The “HamaNar”, The First Narbarian Tribe… A Vision In Progress.

Coming soon. The “Rising” of the “People Of Hope”.

“Rising” in my imagination anyway.

I imagine two People finding each other, that share some essential moral Values. These two inspire each other to renew their Thoughts and find ways to apply them to a social construct that provides a platform for others of similar mindedness to colonize and build into a supreme example of Group Evolution for Humanity. The working Idea here, to make this special group Better and Better.

I say “Group” because of the overlap of style and meaning in the different kinds of Social Constructs that Humanity has made and might yet make.

There are similarities and dis-similarities in the different kinds of “groups”.

A “Gathering Of Friends” with common interests and higher than normal regard for each other will instinctively come to various sorts of agreements as to how they will conduct their meetings. The impulse to form “clicks” will manifest itself through the extra appreciation that some Individuals have for each other, but this will not become an irritating issue if the “Gathering Of Friends” does not become too numerous. I would think that the higher the regard for each other, the more numerous this kind of group could be…before lines of association division begin to appear in the structure.

The “HamaNar” Tribe of the Narbarian Way, has not even achieved this level of interest yet. This is due to the “infancy” of Formal New Tribal Thought Systems and the “recluse” mentality of Dan 1. I don’t talk about this to just anyone. I consider it more efficient to write about this, than waste time and energy in trying to discuss it with Humans that could care less about New Tribalism Possibilities and Potentials. Narbarism is my own little mostly make believe world. The only reality of it being in the few arts and crafts items I have made to help demonstrate Narbarian Culture.

A “Club”, devoted to some specific mutual interest, or interests, would have to work harder to maintain cohesion and lastingness. The “mutual regard” would probably not be as strong a cohesion force, so “Mutual Agreement for Good Reasons”*, would have to take over. Again, especially as the “Club” becomes numerous. The more Souls and Minds that try to form a Common Bond, the harder they need to work on as much of Mutual Agreement as would be possible.

The primary purpose of “The Club” approach, is the “testing of the waters of community formation and solidarity and Best Living Location discovery”. The Club is a “Scouting” exercise

*”Mutual Agreement” is an art form, that can become very exacting and demanding, even with “Agrees To Disagree” emerging as a kind of moderator and stabilizer within the “Club”. There will be no such thing as a Perfect Mutual Agreement, because Individual Entities all have a unique and special vibration, that causes at least subtle differences in perception and viewpoints. The goal is not “Perfection Of Agreement”, but rather to achieve as close a semblance of that, that might be done for the sake of Many (the “Most” of Members). One has to learn to be content, even Happy, with “As Much Agreement As Practically Possible Within A Lifetime That Is Subject To Constant Change”. Let’s just call this “Strong Agreement”. This puts Us on the “Right Path” in this cause and will help greatly in Our Endeavors to become More and Better…as Individuals and as a Unique Tribal People.

There will not always be “Strong Mutual Agreement”. Disagreement is the rugged mental and emotional terrain that provides challenging and healthy exploration of “Difference”. It will be harder to agree on some things than others. The more an Individual relates to a situation, circumstance, or issue, the more they will tend not to want to alter their position on it. It takes training and practice to be able to explore outside of one’s own bias, in order to determine the possibility that One’s position might be improved…made Better…through compromise.

A “Society of a Particular Class, or Specialization” (moieties, guilds, unions, corporations) These social formations are based on mutual interests (usually economic) and Individual skill sets and the perception that it is important, even necessary, to bond together for mutual solidarity and protection from threats to the continued vitality of the skills and the profitability of the use of the skills.

These social structures tend to be exclusive and try to adhere to standards of expression and use…usually to ensure prosperity.

Narbarian Tribal Structures will probably not be of this kind.

“The Weekend Tribe”. Where the “Club” actually attempts to Live the proposed cultural design. In the case of the Narbarian “HamaNar” People the mode of dwelling would probably be the vehicle (preferably an electric vehicle) that is already being used in the New American Nomadism of the “BobWellites”. I could be wrong, but I see the “HamaNar” as being Nomadic. Covering Distance can be useful for survival of the group that travels as small Caravans, from time to time. Seasonal considerations should be undertaken, if the “HamaNar” are to practice “Flow Water Gardening” (and collected water gardening) for Food Production. The Members spreading over distance can increase the opportunity for the location of suitable streams for this Survival and Life Technique. Rotation of the Caravans, to the different gardening locations, can help avoid the boredom of being in one place too long. Of course, by the time that such gardens are established, the “Weekend Tribe” would evolve into full time tribal structure and activity.

This Pragmatic Evolution would be the actual beginning, in reality, of the “HamaNar”, as a fully functioning New Tribe Construct.

This New Tribe is intended to be “Better”, as in More Moral and Peaceful, Happier and less harmful to the environment…than the Capitalist and Oligarchic, Nation States that emerged from the Industrial Revolution and built the foundation for the Digital Technology Age, that We have entered. Even though the “HamaNar” would not live the same lifestyles of the huge nation states, It is nonetheless cognizant of the contribution these have made to the New Tribe beginning.

There has to be agreement on just what is meant by “Better”…in this tribal context.

“Better” would have to include a strong sense of Right over wrong. And a careful exploration and application of Right over wrong. No easy matter, but could be well worth the effort. Again, recognition of the tremendous amount of Philosophical Work done by the Big Nations is appropriate. Worth it for the participants of this New Tribe Group, who all want “Right over wrong”, and worth it for Evolving Humanity in general.

Since a group, or social construct, should have a operational philosophy that guides it in its changes from the old to the new, as Evolution toward More and Better, then I will start here with what I have Thought of so far. But if a philosophy, for a living tribal path and Evolvement, has to be dynamic and of sensible wide spectrum, then I will always keep in Mind that it is those that subsequently engage in this experiment, that will be the true instrument of Evolutionary Change…that comes with Tribal Growth.

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