Electric Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

To be able to Live the Nomad Life in an electric four wheel drive vehicle, is a dream of many.

The development of wheels with the electric motors attached, is a big step toward the fulfillment of this dream.

To me the ideal realization of this dream, would be for the nomad to design and build this machine themselves…including the motors and batteries. This would enable the builder/operator to understand the principles and construction of their rig, so that they can repair and modify it as needed. I also believe that a wood frame would be strong enough. It could be reinforced with steel, or bronze, components, if necessary.

It probably should be capable of 60 miles per hour, with a range of 100 highway miles at this speed.

It should be roomy enough to provide rest, cooking and maybe toilet space for two.

It should be capable of battery quick change (see following article here), AC recharging and solar panel recharging.


The Quick Change Battery Project.

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