It Is “Better” To Keep One’s Word To Each Other.

The Beginnings Of The Philosophy and Designs Of The HamaNar Tribe Construct.

If you say you will do something, be sure to do it!

But be very careful about saying you will do something…or “try” to do something. Know your limitations and do not expect too much. Know what would be too much.

Be willing and prepared to give, to a need, an equal effort toward its fulfillment. Never ask another to do what you cannot, or are unwilling to do yourself. “Help”, in the fulfillment of a “need”, is in addition to your own efforts. The “Spirit” of this being: “What One can do, two can do Better.”

Make sure that one understands , correctly, what is needed and committed to. The receiver, or requestor, of the effort, has a responsibility to make sure the “need” is clearly understood. Having witnesses to the agreement is a good idea.

And understand that there are good reasons why one’s word is not kept…sometimes. Don’t expect “Perfection”…be prepared to accept a reasonable effort and partial success, in the fulfillment of a need. Be temporarily content at all progress and find ways to further expedite the fulfillment of a need. Build on successes.

Keeping one’s word to each other, is the core of the Mutual Trust that HamaNar Individuals have in each other…which is the inner strength of the HamaNar People.

If one forgets what one’s word is, or was, then a gentle and reasonable reminder is called for.

If one has a “change of mind” about a commitment in one’s word, then a renewed discussion and shared contemplation is in order. Don’t just change your mind about what you have previously agreed to and not say anything about it. That is unfair and therefore immoral. not good ingredients for the establishment and maintenance of a new tribe.

It is in the initial, formative stages of a new tribe that it is of critical importance to establish the moral codes and behaviors. Later, as Children are born to the tribe, it becomes easier for the tribe to keep strong it’s values…of which is what the Children have always experienced and known.


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