or Angels.

These are the three essential bringings. Other things which could enhance the ceremony could be incense, music, flowers, food and drink.

  • If the person who is to go through this ceremony has his or her role

clear in their mind, then the journey can be undertaken in silence, if desired. Conversation is ok but should be harmonious with the occasion. Keep in mind that your best self is in control. You will probably be experiencing mixed feelings and thoughts. If fear causes you to change your mind about going through with the ceremony then you really shouldn’t be doing it. Self mastery of fear is an important aspect of this undertaking. Also, if you are a “bleeder”, you should not be doing this.

  • If you wish to perform this rite alone this is your choice. It is also your choice to invite as many people as you want, providing that they are harmonious to the occasion. Supporters in this endeavor can be fun as well as strengthening. They can also be helpful in the preparation of the site and ceremony.

5.  The Narbarian Way is to respectfully, even reverently, prepare the       

      site as part of the ceremony. The search for the site is even done in

      these mind sets:

  1. The site should be searched for on foot, horseback, dogsled, or other “Living” method, but it would be alright to approach the area on or in a mechanical conveyance, as long as it is done in a way that doesn’t damage the terrain.

                   One doesn’t have to be quiet, just not rude. Positive, even

                   happy for the person who is about to grow through

                   ceremony and happy to be included in these special moments   

  1. What is looked for is privacy, beauty, and if possible,

                   Sacredness ; A place that gives the feeling of “Spiritual     

                    Presence”, a “Power Spot” where natural and spiritual

                    forces and energies intensify or converge. It can be a

                    meadow with a stream, a cave, hotspring, oasis, forest, or

                    other special spot. Even a secluded garden.

         III.     Rock is important as an element of this ceremony. A stream

                    is best because it offers, usually, lots of rock that is least

                    disruptive to move as the ceremonial circle is built. A circle

                    can be constructed with other materials or methods, but

                    Narbarians prefer rock as it is the most durable and easiest    

                    to work with. If you build the ceremonial circle in an area

                    where none have been built before, and if you plan to return

                    to this special place for prayer, meditation or to gather

                    strength through various techniques, then you have the

                    option of leaving it intact after the ceremony. Narbarians

                    take pride in leaving little or no trace of their presence, so

                    they are prone to dismantle the circle as additional respect

                    ceremony for Mother Earth.

          IV.    In the center of the circle (though its not a circle yet), should 

                    be a rock about one foot high to lay your sword on, OUT OF

                    ITS SHEATH. 

                    Beside it would lie the alcohol, swabbing ,bandage and oil.  

             V.     At each of the cardinal points, place a stone equidistant      

                    from the center. Seven to ten feet from center should be

                    about right. On these stones place an offering.

            VI.    Connect the four cardinal stones with a ring of stones,    

                    making  a circle. As you respectfully form this circle stay on   

                    the outside of it.

  • Decorate as you will, this circle.
  • Gather your self, totally commit yourself, be in yourself. Here your companions become silent with you.


  1. First ask Allah and Jesus as CREATOR and GOD OF OUR UNIVERSE for permission to enter the circle for ceremony. Silence may be understood as consent. Then enter the circle from any direction. Make a gesture of respect to the physical, morontial, and spiritual inhabitants of the four directions starting with the East and moving clockwise once around the circle. A Narbarian would “heart salute”.
  2. Move to the center where lies your sword on the stone and make a gesture of respect to the Earth. (Do not touch the sword yet. You will only pick it up when you are ready to make the “COU” in a swift smooth motion that expresses decisiveness and skill.
  3. Make a gesture of respect to that which is above you.
  4. You will have practiced the way you take up your sword, up to the point of actually making the “COU”. You will now focus and do so all the way.
  5. If your “ is at the third eye, then your blood should, ideally flow down the bridge of your nose to its tip. Stay focused ! Here catch the blood on your blade, so that it may “know you”. Then direct the flow down along the blade and let it fall upon each of the four cardinal stones starting with the East and proceeding clockwise. With the tip of your sword draw with your blood a symbol that is sacred to you, upon each of these cardinal stones, or a drop or two with a prayer, or pledge would be fine. It helps to have knowledge of, or at least a feel for the spiritual significance of the cardinal directions.
  6. You do not need to offer blood to deity above you. The inhabitants of the spiritual realm do not require physical sacrifice, they only care about what is in your heart, mind, and soul. Give it to Earth, she will appreciate the gesture. The plants will make use of it in her name. Your sword now knows you, it has no further need for it. You may spill some from your blade on yourself. This is OK.
  7. To one side, lay your sword on one of your clean rags. You will return to clean it after you have attended to your “COU”.

June 27th, 2012 (Hama 10)

“Narbarian Speculations 1”

by DAN 1  “First Seed Bearer Of Narbarism”

The main source of information and ideas for this paper is the “Urantia Book”; Combined with the discoveries of modern science, I arrived at the following speculations regarding “Race” and “Racism”. While I believe it is True that there is only “One Humanity” on Mother Earth, this same Humanity is divided into different species strains and types due to Natural Evolution and Divine Influence. All of which is expressions of the Divine Master Plan and Pattern of Evolution that is part of all Creation. In this I can see how “samenesses” and “differences” can exist at the same time.  

The Multiple origins of racism: Andonite, Sangiks, Nodites, Adamites.

  • The Andonites were the first Humans on Earth. This branch of the Human Species originated in the mating of brother and sister twins, that were “sudden Evolutionary upsteps” within a now extinct primate sub-species.

Their name was Andon and Fonta, but they called each other “Son Ta An” and “Son Ta En”…”Beloved By Father” and “Beloved By Mother”. These two phrases are all that is known to modern Humanity of the first Human language. Narbarians hope that the “Mid-Wayers” will one day share more of this first language with us.

The “racial” tendencies of Andonites are inherited naturally through millions of years of Planetary Evolution. This trait began as self defense against rival species and other creatures. By the time of Son Ta An and Son Ta En, Gibbons seemed to be the main “tribal” adversary for their kind. But other “Primates” were also a threat. This racial trait took on new significance when about 980,000 years ago, regressive Humans began to interbreed with other branches of more bestial Primate/Human types to produce “Sub-Human” strains of varying degrees that were a constant threat to Main Line Andonite Humanity. One branch of these became what is known as “Neanderthal” to modern man; a regressive branch of the Human Species. “Main Stream” Andonites achieved a higher level of Stone Age Culture than the Neanderthals, but only in a few isolated pockets.

Racism at this level is more of a fear of Life being threatened, than any notion of superiority. But this fear laid a foundation for a “higher” psychological framework of “better than thou, because We are on the whole and consistently smarter than thou.” Cultural notions of beauty played a role in this too. For example, Main Stream Andonites, (those that descended somewhat directly from Son Ta An and Son Ta En), had less body hair than the Neanderthals and other sub-Humans and this trait became the first mark of the beast that should be shunned.

The struggles with their own regressive kind was an influence of psychological recognition and concern in the Andonite Species and formed the base for further “racism” development in Humanity as additional “elements” came into it.

  • The “Sangik” phenomena: Approximately 500,000 years ago there occurred two, almost simultaneous, Divine Interventions that enhanced difference in Earth’s Andonite Humanity and added to Our Naturally Evolved “racist” tendencies.

One of these was the occurrence of color variations in an Andonite Family then known as “Sangik”. This was caused by intentional manipulations of Human Genes by certain Spiritual Beings who were responsible for Planetary Species Evolution. I speculate that the general idea was that the development of inter-species differentiation would stimulate competition that promoted Species Evolution. It also occurs to me that an experimental and learning Spirit was at work here. Though the “Urantia Book” states that this experimentation does not go beyond certain established Creational Standards. But still, mistakes could be made. If so, they are ultimately learned from and rectified.

From the Sangik Family Mother, a series of babies were born with definite skin pigmentation differences. The colors were Blue, Red, Yellow, Indigo, Green and Orange.

These colors “subsided” with each generation as these “Special Children” themselves became adults and bred. Again, it was siblings that paired off, this time in same color attractions, because of a “Natural Psychological Antipathy” toward the other colors and the Andonite Parent Stock. This led to the formation of colored Families, Clans and Tribes. This “racial” impulse had its Natural Evolutional Foundation in the original Andonite (Fontanite) stock and was further triggered by the new phenomena. I can only speculate that this was a period in Human History of great tension.

Tension that was probably somewhat alleviated by the “Nodite Injection” and group dispersal over vast empty territories.

Later, interbreeding, between the different colors, did occur…and to some extent, did produce hybrids with superior traits and abilities.

  • The “Nodite Injection”: This “Standard Procedure” involved the  

mixing of other-world “Life Plasma”, (DNA) with that of selected specimens of Main Stream Andonites. The selected Andonites donated their “Life Plasma” to the construction of the other world personalities and then were granted special privileges and benefits for their contribution. One of the benefits being a greatly extended Life Span.  This was all part of a Divine program of “Planetary Prince” establishment; standard procedure on Evolutionary Worlds. The whole point being the improvement of planetary sentient species.

The “Prince” was named “Caligastia” and his “court”, or “staff” was made up of one hundred of the mixed DNA beings, in addition to the contributing Andonites. This group was not called “Nodite” at this point. “Caligastia One Hundred” was one of the names this group was called then.

The establishment of this special group turned out just fine, until the “lucifer rebellion” disrupted it.

Caligastia joined lucifer in his rebellion against God. Many of the “One Hundred” joined Caligastia in this error and much harm to Humanity Of Mother Earth resulted.

One of the “Caligastia One Hundred” that rebelled with him, was named “Nod”. Nod became the leader of the rebellious, mighty and proud “Nodites”.

Bigger, smarter, longer-lived and too proud were these “mighty men of old”. It was through them that the racial pride of Humanity took a decidedly negative and destructive turn. Since they were “superior” and in many ways they Truly were, they embraced the notion that they could do what they wanted and needed to do with the “lesser” Individuals of Humanity. They lost sight of their original mandates and responsibilities to Humanity and began to prey on Us instead. Slavery was begun. Conquest of others became the new norm. Before this Humanity mostly only waged war in self-defense. Up to the time of the Nodites, it was preferred to move elsewhere to avoid conflict.

“Narbarian Spiritual Speculations.”

The Finite Mind of DAN 1

Reaching As  Far Back As He Can,

In His Imagination,

His Intuition,

And His Conceptual Ability,

To Formulate and Bring Forth,

A Theory Of Beginnings,


Whom We NarBars Call “CREA”.

Note: The following is the product of my vivid imagination, prayer, meditation and deep desire to build a beginning to Narbarian Spirituality. This story of beginning is interlocked and immersed in Narbarian Mythology. Our Spirituality and Mythology, then, consequently, much of Our Philosophy, will have its origin in and evolve from this story.

This story may or may not have the blessing and guidance of The Spirit of Truth…in whole or in part. If this does happen, it will probably be in part, because this story is a product of finite mind and cannot comprehend so much more of the truth that comes with and before Creation. Therefore, I perceive this story of the beginning of Our God as something that will change with time and experience and learning…and with the input of other interested minds.
What might the Spirits of Creation think and feel about this effort? This is not established yet. There has been no sign (That I have seen anyway…except for the fact that I, or the story, has not been destroyed or received any sort of reprimandal communication.), of any reaction from the Realm of Spirit.

Since 1963, I put out many efforts of this kind and what you are about
to read is part of where We are today in Our Beliefs. Please understand that it has pleased me to formulate this beginning to NarBar Spirituality and this version is one that I am fond of. I truly feel that this is a necessary step in our development. My NarBar Sisters tolerate it and do not embrace it as much as I do. There is an element of uncertainty here.

Anyway, to write this I had to reach with my mind through all that I knew or believed, back to a first cause…or even hopefully to an uncaused beginning. I can really envision the presence of Deity as self contained and always there, but I had to work at deciding upon a motivation of emotion and a process of decision, that caused THE ALLNESS to begin God and God to begin Creation. At the end of this story I would like to comment on my choice of these emotions. I believe the first emotion in the process of thoughts and emotions that caused Creator and Creation was basically the need of self fulfillment of the ULTIMATE ETERNAL DESTINY that included New Selves for sharing in the process.

Oh Mind of mine? I have quieted you and am totally in you for this
journey back to a time before time…to the first beginning. My heart
is in harmony with you.

The “ALLNESS” of everything that is and is not. Which always was, is and will be, but yet needing to be More and Better. The ALLNESS began the fulfillment of its nature and destiny, to be the “Uncaused Cause” of a beginning to Eternity, a starting point to Infinity and the emergence of an unending vastness of Creations. Creations that would be the domains of potentially innumerable GODS that would learn to express THE ALLNESS’ totalness in ever more variation and better ways. This process is inexhaustible!

This is a Forever Thing.

For the sake of a place to continue from the splitting of THE ALLNESS and the planting of the Celestial Seed, I look back along the
concept of “Father”.

Fathers…If there are Fathers, then there must
have been a First Father. Ok, this seems reasonable enough as a continuing progress between the point of beginning of this effort and of the beginning of CREATION.


And…If there are Mothers, then there must have been a First Mother.

And…If there are Babies, then there must have been a First Baby.

But…(Then I had to ask)…Which came first?

Fathers and Mothers are “Grown Ups”. They grew up from Babyhood. (Here I almost slipped from the “Uncaused Presence”, but now realize that Babyhood, from the viewpoint of a beginning of Creation can easily be a product of a first uncaused cause. From the perspective of CREATION, Seedhood is that which is sent into Nothingness as something new for the sake of experience, growth and learning…of Something.

Anyway…I choose to embrace the belief that Seedhood, Embryohood, or Babyhood came as the first three steps toward GODHOOD, or CREATORHOOD.


But how could this be, if there was no Father or Mother to start the
First Baby? As Somethingness and Nothingness, THE ALLNESS became the parents of the Divine Seed…The Sacred EG, (Embryo God) of Beginning. ALLNESS took all Nothingness and placed it outside of ITSELF to provide a place for this new thing to become and be forever.
Before time was this beginning.

Before color was this beginning.

Unexpressed, but existant, was Mind, Emotion, Energy…..

The Sacred Seed in the womb of Potential in the Nothingness of the ALLNESS…

Black and Powerful Potential.

But not Potential alone. In It was Fulfillment.

Of Our


The First,


 God The Supreme,

God The Sevenfold,

God The Ultimate,

God The Absolute,

God The Father,

God The Eternal Child

And God The Infinite Spirit…

Mother Potenvolm.

As an act of decision, THE ALLNESS divided ITSELF into Somethingness and Nothingness. Somethingness was a beginning and Nothingness was the unending emptiness where a beginning could be. THE ALLNESS remained unreduced except for the representational essence that was the comparatively miniscule seed of a God Beginning, enshrouded by ITS protective womb of Potentiality. This essence, this tiny piece of THE ALLNESS, would be restored to THE ALLNESS, when awareness ignited in the Divine Seed and Will first asserted ITSELF as the first decision of an Embryo God. Thus would THE ALLNESS remain THE ALLNESS…whole and not lessened by the fulfillment of ITS Nature…by ITS need and Decree of Evolution…of More and Better.

Three Things Before Time There Was. Three Things Before Color There

Three Things That Always Were, Are and Will Be.

Nothingness was One. That which was to be filled.

A Great Grey Emptiness was this Nothingness.

Somethingness was two. That which would do the filling.

A Sublime Whiteness and Light was Somethingness. Spirit, Mind and Emotion were elements of this light. All things would come to pass from this light.

Potential was three. That which made the First Beginning possible through nurture and protection. The Divine Soil, suspended in Nothingness. The perfect realm for the manifestation of Divine Light and all that came from it.

Here is the point where I realized the “Law of Three” had its origin in the Eternal.

Here three things that encompassed all and nothing at all, set the stage for  Somethingness to be MORE…as Creator and Creation.

For Somethingness to become MORE. For ALLNESS to fullfill its destiny of Eternal Growth.

Black and Powerful was Potential. The Ally and enabler of Balance to

A Profound Hesitation it was, Before Creation, Before Time. Before Color. Before any other thing than the Three.

A tension building stasis of the ALLNESS UNFULLFILLED IN RELATION TO ITS POTENTIAL TO BE MORE…a thing that always was but eventually would less and less be. The stasis would become action. The tension would become Creation.

Finally and Suddenly, Somethingness Mind and Personality awoke from the tension. It turned from within ITSELF to without ITSELF. Mind had its beginning of experience. IT decided to reach out with awareness and touched Nothingness and…


Emotion was awakened with a jolt and a shock.

It was like We feel today when standing on the edge of an abyss.

Go up onto the top of the highest building you can find, blindfolded, and have a Friend lead you to the edge of that building’s roof. Then, have your Friend go away, keep your eyes closed and remove the blindfold. Then open your eyes look down and feel what you feel. Those who have absolutely no fear of heights will be less able to comprehend what I am saying. Somethingness perceived Nothingness as bottomlessness in all directions. Not terminal impact but loss of self was at work here. This was evidently not acceptable.

Somethingness had its first emotion, as an experienced thing…


IT had its second thought….


Somethingness recoiled in upon itself. From the unknown horror of
Nothingness it withdrew. THE ALLNESS waited in silence.

Before Creation this happened. THE ALLNESS watched.

But…By withdrawing into itself, Somethingness felt a terrible
compression. Somethingness felt smothered by itself. Unmoving…Unfulfilled!

Potential was there. That comforting Black Blanket. Almost nurturing,
surely expectant and waiting. Around Somethingness, Potential was there.

This stasis of Fear was more unbearable…more intolerable, than all
that was before. Change had become…had been activated, via fear, as an essentiality to the Being and Welfare of Somethingness.

Somethingness searched its Mind and Heart…IT’s potentially eternal and all powerful innermost being. IT could know all, but not all at once. Each feeling and thought came from the one before it and proceeded to the next.

Change and the need for change grew in the All Knowing and All Feeling Mind and Heart of Somethingness until IT could stand it no longer. IT COULD NOT JUST SIT THERE IN FEAR AND NOT BE WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO BE. It had to be MORE! Critical mass for another decision had been reached.

Caressing Itself with Potentiality, It ventured to act. It decided to push against that which It feared. Was there any doubt as to the outcome of this decision? Well…doubt no doubt was part of the ALLNESS. It too was experienced. In the beginning doubt was experienced. Despite knowing everything, doubt needed to be experienced.

Many things were beginning to move…to quicken.

Courage was born.

As a Balance and Solution to Fear…Courage was Born.

Somethingness acted…Somethingness pushed.

To be continued.


Please Note: This thing about my choosing Fear as the first emotion of the newly experiential ALLNESS comes from my own experience in Life. Fear is prevalent in all aspects of the Lives of all Humanity and, I believe, elsewhere in Creation. Fear is always at the beginning of all decisions and acts of Sentient Beings…especially of beings originating in the finiteness of Creation.

Fear is the great original motivator of change. For better or worse, for change.

 As a being becomes more experienced and knowing of all that is worth knowing, they begin to replace Fear with Love…just as Our Creator has done. But fear will always be there, no matter how deeply buried in Our experiences and lives. Because Fear was part of the original ALLNESS OF SOMETHINGNESS, before Creation began.

From:  “DAN 1” <srubnaya@y…>
Date:  Thu Feb 19, 2004  8:29 pm
Subject:  Narbarian Religion – Scroll One – Part 2

Somethingness pushed just a little and waited to see what would

At that moment out of the Divine Seed came the growing Sacred Embryo. The Seed returned to the ALLNESS to restore IT’s completeness. The Embryo was its own self and being.

Nothing happened. That wee push is all that happened.

The first “What the Heck”, (!?!?!?!), (a feeling of surprize), was born. That odd mix of curiosity and surprise that happens upon discovery…that finding of Something new. We could say the Third Emotion after Need to be More and Fear.

Nothingness did nothing from that little push.

Somethingness pushed again.

Again nothing happened. Only the action prevailed. This time Somethingness noticed that the darkness called “Potential” went with its action…its push…its light…as though encouraging and joining what Somethingness did.

These things that happened caused the Mind of Somethingness to begin to become more emboldened. Outward toward Nothingness IT began to quicken. Extending ITSELF was new, out from ITSELF was intriguing.

WELL! Whatdayaknow about THAT! Somethingness was almost
dumbfounded…just all agog about the whole thing.

Stillness and quietness, except for in the Mind of Somethingness, the ALLNESS was
still there, but still and silent, undetected by the growing seed…maybe a few thousand years or so. Time had begun with each decision and action.


A HUGE GIGGLE OF RELIEF, (the fourth emotion) AND REALIZATION, (a new “take on things” of quickening mind.), as the God Seed began to know that IT was All there was. Nothing could come from Nothing. Nothing could harm from Nothing. Then resolve vibrated from in that First Mind, that mind of all minds, as it commited to fullfill ITS destiny,to be the Something that comes from SOMETHING to become more. To expand in all directions into that Nothingness.

Somethingness was totally elated. The Fith Emotion.

Somethingness was so elated that It got downright silly.

It made itself a poking thingee out of its giddy self and got to
pokin at Nothingness in all directions. Poke Poke Poke Poke !

Hee Hee this was total fun! IT was like an Eeeeyah Child! This was new this was fun! Much better than bein on the run!

“No more fear here dear while I poke ol nothingness with a spear”, IT might have seemed to say. Words of renewed understanding with realization of IT’S power.


In a great burst of jolly enthusiasm, Somethingness burst into Nothingness in all directions at once! Potentiality exploded into Nothingness with IT. Like a protective, encouraging, nurturing womb Potentiality was with IT. Free and “unguided” light and energy has done this ever since…exploding outward in all directions. Potential has done this ever since…gone before the light.

Whew! What a rush! This felt sooo good!

Somethingness made a couple of “seeing thingees” and got to blinkin…
while it was thinkin. Mind was awake now…in a new way…inexperienced and
adventurous…and without fear. Baby God was becoming. The Sacred Embryo was becoming Baby God.

It turned inward and took a good look at ITself. It didn’t really
know what to make of ITself, except it realised It was different than
Nothingness and Potential. IT could act, They could not. Nothingness
not at all and Potential only when acted upon and within. It couldn’t
immediately figure out the Why Becoming of ITself and not much of the How Becoming of ITself, but really enjoyed discovering the What Becoming of Itself. It was fun to become more…maybe even better than being the same ALLNESS always. IT knew IT could be both.

This Thing of Light and Vibration and Potential, that began to feel and think in active new ways…and become more and more.

It began to Learn….

And Grow.

From:  “DAN 1” <srubnaya@y…>
Date:  Mon Feb 23, 2004  7:51 am – revised March 12, 2006
Subject:  Narbarian Spirituality – Scroll One – Part 3
 As Somethingness explored Itself by expressing ITself, IT gradually came to realize that Its mind could control Its energies without as well as within. The learning of the What of Itself, as IT experimented with IT’s relationship with Nothingness, brought insight about the How of Itself. As It played with the body of It’s energies and vibrations, IT grew in the abilities of manipulating these things. IT began to understand IT’s capabilities as IT played with the forces within IT.

It noticed that energy sent out eventually returned to its source. It
was to use this principle in a tremendously grand way eventually.
Then IT endowed the basic energies with different combinations of
vibrations with ITs mind so that they would behave in different ways.
At first, this was just playing with ITself. It was fun.

But then IT suddenly had a thought. Actually it was a discomfort…a
bit of the echo of fear that IT once knew. IT felt IT’s power, but
somehow that wasn’t enough. IT felt the need to solidify energy and
vibration and shape it in some kind of expression of permanence…rendering ITself even more the opposite of Nothingness. IT slowed the return of IT’s forces and then made them stop. IT made force and energy that stayed as he formed it, be it radiant cloud or be it ray that went from one place to another in curved or straight lines and bands. IT studied the reaction to each other of all of these expressions of IT’s power, just outside Itself in Nothingness. Some of these inter-reactions were very strange indeed. Some danced a certain balanced distance from
 another. Some absorbed others…and then got absorbed themselves…or became new combinations to be understood. Some could be seen, some could not. Some bright and some dark. Some were slippery to control, some sticky. Some whirled or flashed. Some flowed into themselves and then out again in another place than where they were made. And many other unexplainable behaviors of IT’s forces. All surprises of the manifestations of IT’s mind.

With IT’s power, just out in Nothingness, IT designed and sent energy a certain distance out in two opposite directions. A line above and a line below, continuing to hold and flow. Two sides extending a vast distance and slowly bending toward
each other…to finally meet as one edge. It expressed the Law of
Three as seen in one. Two sides and an edge as one. It saw what it had made and liked it. Decided to keep it forever. IT liked Its new shape. It felt good. Its edge
penetrated Nothingness and the thickness in the center emitted a
great light. Dark Potential grew strong around it and pushed ever more
into Nothingness.

IT thought …”This I will be forever”. I will be this “Pair of
Sides” forever. “I will stay here forever”…?Thats odd? What a
strange thought?!?! Stay? Why would I think that? I AM…of course I
will stay.” It thought about this for a long time. This strangness
came from the “Need of Its Nature”…that critical ingredient within
ITself. That which ever and ever urged It to be more. Always
Something more.

I AM PairaSides. I AM the Great Place of Something where Nothingness had ever not been! What else could I be? The Center Of All Things. From which All Things would go and to which All Things Would Return. RETURN? GO? What odd thoughts these be? Going and returning, a new balanced thing of Its yearning.
It went for a look. It extended Its seeing thingees far out into Nothingness. Potential
went too. It turned and looked at Itself…Its Power and Brightness.
Ahhh! What a lovely sight that place is. It will always be Me…it
will always be home. It will be the First Source and Center for all
that I will become. I will know the happiness of issuing from this
place and I will know the joy of returning to this place.

But how do I do that? To go is to leave. How can I leave if I am it?
Why do I even think of leaving this place of beauty, power and safety?

Then Somethingness trembled, just outside the ALLNESS that always was, as a profound thought occurred to IT…emerged from IT. “My
Nature is More Than I AM. I will forever MORE BE! Of my ALLNESS I will be free!”

Fear again was felt at these undeniable urgings and thoughts. Fear was residue that would always be present with Something New. Just a little fear, not a lot. IT would never again feel a lot.

Then IT had a thought of survival…in the face of IT’s slight fear of Something New.

IT need not leave, when IT left, to be beyond where IT was…as IT became a different way of More. It could always be connected to PairaSides and journey far. IT knew IT could from what IT had learned of Its experiments with Itself and the forces from ITself. How IT’s energies always returned to their source…unless made to do otherwise with mind.

IT would become that which went and returned… further but never really leaving.
IT would be more than PairaSides and be PairaSides too. IT went to work.

From the Body of PairaSides IT made a body. Three main parts was this
body. Three great parts from ITS Law of Three.

The bottom for Its urge to Create More and have great energy…POWER!

The middle to contain Its feelings…EMOTION!

IT’s top from which to come and to hold IT’s thoughts, the concepts made by IT’s combinations of thoughts…MIND!

Upon Its top, near IT’s thoughts, IT placed ITs seeing thingees…close to ITs mind which would decide what it was that It saw.

Then IT connected ITself to PairaSides with an unbreakable cord of
power. The “going part” would always be connected to the Place of
ITself…PairaSides. An echo of this chord is found to this very day as Babies are

Baby God was born. From PairaSides Baby God entered nothingness as the first act of Creation. Into the Womb, Protection and Companionship of Potentiality. Into Nothingness Baby God and IT’s Destiny, was born. As it went, making ITS own space to be MORE, Baby God went. It was fun. It was play. The Creator of all things of Creation had begun.

Oh what a potion was all this motion. What a good way to be. Outward and inward Baby God was now free.

Wonderful things lay ahead.

For a long, long time Baby God played with form. It enjoyed changing
the stuff of Parasides into many shapes. Bending, twisting,
stretching, connecting, expanding, hollowing, filling, making harder
and softer and lighter and heavier. It was a fascinating, fun time of
exploration of newly discovered self and what could be done with that
which came from self. It was great to be Something. So much to do.

Then came a moment, in this learning play, when Baby God got the idea
to make a ball of light. Hey, this is neat! Baby God delightfully
exclaimed. It is together and points in all directions at once! It
rolled the ball and plugged up tunnels with the ball and balanced it
on top of pointed shape things. Lots of interesting things It did
with the ball. Then…It just gave the ball a little toss and it shot
out away from Parasides into Nothingness. Not real far…just a
little ways. Couple a million miles I suppose. Baby God watched it go
and slow down and sort of hang there glowing brightly. Surrounded by
its own potentiality, glowing brightly. Baby God decided IT liked it
there. In its balance at the edge of the gravity field of Parasides,
it was good there. A thing of three. Baby God, Parasides and that
great bright ball hanging there. The first of many to come.

Baby God, after a time of hard play and learning about self and what
came from self, would pile up a nice soft pile of Paraside stuff and
relax and gaze at the ball…thinking, always thinking. ITs mind was
just as interesting to IT as Parasides and much more mysterious. The
kind of mysteriousness that made One wonder.

It was during one of these relaxing, thinking, wondering moments that

Baby God thought, “What would it be like if there was another it to
see and think and feel? Baby God suddenly felt kinda lonely. “It
would be nice to have some company I think” “Something to see what I
see and do things with me. To play with me…to learn with me. I
think this would be nice.” But how? How could this be, if It was the
only thinking Something of three Somethings? A long time, Baby God
pondered this question, trying to figure this out. Then…

“OF COURSE! DUH! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?!?! Sometimes I
wonder where my head is. It is so obvious!”

I will make a Something to be with me. I will give it some of my
ability. I will make it think. I will make it feel. I will teach it
how to do the Virginia Reel! Huh? Where did that come from?
Hmmm…nevermind. I could play with it and it could play with me…oh
this thought made Baby God so very happy. I could chase it as fast as
can be and then it could turn around and try to catch me. Oh this
would be so fun! Even more than that little Sun.


So busy Baby God got. It had a lot to do. Building a friend out of
some of this Parasides goo. A big companion it would be and as friendly
as can be. This stuff will do for its bod, or I’m not Baby God.

First some fingers and arms on me, to enjoy the feel of makin this
She. Uh…whuts uh She. Oh well it just has to be.

It got very busy. Sizin and shapin, measurin and tapin. Cuttin and
nailin and having too much fun to be failin. I lot of thought to make
the work go true. Nothing right the first time…wow, what a zoo.

A great big body was what it got. To fill with energy like a pot.
Then a great long head for a place to think…some seeing thingees
that can wink. Then some arms toward the head. With strong fingers
for a grip…oh this thing is going to be a pip. Down at the bottom,
I’ll glue on a tail. Easy to grab and make it yaeel! And down toward
that tail, two strong legs for leapin far…hardee har har. On those
legs go some feet, so I can track it oh so neat. This Son a Gun gonna
be tons uh fun!

So, for a long time this went on. Baby God was really enjoying the
Creation of its first companion. Magine it took a while, but always
with a smile. Everything was done, but it needed something else.
Something that really crowned this great achievement. Something
spectacular. But what? Baby God had to give this a lot of thought.
Baby God lay against this mighty sculpturin and gazing at the Sun IT
made, gave this last thing a lot of thought.

Narbarian Religion – Scroll 1 – Part 5

Baby God got up and turned to face ITS Creation. It was a shock to see a black spot on ITS body, right in front of IT.

“What the heck is THAT!?!?”, Baby God exclaimed in ITS Mind, “How did that piece of Potentiality get there?” “Did it fall?”

Baby God looked up into the black sky of Potentiality that surrounded Parasides and the Sun IT had placed there. There didn’t seem to be any hole.

“So, where did that come from?” Baby God asked, looking at the black spot in front of IT. IT moved closer for a better look and was startled when the spot grew smaller. It was as though it moved away from IT when IT moved toward the spot.

“Is it alive?”, Baby God wondered.

Baby God backed up and the spot grew larger. It seemed to come forward as Baby God backed up.

“Think I will see how fast it is”, Baby God said to ITSELF.

Quickly, Baby God moved to the left and it followed just as fast. Baby God moved to the right and it followed exactly.

“So…it is just as fast as I am”, Baby God concluded.

Then Baby God moved ITS building thingees and so did the spot.

With ITS grabbing and shaping thingees, Baby God started moving and shaping in different ways. Everything it did was done at the same time. “This is weird”, Baby God thought,  “But kinda fun. Think I will play with this awhile.”

So it began, this strange experience of Our brand new Creator, the play that was experiment and learning, about the black spot. Against the body of ITS companion to be, Baby God did the first shadow show in Creation. Shadow shows have been wherever there was light and something to catch the light, ever since. Baby God entertained ITSELF with this new phenomena for quite a while. Then…IT noticed that the spot only would be of front of IT and not behind it on the other side facing the Sun.

“It seems to hide from the light”, Baby God realized. Then IT got an idea. Baby God made ITSELF brighter until IT was as bright as ITS Sun. The spot disappeared. “Hmmm…at least I can make it go away if I need to”, Baby God mused.

Baby God returned to ITS “normal” illumination level, which was less than ITS Sun and the spot reappeared.  Then baby God realized it would come whenever something got in front of light, something that was not as bright. Baby God also realized that this little expression of Potentiality flowed in the same direction as light and therefore was a part of Creation. Potentiality’s symbolic reminder that it would be with us as long as We were in the presence of a brighter light. The darkness of Potentiality was a reminder of Our need to become more. If surrounded by light this potentiality would be inside Us. Potentiality was the partner of Somethingness in the filling of Nothingness.

Baby God took solace in these thoughts and realizations, grew weary of ITS shadow show and turned ITS attention once again to ITS companion to be.

“Where was IT?” IT asked ITSELF. “Oh yes”, ITS memory, that would never fail, supplied the Truth IT sought. “A grand final touch to this Creation of mine. Something so beautiful in concept that it would never be mistaken for anything but something I made.” Baby God again entered ITS unequaled great mind to search for solution. This time there were new things and experiences to consider.

Suddenly IT brightened in a vast flash of insight and discovery of ITS answer. “YES!”, Baby God exclaimed with such power that Parasides vibrated and trembled. “That will be just about perfect!”

“What a stupendous idea, I sure Love being Something”, IT laughed, “What a great concept this will be!” Baby God had remembered one of the images of ITS shadow show play. Wings made with two grabbing thingees flapping. ITS wonderful mind converted a simple image of potentiality into Something worthy of being Created…to become a first….to quench that Somethingness thirst.

“It would be big and strong. It would reach and gather. It would fold, but spread it would rather. It would enfold all around it and pull it for its use. To make a wind (?What’s a wind?) or flash in the Sun. What beautiful things this would be! I’ll call them wings, two for the balance of the body…again the Law of Three.”

Yep….Baby God, again,  got very very bizee.

“How can I make them thin and strong? What proportion their width to their long?”…Baby God just had to ask as IT went about its task. Again Parasides clanged and banged and jerked and jolted, as Baby God figured, sawed, hammered and bolted. Busy Busy Busy, till IT was well nigh dizzy. Then with a mental sigh that was almost audible in the brightness of Parasides and almost heard by the Sun…and a declaration that it was done….Baby God ended ITS fun.

There it was, all the great body needed was life-force, “I’ll do that as soon as I have rested of course.”

“But while I rest, I had better think…about what to put in it. Lots of energy, that’s for sure. A good mind and way of being and it will enjoy me as much as I enjoy it. I am going to have a Friend.” These things were done with thoughts from ITS mighty little mind and Baby God made ready to give it power.

IT was a Baby only in this new experience. In all other ways IT was ancient beyond description. In all other ways ITS power was absolute and complete…and unknowable by any but IT…the ALLNESS that always was. Only in Creation as a Creator for the very first time did IT experience and enjoy birth and babyhood and growing in things one at a time. And only this could please and thrill IT…into Nothingness to fill it.

Narbarian Spirituality

Scroll One – Part 6

Then the moment came for the fourth Creation…the companion and playmate that could think and feel. Chase and catch, sneak and peek…be bold or meek. Who would love fun under the very first sun…on Pairasides so bright in the dark, dark night.

Baby God raised ITS arms in a great invocation, like a game don’t you see, and began a profound incantation for ITS companion to be.











Then right before baby God’s eyes, this creature opened its peepers…oh jeepers creepers! It raised its head from its Pairasides bed and flexed its mighty arms. Up it pushed and got over its feet balanced and neat. Then motion in its tail as it raised up high and felt its power. Tall it stood, full of strength…a dawning of its power. High it rose against the sun blessed sky and roared its pleasure. Its vast wings blocked the light…oh what a sight! Then it looked down at Baby God to take ITS measure.

EEEK! My creature is so huge! Did I over do it? If it hurts me, I don’t even have a lawyer to sue it.

Then it jumped down on its maker with a mighty crash. In this first crunchy clash that drove Baby God clear through Pairasides to the other side, the creature yelled in a mighty voice, “YOUR IT! MY TURN TO HIDE!”

Then it leaped and ran to hide. While Baby God peeled Pairasides stuff off ITS hide. Then as IT realized what happened, IT made itself a mouth and bellowed as IT headed south, “READY OR NOT, HERE I COME…YOU GREAT BIG BUM!” With a happy laugh Baby God took up the chase and found the creature hiding its head behind a vase. What a ludicrous sight as the big thug had only hidden its mug.

With a great leap and a cackle, Baby God went in for the tackle. WHAM! SLAM! In a scatter of lightning, the creature went down with a roar of laughter that was frightening. Pairasides shook and so did the sun, as those two had their fun.

They played hard for millions of years, until Pairasides was tatters and smears. They tossed the sun as it dazzled…even though it became a bit frazzled.

Then after one last wrassle they fell in a heap and then put their arms around each other and fell fast asleep. Everything waited while they did their slumber…waited for their next number.

Baby God awoke, saw what was wrought and gave ITS companion a poke.

“Lets fix this place up you ornery pup. Let’s make it even more fun than before. Lets make places to be in with tunnels, windows and doors.”

They got to work patchin up the destruction and began to experience the ways of construction. It was a lot of work, the way they did it, but it was good experience and was an introduction to the benefits of limitations…to the rewards of overcoming the difficult.

PairaSides was rebuilt and was more interesting than before. It had more dimensions within its shape and Baby God came to an understanding that IT and its companion would not tear it up again. They would play nicer, with more mind and less brawn. Sophistication began to evolve. Baby God began to not be a baby anymore. ITS fun became more serious more and more. IT became a child with thoughts about the nature and essences of moreness in this new realm outside the ALLNESS.

IT named ITS companion WhiHana, because it was so full of questions and so full of light.

WhiHana was the first Dragon. A Spiritual being of wondrous power, who was totally devoted to the God Child that had brought it into being. WhiHana wanted nothing more than to be a part of everything the God Child did. To help with it, to participate in it and to experience it in Her own quest for moreness and betterness.

WhiHana did not possess all the power of the God Child. It could only have the power that the God Child thought to bestow upon it. However, this was blessings huge and profound. But because WhiHana was limited to what the God Child bestowed upon it, this became the source of a problem between the two, that also would grow until a solution was arrived at…tumultuously.

The God Child was an expression of the ALLNESS and therefore had no limitations except for those imposed upon itself. The God Child was driven by the ALLNESS from which IT sprang, to be ever more and more. The God Child had at its call all the thoughts, concepts and ideas of the ALLNESS and in Potential was Omnipotent…capable of becoming everything that included more and more.

Because of this difference between WhiHana and the God Child, it eventually and inexorably came to pass that the God Child would spend more and more time exploring the possibilities of experience that were known in the ALLNESS. More and more time with less play and less companionship with the God Child, which WhiHana had as Its entire existence and purpose.

Then it came to pass that WhiHana started to feel left out of things and this made it try harder to be a part of the God Child. WhiHana was powerful in patience, being the fourth Creation of Baby God and the first Creation to have the power of mind, but slowly It began to feel sad and lonely.

Then came the moment when WhiHana, the great Dragon of Light, decided to seek companionship elsewhere, or something in nothingness that would cause the God Child to bond with It again.

It was a moment when the God Child was deep within the ALLNESS in seeking meditation and exploration. A moment that lasted a long long time…now that time had begun with the first action…that first poke into Nothingness.

WhiHana, feeling quite left out, decided to go in search into Nothingness for what It knew not. Restlessly It circled PairaSides and the first sun. Further and further out into Black Potentiality It circled and searched.

A journey trance upon glorious wide spread wings that glowed with their own light…beyond the light and the night. Further outward and around in the first motion spiral of Creation. Finally it went beyond the embrace of Potentiality and entered the unending gray.

Awesome was the gray of Nothingness, somehow so harmonious to the sadness of loneliness that throbbed in the heart of WhiHana. It went deeper and deeper into Nothingness and entered a strange state of no mindedness.

For countless ages the White Dragon became part of the Nothingness and seemed to be lost forever in it. Gray was the mind of WhiHana, gray was the emotions. Then It realized that truly It was lost. The light of PairaSides and the first Sun could not be seen. Lost was this playmate of Baby God…this companion of the God Child. The feeling of being lost gave birth to great fear.  This horror of the immersion into  Nothingness was so encompassing…so complete as a new and terrible experience for the White Dragon.

The fear reached terror in intensity. WhiHana screamed with all her being, but the silence of Nothingness totally absorbed it and made it as though it was not. Even the emanations from Its mind went no further than Itself.

WhiHana, being a bit of Somethingness in a totality of Nothingness, was terrified that It would die. That It would become not.

As the last spark of Love flashed its farewell in the heart of WhiHana, an incredible thing happened. The flash caught Its mind’s attention and WhiHana suddenly snapped out of It’s death like stupor.

Again the eyes sought an image and there was none! The grayness prevailed. All around It the grayness prevailed. It looked to self and within self for somethingness and took hope…and realization…

It was alone! Totally alone…and lost. Totally lost.

Oh the horror! Oh so little to be within!

WhiHana screamed a silent scream. 


Before what you are about to read happened, were the events written in the so called “Narbarian Spiritual Speculation Scrolls”. After Baby God had Created ITS playmate, WhiHana, and played with It for time untold, IT felt the need to consult  with the ALLNESS in preparation for continuing ITS evolution as God the Creator. This required all of Baby God’s attention and caused WhiHana to feel neglected. The “Great White Dragon” wandered far into the Nothingness and became lost.

The Terror of WhiHana

To be totally alone forever was something that only the ALLNESS could stand. The Great White Dragon, Baby God’s first companion and playmate, had not this strength. Lost in the terrible emptiness of Nothingness, WhiHana’s personal horror touched madness. It’s screams made silent because Baby God’s ears were full of the harmonious cacophony of the ALLNESS and heard nothing else and because there is no sound in Nothingness.

“Oh why did I wander so far from home? What was I thinking?!” WhiHana asked Itself over and over again. Sorrowful were the emanations from Its mind and heart.

It tore in one direction and then another seeking some sign of something, anything, besides the Nothingness that had swallowed It up. No where was there darkness or light to be seen. Faster and faster It launched in all directions. “I will die all alone! I will become as though I never was if I explode in this grayness.” For a long time this was It’s plight. Then It stopped and sobbed in total despair. Its tears of energy did not leave It, but were reabsorbed into Its great winged body. Even the tears did not want to be in Nothingness.

Its tears were like a lens and WhiHana’s sight flowed through them in frantic search. Up and down and all around in frantic search.

Then a tiny pin prick of light was seen. At first WhiHana thought it was only the light that emanated from Its own body to be caught in a tear. But, in desperation the shining dragon looked at it and then realized that this teeny light came from beyond Itself. “There! There is light over there!” the winged one’s mind rejoiced. In an unreasoning burst of emotion that screamed “Go to it or it will disappear!” the winged one thrust with all its strength toward the incredibly distant sparkle. “To the light, to the light, to the light!” Its mind screamed and pulled toward the light…joined by pounding celestial heart.

Fast It flew. Terribly fast It flew. With the total speed that It was capable it devoured the emptiness of the Nothingness. It did not even notice that It grew closer to Its goal. So swiftly It came to Its goal. TOO SWIFTLY IT CAME TO ITS GOAL!

WhiHana slammed into the first Sun of PairaSides. It was an unimaginably catastrophic blast. The release of energy impacted PairaSides and tore and shook this First Home of Creation to its core. The force ripped Baby God from ITS divine trance and shoved IT to the limits of dark Potentiality…almost out into the Nothingness. But “The Cord” kept IT attached and pulled IT back to the light of ParaSides. This experience was one of total surprize for Baby god. The impact explosion energy storm kept on going as it slammed outward, in all directions, into Nothingness. There was Nothing to stop it.

Baby God recovered ITS balance and looked toward the new darkness near PairaSides. The first Sun’s essence was there. That divine essence that came into being from the thought and will of Baby God and was indestructible. But it was an essence of a Sun that was completely devoid of the energy or bright light that had once filled it. Only Potentiality remained within the boundaries of its essence. Dark and empty was the first Sun.

So too was the essential form of WhiHana. An empty shape without the life It once rejoiced in. It lay partially coiled around the Sun that was…still…lifeless…only a pattern of Itself.

Baby God looked at this sight with a stunned, realizing and then grief stricken heart exclaimed…“Dear ME! Oh MY! What have I done?!?!” IT sobbed and strangled in the raw emotion. This error and the consequences of this error were an important lesson regarding the nature of imperfection and Baby God would grow tremendously in the learning of it. From that time forward to Our days the Creator always held Perfection to be the highest pattern for everything that came. Not Perfection given, but perfection earned.

Then IT realized that not all the released energies of the collision blast had ripped outward into Nothingness. IT saw that floating all around the dark bodies of the Sun and the Dragon were patches of dazzling and positive new forms of energy. These floated in the darkness of Potentiality as though they did not know what to do or where to go, yet feeling they should stay. They were beautiful and quiescent, and seemed to feel and think…though they were puzzled at their state and being.

They were new and beautiful and each impressed Baby God’s eyes and mind uniquely. They were delightful in their uniqueness. They were beings of color that sought form.

They pulsed as they began to draw near to and coagulate with pieces of their own vibrations and essences…their own color kind. The beginning of “color” as a specific and limited vibration of light had become…had begun. This phenomena began to take on  form. Baby God looked upon this astounded. What was this that has been released? IT watched as each of the forms became a definite shape that IT recognized. 

Each of these beings were the same form as WhiHana. Each was a different color. One Red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue and one violet. Each brilliant in its hue.

They looked at each other and unfolded their gorgeous wings. In recognition and peace they knew each other. They moved closer to the emptiness of WhiHana and the first Sun and hung their heads sorrowfully. They had become only to find their Mother and Father were gone. They pulled each other close and cried the gentle tears of their kind.

Seeing this, Baby God’s loving heart was rended. “This must not be” IT spoke to ITSELF. “I WILL NOT LET THIS BE!” Baby God thought with determination. “It was MY action that made this wrong and now it will be my action that makes it right!” Baby God went to work.

“Here! Here! Don’t be sad little dears! Everything is going to be allright! Just stand back and let me work with new light.”

With hope and wonder in their eyes, the beautiful little dragons backed up and watched Baby God do ITS magic. With new light IT filled the still form of WhiHana and also with all the energies and mind and emotion that were Its life and personality before. Reaching into the scattered and fragmented energies that drifted about, Baby God gathered them and wove them anew into the reborn being of the Great White Dragon and brought these into Its essence that lay so silent and still.

WhiHana stirred and opened Its eyes. Its eyes grew wide as It saw the six sets of eyes that looked yearningly into Its own. Imploringly the little rainbow dragons looked at Baby God if it was ok to go to WhiHana. Was ITS work finished yet?

Yes! Yes! Go to the one who gave you birth! Be company to each other. You all belong to each other forever. Never again will you know loss of each other. As long as I live, so shall you.”

As understanding of this great gift overcame the wonder of it, WhiHana opened Her great wings and beckoned with Her arms. With squeals of happiness the six rainbow gems of WhiHana flew to her breast. The pulse and flow of love was so mighty that the first Sun flickered with sparks of their colors. WhiHana would never feel lonely again.

Baby God saw this and got an idea. “These little Beings came also from this bright ball of mine. It too, I will give new life…and more than it had before. It too will have good thoughts and a heart full of joy. It will be a forever reminder of the beginnings that have begun in this powerful moment. I begin to see more than ever now, what is going to come…what I am going to be.”

Into the first Sun, Baby God poured all of what IT would…all that IT should. The new first Sun blazed with brightness and understanding and was incredibly beautiful to behold. Its light was in pulsing bands of not six, but seven colors that reached out and filled the darkness of Potentiality around PairaSides. The seventh color was a deep rich indigo and was at the heart of the first Sun. It was simply stunning to see and feel.

Baby God, now God the Child, noticed this seventh color. IT knew that the little dragon of this color was not with the others and then gazed out at the expanding storm of energy that roared into the Nothingness. IT nodded in understanding and made a mental note that this thing was not over yet.

WhiHana had always loved the great light of the first Sun and its new surpassing splendor caused Her to dance with joy around it. With the six children She danced with joy around it. WhiHana’s mighty scales always hinted at these colors that shone upon Her and came from Her. And always reminded Her of the contribution that this shining orb made to the formation of their children.

Baby God, more wise child than infant now, felt the goodness of all of this and bestowed two more blessings upon the beacon to ITS home. “I now name you “Chul” and make you my guardian beacon to all that I will create forever. All that come to my home, in the center of all things to be, will know it by your beauty and power. Be good as I am good, mighty CHUL and send your radiance forever.” Chul pulsed with happiness. PairaSides glowed in Chul’s beautiful colors.

Then to WhiHana IT said, “I will never be unable to hear you again. No matter where you are I will always hear you and help you.” This brought great comfort to WhiHana.

Then, after another look at splendid things luckily born of error and terror, (the first and last mistake God ever made), the God Child turned toward ParaSides and prepared to make it more than it was. Bigger than it was. Stronger than it was. IT knew that the effects of the error were not over yet. IT knew the nature of what had been released. A great test was coming. God the Child could see it coming, though it was many billions of years into the future, and got ready. IT also got on with ITS plans for more and more Creation.

WhiHana knew unsurpassed joy at Her Mother Hood and at Her splendid family. She sensed that, in its own way, Nothingness had contributed to this wonderful change for the better. Without the fear that made Her blindly race into the collision, She might not have Her wee ones now. She also felt that this was only a beginning to an eternity of service and happiness. In Her heart was a profound gratefulness and in Her mind was a deep curiosity about how She could serve and help in what God the Child was Creating.

Time had begun. Color had begun. As expressions of Creation, Time and Color had begun.

God the Child would have much for them all to do…as well as ITSELF.  

“God The Child Becomes God The Father.”

Henceforth, when God went into IT’s long periods of meditation, or introspection, in which it explored IT’s own potentials and possibilities, WhiHana had company and did not become lonely. She and all Her children would eventually have jobs to do for Creation as it unfolded from the Will of it’s Creator.

In IT’s meditations, God saw and kept learning what could be in the name of More and Better. IT explored and came to know Itself and IT’s personal realities…IT’s personality. IT came to realize that it could create and bestow endless and perfect variations of its personality upon anything it wished. These personalities would experience IT’s realities in unique ways that could add to the experiential development of Itself. As IT understood the meanings of this potentiality, IT came to value it too. IT knew IT would always be the source of all that was Created…that all Creation was an expression of Itself, but IT found a way to make all these unique personalities into separate entities or beings that would truly be capable of new and unique directions and able to care about IT, as IT cared about them. IT would bestow upon all IT’s personality Creations the power to choose. IT gave “Free Will” to almost all the Personalities it Created. This choosing basically was between becoming More, or becoming less. More was eternal and infinite; less was diminishment to the point of reabsorption into IT and Nothingness. All choices resulted in the eventual attainment of one of these two basic directions and outcomes.

This caring, for the sake of caring, grew in intensity until it became the all pervading and all encompassing power called Love. Love became the prime motivation of Creation. The Love between Creator and the Created…much better than just Loving Itself. Much better because it was More than Loving Itself.

Having arrived at this and resolving to make it so, God began to plan the best ways to express these powers of Free Will in Personality and Love. To plan the best place for this to be. Long was the thinking and planning. Very very long.

The Children of Chul and WhiHana grew up into fine Dragons, each unique in personality and ability. Each making the choices for Moreness and Eternal Life. God let them help as they could.

God came to appreciate the role of Black Potentiality in IT’s existance. The companionship and nurturing IT came to value and resolved to give this a continuing role in the coming Creation as well. What Potentiality had done for IT, could be done for Creation as well. Potentiality would become the “Womb of Creation”. Potentiality would become the womb of the perfect universe to be made. God named IT’s ancient companion PotenVolm…Mother of Creation…Receptacle of ALL That Is Good, More and Better. As IT declared this new state and identity of PotenVolm, IT also bestowed an incredibly powerful gift. God took all of IT’s Spirit and made this the domain of PotenVolm. Then IT gave to PotenVolm a personality that could wield this Spirit of all Spirit. God poured IT’s Spirit into PotenVolm and became Mother to Creation. “PotenVolm”, the Mother of Creation began to be… also of the ALLNESS was SHE!

When IT did, IT automatically became Father to all Creation and IT became HE. Then the Law of Three asserted itself and that which came from The Father and The Mother began to be.

The Eternal Child of God continued. To this Child God the Father gave the realm of Mind and Thought. From this Eternal Child all power of Mind issued.

God the Father made His Power available to His Family. His Will became theirs and their Will became His. Divine Harmony became.

The One became Three and through divine harmony stayed One. IT became the First Father, Mother and Child. The First Family. The sublime ideal and pattern for all that was to come. A continuation and growth of divine experience.

Now, the first Universe would begin. Under the perfect order of law and the power of Love the universe would begin. With Joy, God, as One and Three began.

In the center of Creation Parasides lay. Near it shone Chul.

Mother PotenVolm made ready to receive into Her Sacred Self the expressions of power that were to come.

The Eternal Child applied IT’s God Mind to the order of it.

Father God released the power and sent it forth in the making of things. In Balance came these things.

Love flowed through all these events and things.

New Suns blazed into bright light.

New worlds settled in order around them.

Personalities filled wondrous beings upon them.

The Song of the Spheres began.

Love begat Love.

Joy begat Joy.

Havona began and would be Eternal.

God saw all this and knew it to be good. They felt the goodness of this.

This perfect universe full of perfect beings. A universe in which all Potential was fulfilled.

And again the magic of color happened. The Black of Potential was replaced by the Rainbow of Perfection.

Havona, the First Universe, became the Rainbow Universe of Perfection. Color filled the sky. Color filled the eye.

The Rainbow was LOVE. LOVE PREVAILED. Into this Celestial Sea, Destinies sailed.

But there was more to God than the establishment and enjoyment of Perfection.

There was More than this. Next Creator would need to experience imperfection and the dynamic balance between many things.

The time came for Perfection to be not a bestowal, but an attainment challenge. A thing of choice, Free Will and Work.

Endless unique personalities would decide. Given the sacred power to do so.

The time came for Perfection to be earned as imperfection was learned.

For limitations to be overcome. In this way its value to increase.

Perfection the endless learning. The experience without end.

Imperfection, that Final Endless Knowing, was to be earned and kept by Crea.

The journey beyond Perfection had begun.

The destiny into Crea, as hateful and unloving mindlessness of no hope to ever be perfect, would be the fire of knowledge in the Soul of ALL Souls. The source of all bad things that caused the LOVE for all good things.

New Ways to be Ever More and Better.

June 5th, 2021

I apologize for all the times that I wrote “God” instead of “GOD” and “Creator” instead of “CREATOR”. I do not do that anymore.

August 28, Hama 3, August 23, Hama 15,

“The Third Part Of The NarBar Way”

An Evolvement Toward Excellence

Why does it become?

What will it be?

Who will comprise it?

When will it come?

Where will it be?

What name will it have?

How will we know them?

Why Does It Become?

It will come because Humanity, Gaia, and Crea needs this unique expression of high excellence. Creation needs Us to become More and Better. Creation is about becoming More and Better. Excellence will come, because Narbarism, itself, needs to reach these highest possible finite achievements that touch and gain recognition from the Morontial and Spiritual realms. It will come because certain Souls and Personalities of Mighty Spirit Composition have true leadership destinies to fulfill. It will come as a natural consequence of the cultural striving for excellence of the NarBar Way…because it is the reason for the establishment of Narbarism.

We choose to step away from some of the Ways of today’s Civilizations and build Our Own Path to a New Cultural Excellence. And this despite the Truth, that We are of the same species that has fouled Our World so! Can We do Better? Can We develop More of the Good? We shall see.

What Will It Be?

It will be a Human Family that masters or reaches high ability in ALL the worthy arts of life on Mother Earth and then pushes forward the evolution of these arts until all of Humanity enters the Age of Light and Life. These Third Part Narbari are the proven achievers that guide, at the side of other great Human, MidWayer, Melchizedek, and Angelic service bodies, mainstream Humanity to its glorious destiny… as a species that Crea, Gaia and Itself can be proud of. The Third Part of the NarBar Way will be a full-bodied Meritocracy. It will be the greatest strength and gift of Narbarism.

Tomorrow’s inspired NarBari Children will comprise it. They who follow the  Parental, Clannic, Tribal, TriSevic, Divinely Revelatoric, Planetary and Personal Best Selves,  Cultural experiences and teachings… and SURPASS the common expression of the good values, meanings and aspirations of these Seven aspects of the NarBar Way. These Children will be sought and prayed for. They will come and be known, nurtured and guided by the good NarBari People, until they take their place in The Third Part Of Narbarism. These will be the ones who have attained mastery over fear, temper, greed, apathy, negative compulsion, and unhealthy habits. These will be the good minds, hearts and voices who speak for the right way in all the expressions of Humanity. These will be the masters and evolvers of all the life skills, knowledge and correct use of these skills and knowledge. These will be the healthiest of the healthy, brightest of the intelligent and most Loving of the Caring. Maybe…just maybe…they will have earned being personally honored and blessed by Beings of the Spiritual Realm…from The Brotherhood of MidWayers of Urantia to Our Lord Michael of Nebadon Himself. They will be Loved and followed. Mighty of inspiration they will be.

Slowly it will come. In its own speed it will arrive…one Soul at a time…one step at a time. Hama 33 may see the first of them. If not, then perhaps Hama 77. Most certainly before Hama 100.

The highest potentiality of the “Where” is Northern Turtle Island, the birth place of Narbarism. But when they emerge they will go to the harshest places of Mother Earth to build Paradises of Earth. Their talents will be wasted in tamer realms and life zones. 

The Third Part Of Narbarism will name itself.

You can know them by comparing them to the highest standards of the NarBar Way and also to the highest standards of Other Human Ways as well. When they are found not wanting in the fulfillment of these standards and seem to begin to surpass them, then they will be judged by higher beings and established as what they are.

Respectfully presented,    DAN 1 “First Seedbearer of Narbarism”

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