Evolutionary Nomadic New Tribalism

“If It Is Alive and Living, It is Evolving or devolving”

Ahhh…a genuine New Tribe Nomadic Reality for me to learn from. With good communications too.

It came as a wonderful surprise when I discovered on “You Tube” that there has long been an Evolutionary Path Of Nomadic New Tribalism. Somehow, since my beginnings, back in 1963, I didn’t realize and understand, that there was a naturally occurring development of a Nomadic Lifestyle in the United States Of America.

I was so focused on studying Old Tribalism and developing imaginative paths for the design of Visionary New Tribalism, that I overlooked what was actually happening in Our Nation.

I was only seeing some of the “Living New Tribalism”, in the clubs, gangs and special settlements (communes of the 60’s) of the disenchanted and disenfranchised. I wasn’t seeing the Nomads Of Our Roads and Boonies, when they were still relatively few. Or, at least I didn’t catch on to their significance.

It is only this year (2019 – Hama 19) that I discovered the full blown movement, so ably promoted by “Inspiration Leader Bob Wells” that numbered in the thousands. I had always thought that these “Rubber Tire Nomads” were vacationers and, indeed, some of them were. But what I wasn’t seeing was that many of them were “out there” all the time. The roads and boonies was their Home.

And they have a “Planetary Electric Gher” where they can be reached:

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How exciting it was to me, when I suddenly realized the Truth of this matter. Much of what I had Hoped For was already happening. It was a Living Thing, not just a Theoretical Thing. And that “Living Thing” was actually starting to work with many of the Ideas that I cherished about all this. my perceptions of imagination were being tested in Real Living Life!

There are perceptions, as to extent, about the meanings associated with the term “Nomad”.

There is a struggle of Morals and Values.

There is the seeking of Balance between Being Alone With Nature and Socializing with Others of Kindred Spirit.

There are actual and theoretical, Ideas of modes of Nomadic transportation and the shared knowledge about the benefits and problems with these. There has even been some mention of electric vehicles and the problems and possibilities with these.


I imagined this “WherGher” a long time ago.

I haven’t been this thrilled since I discovered reborn “Horse Archery”, the visionary dream of Kassai Lajos of the Magyars of Hungary…a still Living People of the Old Tribalism, in the Western Steppes of Asia.

What my recent discovery means to me (for me) is that I now have a Life Zone to test the Ideas that have come through me about the New Tribalism. I will make contact with these New Many. I will learn from them and do what I can for them, as I finish my final days here on Urth.

Thank You CREA! I sensed that Kindred was out there. All I needed to do was find them.


“Out Of The Light and The Darkness of Entrenched Capitalist Empire the New Tribalism Comes”

The Capitalist American Empire is a powerful whirlwind blend of “Light Things” (Good Things) and dark things (bad things).

America was intended, as all Good Things are, to be a “Free Nation Under God” and a “Land Of Opportunity”. But these General National Virtues have taken on sinister implications.

Many of America’s Founding Fathers intentionally left the defining parameters of “Freedom” and “Opportunity” open to how future generations of Citizens would interpret and practice them. Our Nation would Evolve…trusting in the guidance of the “Unseen Hand” of Providence, or God. Maybe the Founding Fathers felt that to begin defining the parameters of Decency for Freedom and Opportunity, would be to diminish the exultation of the Spirit of these, once won. They didn’t want to rain on their own parade. so, they decided to Trust The People, to do the right thing, as We Lived and Breathed and Worked, in the powerful NOW that builds the Future.

This may have been a mistake. From a True Moral viewpoint, a mistake. The Founding Fathers should have done more of the construction of Guideline Development. Too much “Free rein” was given the forces of darkness, that aggressively seized the opportunity to take advantage of Our new version of empire culture and build personal domination and control over gentler and more Trusting American People. Nature, especially Evolutionary, or devolutionary Nature, would take its course. There will be “ups” and “downs”.

Perhaps the Founding Fathers realized this Truth and deemed it inevitable…and so Wisely left this phenomena alone to pursue their own Dreams of Personal Prosperity and Success. The Evolutionary Laws Of GOD will not be denied. The struggle and process for America to become the “Best It Can Be”, was not “interfered” with. The “American Founding Fathers” did give some advice and attempted some Moral Guidance, but had to “Let Nature Take Its Course”.

So. Here We are. The “United States Of America” has become a Mammonite Powerhouse in the world and is using Its wealth and power to continue its empire direction. This has been resisted by the few Conscientious Citizens, that see the wrongs done and desire to see Our Nation change for the Better. But they have only been able to maintain their Truths in small and isolated pockets, and this enables the dark forces of greed to use this “resistance” as stress producing scapegoat, that furthers the control of We The People through fear.

This domination by darkness, because it is counter Evolutionary (in the ultimate positive sense of this GOD Way of the dominion of Superior Morality over wealth and power), will “decay” from within and be washed away in the Rising Light of a Good Heart and Mind People, who will finally learn and understand their Moral Sacred Responsibility as the Evolutionary Children Of GOD. The True Meanings Of “Freedom” and “Opportunity” will become the ‘Standards Of Decency” that will guide Us into Our Real Destiny.

Meanwhile, We continue to Think, Realize and Test, that which holds Us back. Every effort brings a Moral Learning. All this is part of our Education as to what is Good and what is bad…and How We reduce the bad and increase the Good. This IS what has happened since the “beginning”. We ARE Better than We were thousands of years ago…a little better.

All that We now are and all that We have built, is a reflection of our Evolutionary State. We build cities and these reflect Our take and hold mentality. Where the cities are is where Our take and hold mentality is the strongest. Outward from those, is the regions of support that is the next strongest reflection of Our take and hold mentality. These support regions extend deep into Wilderness, in the taking of resources.

The “darkness” of this is in the insatiability of it. The no limits mind set that brings exhaustion and depletion…and, ultimately, a devolutionary lessening of the Quality Of Life.

As We increasingly experience this “lessening of the Quality of Life”, We will learn what is necessary, in the Ways of Our Kind, to reverse the “downward” spiral and begin to produce the Good Ways Of Living, that enables Us to Rise to become “More and Better”.

We need to make Better Use of Our Individuality. The best use of Individuality is when it has become a vital and positive part of a Social Construct…when Individuals learn the best ways to cooperate with Other Individuals for the sake and Mutual Reinforcement of all…or “most”.

This Truth gets lost in the teeming exploited masses that are the result of a lack of Moral Insight and the manipulations of the “takers” and “holders”. It is smaller social constructs that can break Free of this quagmire of  “too many”, “too far” and “too much”.

Some of the Individuals that compete with Individuals as an accepted way of Life, might suddenly see More and Better in some Thinking and acts, of Cooperation. Some might come to realize the possibilities and potentials of Better ways Of Life and begin to want to try these…to give these a chance to be proven. These relative few will find ways to escape the strength draining maelstrom of the Mammonite Way and I have recently come to understand that this will be done by using some of the power of “Inferior Capitalism” to break free, enough, to try Better Ways Of Living Better Lives..

It is small groups that can (and have) achieved this. (small compared to the huge populations that they come out of)

It is “small groups” (Families) that build secluded “Off Grid Homes” in what is left of Wilderness. These still practice the take and hold mindset, that they have Lived in all their Lives. But they do show Us that more Freedom can be attained from the new world order darkness of manipulation and control.

It is larger small groups (groups comprised of Individuals and Families) that also go into, or toward, Rural, or Wilderness, areas, to build little self-sustaining communities. The more successful (“self sustaining”) of these have found ways to produce some product that is valuable to the larger society that they came out of. But these too, practice take and hold principles. But these also develop a better understanding of ways to cooperate with others, within their social structure. They also seem to develop a better sense of “Good Enough” in the daily needs of their life. They find that they can be happy with much less of the non-essential “phoof” (less wealth and waste) of present day Capitalism. This usually provides a better sense of Freedom.

Then there is the Individuals that “leave society” and attempt (with various degrees of success) to be and Live, alone. This type is often seen as “Rugged Individuals” and can be very Individualistic, in their relationships to other People. Some of these “dig in”, in out of the way secret places and only contact other Human Beings when they need something (usually some product) to make their Life Better, or they need a bit of Human Contact to promote psychological health.

These three social modes of New Tribalism are mostly sedentary, staying mostly in one place. They usually practice the Mammonite Parent Culture, of “take” and “hold” more lightly and gently. They are not “Nomadic” in the Truest sense of the term.

True Nomadism practices Life and Living in two basic ways. These two ways are “The Herders” and the “Break Frees”.

In the United States Of America, the only True Herders are some of the Original Peoples of the “Southwest” (Navajo, Zuni, Pueblo, Apache, Ute, Shoshone, etc.) True Herding is still practiced within the confines of these People’s reservations…and to some extent on “Federal Lands” managed by the “Department of National Forests” and the “Bureau of Land Management”…both under the over supervision of the “Department Of the Interior”. These Original Peoples, for the most part, actually follow their herds of Sheep and Cattle, on Horseback, or “All Terrain Vehicles”.

There are some Mammonite Ranchers, that leave the confines of their barbwire fences and turn their Livestock loose on Federal (Public) Lands, but these tend to not stick with their herds, like True Nomadic Herders. They mostly go Home very night to their ranch houses. These have left the traditions of their Free Range Fore-Fathers, due to the arrival of land hungry Farmers that caused the “Cow Boys” to begin the empire’s “take and hold” practices, in order to survive and continue to raise meat for American Tables.

The “Break Frees” are the second expression of True Nomadism in America. On “the surface” these appear to be a more recent cultural development, but actually have “roots” in the various movements and lore, of America’s “Mountain Men”, “Frontiersmen”, “Explorers”, “Pioneers”, “Migrants” and “Desperados”. Of these, the “Migrants” were the least in motion, because they were mostly “Settlers”.

Today, the “Break Frees” are sprinkled among the other pseudo-nomads of “Rubber Tire” Vacationers, Seasonal Explorers (“Snow Geese”) and Mercantilic Travelers…of many wealth and power class levels.

The one sign of a True Break Free is that they do not have a “stick and stone” domicile to go to. They Live exclusively in their many different kinds of transportation. These “kinds” range from small car (or pickup truck) and tent combinations, to huge Class A Buses and Trucks. All the various types of transportations is a source of fascination in itself.

The “Break Free Nomads Of America”, when they are not “gathered” in Caravans and several different Rendezvous events, can be found all over the United States, but primarily in the Western Parts of the Nation. They tend to practice “Isolationist Individualism” in remote places, but at least a few have given themselves to the Social Organization of the “Break Frees” in order to benefit from the Mutualistic Strengths that comes with a Good Cooperation System of Moral and Highly Motivated Individuals. THESE EXIST! They are Living and Doing Good everyday. They are helping many People to enter the Happiness stimulating and Rewarding, “Break Free Nomadic lifestyle”.

This is ongoing and Evolving. The Life Skills of organization and maintenance are increasing…as more and more Individuals of Nomadic Good Heart and Mind step up to add their Personal Strengths to this “Nomadic Branch of the New Tribal Movement Of A Better Humanity Of Urth”.

Out of the most powerful empire that Our World has ever known, this Movement Rises! Many of the Evolved Strengths of Our Nation are being re-evaluated, redesigned and re-applied to the Good Health and Life of the Freedom Loving, but Very Moral, Children that the “Break Free Nomads” desire to be.

What a discovery this was for me!


To be continued



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