Humanus Evolvus – Nomadus

A Tale Begun That Will Be Told.

Nomads Are Us. Some more than Others. A Human just can’t stay in one place all the time. Unless they are constrained.

Even Our Settlements are places to go to.

When enough of Us, of “The Embodied”, had Evolved enough, as Planetary Species, to be allowed to study Our Akashik records, the result was three billion inspired and thrilled Urantian Humans undertaking the greatest adventure of Human History.

Movement and Distance was part of Our Material Realm Heritage. So was the brave exploration of the unknown.

The “Diamond Horde”, “Humanus Evolvus – Nomadus”, swarmed outward from Urth’s blue, light filled skies and immersed Itself in the Star sown vastness of CREATION.

Eventually, a Great Peace, never before experienced in the History Of Humanity, was left after the quest flow of millions of space vehicles had disappeared into the Heavens…over a hundred year period. The Great Outward Bound Migration of Humanity was saturated with Courage and Determination.

The strange silence that came upon the last of these launchings, felt, but hard to believe , by the millions of Urth Children that stayed with their Planetary Mother, was, at first, frightening. The first sounds of Happiness began with Bird Song and the flutter of Butterfly wings in the gentle, Flower sweetened, breezes. The world called Urth was tired and now could rest. The wealth and power of the Corporations were exhausted to the venture. Company sized manufacturing of the Needs of Life were maintained and Farms became a thing for Families again. Cities with reduced populations had a hollow sound…echoes of crowded times before.

The “Great Corridor” was able to expand and branch out more.

Major elements of two powerful kinds of Humans had left Our World:

The First to leave and lead the way, in 2230, were the “Mammonite” seekers of wealth and power. Those who worshipped wealth, power and selfishness. It became their quest to glean the wealth and power from the Galaxies and Universes. Armed with “Artificial Intelligence” and their conquering spirit, these little “e” elite relative few, with their conned minions, established a colony on the Moon and from there began the rush to extract mineral resources from the planets, moons and meteors of the Sol Solar System. This treasure was sent to Urth.

Soon, the cities of Urth could not absorb all that was taken and brought in from outer space. More came than could be utilized.

The Mammonites began to build new cities; on planetary bodies and in space. They had to build new production facilities in their Capitalist Systems. At first on Our Moon, then other Moons and a couple of the planets. The Mammonites and their Artificial Intelligence gradually lost interest in the planet of their origin…though some did do pilgrimage and vacation there.

They had, for the most part, let go of consumerism, in favor of Artificial Intelligence and competitively amassing digitally credited and actual hoarded wealth. By doing this they got rid of a lot of the problems associated with the control of Organic Intelligence Free Will Creatures (Us) and could build their power with high automation and obedient robots of many kinds. This digital system became more and more self maintaining and perpetuating. The goal for monopoly, led, through stress and war, to the reduction of their numbers.

A few of the Human Worker Class, the very intelligent, but Morally deficient ones who embraced the perversion of the “Prosperity Quest”, went with the Mammonites. At first these were treated well by the “Controllers”, but as the “A.I.” grew stronger, these Humans either won a place in the elite class structure, or were enslaved. They became pets, or toys to play with. Some found their way back Home. Many frozen bodies floated among the Stars.

At first, some of the “Controllers” had to be “dealt with” repeatedly, as they sought to conquer Urth and exploit Humanity”. They did much harm on Our World, but were gradually eliminated by their exploitive and competitive, own kind…who considered it “weak” and “foolish” to bother with one tired old world, when millions more, new and fresh were waiting to be “taken”.

Fifty years after the departure of the “prosperity worshipers”, the second kind, also possessing artificial intelligence and an adventurous spirit, began to leave Our World. Again, as had happened in Humanity’s History before, these bold adventurous elements began to pull ahead of the corporatists and lead the way beyond the Sol Solar System…for the sake of the journey….for the pride of the adventure.

For the first time, True Nomads and Empire Builders, found common cause that lasted until the Mammonites, slowly but finally, Evolved out of the “wealth and power for its own sake” syndrome and merged into the more lasting and fulfilling urge of Human Souls to indulge in “Discovery For Its Own Sake”. Pioneers became continuously Nomadic, as it was realized that “The Frontier” of CREATION would last Forever and would never see the last of new places and knowledge. The Idea of Wealth and Power became a tool for True Exploration and the Quest For Knowledge that came with it.

Of course, some of these would become colonists on “available” planets, or in stabilized space cities…which, in thousands of years became artificial worlds. Sometimes, one just got too old for the practice of continuous movement. Even entire cultures reached this turning point.

Inter-Planetary and Inter-Galactic Space, indeed, was the “Final Frontier”. An “Eternal Frontier” that would never come to an end. An Infinite Realm that included most of the Material, much of the “Morontial” and some of the “Spiritual Dimensions” Of CREATION. An Eternal Realm that would never stop growing in every way…in all directions. The “Finite” could get depleted in this kind of Thing.

For “The Free Nomads”, Freedom never before had achieved such immensity of meaning. Many of this kind came from “The Corridor Of Freedom” on Urth. They were those that always yearned for “Something More”… something new.

They traded their wonderful Horses for Star Steeds and their Rolling Homes for Interstellar Domiciles that approached the speed of light. Never before had such “Human Hordes” been seen, though this kind of immense Nomadism had happened and was happening in other Children Of GOD species, since the First Universe was CREATED.

The growth of Human Civilization, the “Settled” and “The Nomadic”, became relatively boundary free, as it bid farewell to its planetary bonds and began to move inward toward SOURCE and outward to POTEMVOLM prepared “Nothingness”. Other dimensions also awaited discovery and learning.

The “Outburst Age Of Nomadism” was begun. clans were city size and tribes became more than nations. All in keeping with and compliant with, CREATION PLAN.

The recorded past of Humanity, when finally opened to Good Human Heart and Mind, inspired Us, who Loved CREATION and Movement within CREATION, to wander and explore like never before.

Not all of Us.

Many of Us chose to Live and die on Our beloved Urth. Many chose the exploration quest that reached out to endless stars and worlds. We discovered that We were not the first to do this.

At first, as We re-constructed, in “Holodek Virtual Reality” the ancient times recorded in the Akashik Record of Our Species, We were happy to reexperience these old Nomadic realities. We enjoyed walking with “Sonta En” and “Sonta An” as they led their Children and children’s Children as Hunter Gatherers in the earliest Human quest for survival. Better Game and Greener Pastures Forever.

But some of Us, of “The Great Corridor” and “Bright and Dynamic Civilizations”, came to desire More than virtual reality and felt the need for real experiences of survival…overcoming real threat and challenge to Life. Those of Us, of this need, could not make the projections real enough, so they did the only thing they could, to satisfy their yearning and migrated physically away from their Home World. Others of Us found Lives in the Corridor to be quite challenging and satisfying. Different strokes for different Folks.

Occasionally, Nomadic Humanity encountered opposition. Lessons from losses, as well as “gains” were also learned.

They found the New Realities they sought. Their lives and choices and adventures contributed to the Evolution of CREATION ITSELF. New combinations of the basic three realms of CREATION became NEW CREATIONAL REALITIES. “CREA” appreciated the energy of all this. Even enjoyed it. After all, “IT” was the Source of all of it.

“Narbarism” had a part to play too. Many Narbarians of various new tribes, were involved in what became the “Great Nomadic Migration of Humanus Evolvus – Nomadus”.

There follows, some sharing of this “part”.

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