“Hama” is the Narbarian word for “Hope”. The “HamaNar” (Narbarians Of Hope), ideally, would be a People having Hope for More and Better…for themselves and for all of Humanity. These might be the “First” of the Narbarian Tribes.

The Hope for “More” bringing additional success in promoting Evolution within the context and parameters of what Creator wants and needs from Us…as far as We know this to be. In this, We recognize that Our Efforts are critical and We believe that there will be a “Hidden Helping Hand” that comes to Us and assists Us in Our Evolutionary Endeavor…which is also one of Our Hopes.

The Hope for “Better” is realized in the sense of reaching and adopting knowledge and behaviors that are conducive to stronger and stronger bonds of mutual Trust and Love between members of the tribe.

We Hope for a Balance between Prosperity and “excessive wealth”.

We Hope for Prosperity to come from the products made by Our Minds and Hands.

We Hope for a high degree of Fairness in all Our Transactions, so that everyone can feel satisfied…even Happy.

We Hope to be unseen by those who would be violent to Us.

We Hope to inspire Others to want the Ways Of Goodness…True Goodness…the Goodness of Mutual Benefit…the Goodness of Appreciation of Positive Uniqueness.

We Hope for the Wisdom of Individuals to enable Us to form True Democracy of as much Participation in deciding the Ways Of Our Tribe.

We Hope to escape as much disease as We can.

We Hope to avoid bloodshed, as much as We can…to be a Living part of an increasingly Peaceful World.

We Hope for so much More.

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