The “HamaNar”, The First Narbarian Tribe… A Vision In Progress.

Coming soon. The “Rising” of the “People Of Hope”.

“Rising” in my imagination anyway.

I imagine two People finding each other, that share some essential moral Values. These two inspire each other to renew their Thoughts and find ways to apply them to a social construct that provides a platform for others of similar mindedness to colonize and build into a supreme example of Group Evolution for Humanity. The working Idea here, to make this special group Better and Better.

There has to be agreement on just what is meant by “Better”…in this tribal context.

“Better” would have to include a strong sense of Right over wrong. And a careful exploration and application of Right over wrong. No easy matter, but could be well worth the effort. Worth it for the participants of this New Tribe Group, who all want “Right over wrong, and worth it for Humanity in general.

Since a group, or social construct, should have a operational philosophy that guides it in its changes from the old to the new, as Evolution toward More and Better, then I will start here with what I have Thought of so far. But if a philosophy, for a living tribal path and Evolvement, has to be dynamic and of sensible wide spectrum, then I will always keep in Mind that it is those that subsequently engage in this experiment, that will be the true instrument of Evolutionary Change…that comes with Tribal Growth.

I submit the following, that I have thus far developed:


“Narbarian Philosophy”
A Second Try At Starting This Construction Of Culture Task.

Part One: That Which Was Written Before.

Narbarism, as a new culture of old and “new” elements, is the real and outward expression of Narbarian Thought…which I will again attempt to write about here. I say “again” because I had made a previous attempt sometime in Hama 1 (2001), but seemingly lost it in computer down time in subsequent years.

In the first attempt at organizing Narbarian thinking as a philosophy, which I seem to have lost in the Living of Middle Class American Life, I had begun with where Narbarian Spiritual Beliefs and Narbarian Mythology; (with its examples of morality and ethics expressed as history, pre-history, or fantasy stories.), began to influence my life. These Spiritual Beliefs began to enter my personal reality and express “themselves” in my day to day life and thinking. “They”, (Narbarian Spiritual Beliefs and Mythology) found expression in creed and day to day decisions regarding the vicissitudes and happinesses of my life. By “Creed” I mean the little axioms or rules of thumb, such as “The Golden Rule”, that I have adopted as guidelines, for living with good heart and mind. Narbarian Creed is written in another article…and is also Evolving.

I had addressed concepts of good thought and living such as, “balance”, equitability between members of the Human Species, self limitation in deference to the larger “Potential Of Good” picture” of planetary life, and some of the “higher” teachings revealed, held and shared by the “best” of Our Species on Mother Earth. A couple of examples of these higher teachings would be the Golden Rule, (which appears to be a Creation Law For The Successful Interrelationships Of Personalities.), and the Ten Commandments which has come down to Us through time from the Judeo/Christian Traditions derived from even more ancient times. I will write of these things again as this work progresses.

I would also write about “The Commons” and its relationship with “Private Property”. Seeking ways to reconcile these two , seemingly opposed concepts of Life and Rights.

The Golden Rule

I remember how difficult, I found it to be, to find a profound starting concept for Narbarian Philosophy. So many concepts are worthy, that I became confused and finally decided to start anywhere. I chose the “Golden Rule”. (A concise expression of fairness to as many as possible, is not too bad a start after all…because it is perhaps the finest and wisest Evolutionary rule, law or axiom conceived and formulated by Humanity. All “good” Human Law that follows the Golden Rule can be seen to smoothly flow from it, or be comfortably tucked within it. All “Good Laws” have their beginning in the “Golden Rule”.

Part of the Golden Rule’s greatness is its origin and harmony with Creation Laws of Higher Orders of Spiritual Life. You might say it was a manifestation that enables a way to do Better than Natural Law. It represents the Spiritual Power to successfully use Natural Law as foundation to rise to and in, Creation Law…as It pertains to the Familyhood Of Sentient Beings. The Golden Rule and the feeling of the presence of God in most of Us, proves Our ability to transcend Natural Law, (when the Golden Rule calls for this…when it become right to do so.) ”Mercy”, (Loving Thy Enemies and such) transcends Natural Law. As long as We are finite and material beings, We will be part of Natural Law, but, at the same time, We also learn to Live by Creation Law, which is the Evolution of Our Relationships, as the Children Of Creator.

The Golden Rule is very worthy, as a foundational philosophical precept, to live by. It is the beginning of Our Evolution into the Higher and Stronger Self Governance that assumes control of Our Lives, as We leave the Material Realm in Our Back to Source Journey…Our True and Happy Destiny in Creation.

The “Golden Rule” has been expressed many ways, but my favorite version is:

“Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.”

This would include:

If you want others to treat you with courtesy, be courteous to others.
If you want others to treat you with kindness, be kind to others.
If you want to be respected, be respectful.

If you need Mercy, be sure you were Merciful to Others.

Primarily, the Golden Rule, is based on what One has earned. And it is also dependent on those of Us who embrace it’s Idea. It is not practiced by those who do not believe in it. These can only receive the benefits of the Golden Rule, but should not be expected to give of it in return. They are a “One Way Street”, so to speak…an unbalanced and undesirable thing, that is usually non-conducive to Evolution. The Golden Rule best works for those that Live by it.

Of course, these expressions of the Golden Rule require a great “understanding” of who, what, when, where and why. Jesus Of Nazereth taught Us to be Merciful, but didn’t indicate if there might be an exception to this divine concept. I sense there might well be. To allow certain things to continue, once manifested, is unwise and invites sorrow. When Creational Law, that the Golden Rule is part of, cannot be used, due to the lack of participation in it by all concerned, then Natural Law is reverted to.

The Golden Rule does not guarantee that you will always be treated like you need and want to be treated, but it does show the way to a correct good start in almost all relationships. The problem is that all Human Beings do not live by this rule. Too many individuals want more than they have earned…want something they are not willing to give. These individuals are not evolved in Spirit and mind enough yet and are a constant test and challenge to those who are. A “test” to determine the strength of adherence and Wisdom, by those that are participants.

One does well to live by the Golden Rule, whether others do or not. One does, because it is the Better way to be. Reciprocity is a bonus reward that comes from it. It becomes part of the superior armor of an Evolutionarily Advanced Individual in his or her quest to be good example. Some showing others the way is part of “the program”. The “Evolutionarily Advanced Individual”, often becomes a victim, but is rewarded for Faith as their Scared Journey continues.

It isn’t always easy. But attaining personal and cultural strength is not supposed to be easy. Part of Our Evolutionary lessons is not only the gaining of strength, but the best application of it as well. The Golden Rule shows the mindset required. And Jesus has even expanded on it when he said to “turn the other cheek”. How many times one can turn the other cheek to an attack on oneself, is a mark of strength…or stupidity.

Turning The Other Cheek.

Common sense has to be used in this. If the blow is words, one only has to not let those words enrage you. Only your mastery of your ego is being tested here. Hold your temper in check. Respond with poise and well-considered words…or not at all.

But if the blow is a hand, other things have to be considered. You have to decide if the blow is capable of permanently harming you. Some are. Studying martial arts can be helpful in developing the ability to determine if a blow will harm you. Then We have to decide if We can absorb it or not. If you successfully absorb the blow, then you have to decide if you can absorb another one. If you do absorb the second blow, this brings you into pragmatic obedience with Jesus’ instructions. If this obedience to Our God, brings Peaceful Inspiration to them that strike, then a new basis for the settling of differences has been formed. And a new potential for reason and fairness has been actuated.

It might take more than the second blow for Peaceful Inspiration to become. In some anger lasts longer than in others.

But if the accepted second blow only quickens tendencies of sadistic character and the “striker” seems to enjoy their power, you gave them, then I cannot advise allowing the punishment to continue.

Jesus said to turn the other cheek. We only have two cheeks, where blows from adversaries usually land. Jesus said nothing about continuing indefinitely to allow this treatment of your temple. Absorbing three or more blows is entirely up to you.

It is a good sign that the open hand is used. Beware the fist…and a shift to another part of your personal temple.

But remember, there is always the chance that the first blow could kill you. It may not land on the cheek, but instead become a fist or knife hand to the neck or temple. To obey Jesus you have to take a chance…you have to risk your life. Do you think your adversary would be content to slap your cheek?

It would help very much to know your adversary. All you can about them. But this cannot always be the case.

Are his or her hands empty? Or do they hold a weapon? As far as I know, Jesus did not say to let someone kill you. If the situation is that serious, then you would revert to Natural Law and Human Law that allows “Self-Defence”. Creation Law might agree here, but I don’t yet know this. Survival and self-defense can become the dominant realities of finite life.

Imagining Some Basic But Extremely Powerful Things In Creation That Are Important To The Construction Of This Philosophy.

Each “stage” of Our Personal Evolution should be “milked” for all it is worth. This prepares One for the best possible start in the next stage.

I will begin this new culture philosophy with my humble imagining of that which is as ancient as the first planetary world ever made in Creation. Not the first star ever made, mind you, but its very first planet. (The one that bore life and a species like, or similar to, Us as its ultimate life form.)

My understanding of this “first world” is mere speculation. Speculation based on what I have experienced and observed here on Earth, in my lifetime. Methinks, this first sentient species inhabited world, was the forerunner and the “Creational Pattern” for trillions of similar worlds that followed it in time and space. It was the first life support sphere to be Created out of Creational Law and the subsequent “reality” expression of that law. It was the beginning of “Natural Law”. Let me explain a bit about what I mean by “Creational Pattern”. This is only my personal opinion of course.

Creational Pattern is the mold and the expression of infinite reality and the laws of Infinite Reality that emanate from the Creational Process, We are aware of as Creation. A Creator willed Creation and arrived at a point in time and space where ITS Laws, (Laws of Thought, Energy and Power), became expressed as Infinite Reality…Reality in Time and Space. The first Creations of Infinite Reality, if deemed successful by Creator, were established as patterns. These patterns could be used again and again, infinitely, if Creator so chose to do so. But here was a twist to this action.

The “Infinite Patterns”, (or “Patterns Of Infinity”, or “Creational Patterns”.), perhaps expressed the Ideal or Perfection of that particular manifestation. An Ideal Essence had been successfully generated within each one. It could not Evolve More without becoming something else and would not devolve because it was protected from this by Creator.

A Creational Pattern will never change unless Creator Wills it so. It is an item for newer Creations to be compared with, not only as a way to gauge value, but as an initial example that was Created at a particular time. Presumably a “Perfect” thing, but with a Potential to become even More Perfect. Maybe?

What is made in the Image Of Creational Pattern, in Finite Existence, (Time and Space), will be imperfect, less than the Ideal and will Evolve toward the Best Example of the Creational Pattern. Each instance and expression of this imperfect Finite duplication of the Perfect Creational Pattern is unique and never occurs more than once in all Creation. The Creational Pattern is repeatedly imitated but never duplicated in the same way twice. Every planet in Creation is unique.

Creator has ITS reasons for doing this, in this particular way.

All manifestations of Creation in the Finite Realm contains sameness’s, similarities, diversities and/or deviations from Creational Pattern.

The First Inhabited World was a near perfect One. It never had the imperfections of death and disease…of cruelty and error of every kind. It was a world of Love and Eternal Happiness…all need for and awareness of, the less than perfect  existed there. Never will.

As a Narbarian of the Humanity Of Urth, I try, as I Live my daily Life, to imagine what I should do to be worthy of the perfect world We are patterned after. What should I do to best approximate the decisions and behavior of the inhabitants of that Ideal Changeless World?

Of course, I am at a disadvantage in this “quest”. They were always Perfect and I began as very imperfect. A mix of the lesser and More if you will…the not good and Better.

Of course, the inhabitants of the Changeless Pattern World never had the challenges that We face, in each other, here. Or have they? Maybe they Evolved too and are only on that Changeless Pattern World, in Service, as Good Example? As replacements, trained in the applications of this particular service, arrive, the ones before them continue on in their Eternal Careers…Continuing toward the Creational Milestone of the “Corps Of The Finality”.

To Be Continued

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