Imaginative New Tribe Theory and Reality

“Good Theory” (That which can be proven, and used in Life and Living, in the dynamics of Evolutionary Life and Living) is a preliminary guideline of Ideological Direction. Good Theory shows Us The Way.

But it is in the testing of Theory, that its value to Us is revealed. “Good Theory” also Evolves in that it discards that which is “Un-True”, or “Less True” in favor of “True”, or More True…More Livable in satisfying, even Happy, Ways.

Sometimes “Good Nomadic New Tribalism Theory” doesn’t achieve Reality (as in Living Reality), because it was not efficiently developed, timed and presented to the world. It never found it’s niche in the needs, or challenges, of Humanity. But these “Good Theories” could continue along in “story” (myth, legend, etc.) and possibly, eventually, become an inspiration to try and bring to Living Reality, or become an influence in the development of a new theory. that will “find it’s niche” in Human Evolution and Life On Urth.

To enable those of Us who need and want it, to be able to usefully journey face to face with vastness, or mystery, that goes further than One can see, or is discovered just behind that Tree, just around the bend in the trail, or just over “The Rise”.

It is Great that Beauty can be reexperienced over and over.

Imaginative Theory can build on Tested and Proven Theory that has been proven to be More, or less, True and suggests Additional Possibilities for the continued service of the Tested Theory. The best “Testing” occurs in the fluctuations of Life. In the testing of Life and Living, One can find “Good Theory”, as it transforms out of Imaginative Theory.

There is something else as New Tribe Theory, or Realization too. There can be “Resurrectional New Tribe Concepts, that influence theory and realization. Historical Knowledge can influence Thoughts of desirability and design in Theoretic New Tribalism. “Good Ol’ Days” thinking, with emotional hind sight emphasis, can “color” Ideas about the desired ways that New Tribes could be designed and established. For example, there is a definite trend in modern societies where the idea is being seriously entertained that it is good to reacquire knowledge of “Old Norse Culture and Religion” and Live it as well as one can…particularly as a rugged Nature compatible Individual. There are Individuals in this movement, that seem to really believe that it is a good thing to go back to old religious, or Spiritual Ways, and, in this, try to regain a lost Moral Superiority. These Men and Women intend to live the “Old Ways”, as much as they can in Our Modern World. Personally, I am interested to see what Better Morality these questors achieve in this. I am interested in learning what results might come from these Idealistic One’s quest for wealth and power. There are things to learn from “Resurrectional New Tribalism”.

I have yet to see much of this “Resurrectional New Tribalism” in American New and Living Nomadic Lifestyle. The emphasis here seems to be finding doable ways to escape the problems of living in present day capitalist culture; starting with avoidance of “rent” and its impact on relatively meager earning levels. But, I have learned that this is not the only motivation at work here. There are very expensive Nomadic Travel Units, operated by wealthy People, who could easily afford to live in “sticks and bricks” in today’s cultural centers. I hope to find out more about the motivations of this privileged group, eventually. They might only be “part time” Nomads…sallying forth out of their Home fortresses to enjoy the pleasure of travel…or alleviate boredom.

Here, in this blog page, I Hope to understand and share, the lessons that come out of the discoveries realized in the Living Evolutionary New Nomadic Lifestyle.

I am looking, in particular, for the things I would learn from the actual problems and solutions of present day “Break Free Nomad Tribal Organization Life”…as Lived by the “BobWellite” Heart Core of the Evolutionary Nomadic Movement of the New Tribe Movement, of the 21st Century.

I will try to look at, in particular, the decision demanding instances and events of this Truly Elite Core Group, within the Evolutionary Modern Nomad Movement of America:

(1) What are their daily challenges and problems and solutions?

(2) What are their immediate and long term goals? (Especially their Long Term Vision of where their “thing” is going…or should go?)

(3) How are they holding up under the strain of being on the cutting edge of this Nomadic New Tribal Evolution? (How is this Living Process affecting their attitudes and ideas?)

I have seen some ideas exchanged between them, in their web sites. It seems some of them give up the Nomadic Life and return to the “embrace” of settled community…which also produces other Lifestyle Alternatives…that are more “Socialistic”, or “Survivalistic” in nature.

Some tribal-like formations in settled communities are Family surrogate…they are replacement for failed Families, or an outlet for the restless and rebellious in Spirit that chaff at Parental Guidance and “Vested Authority” (of varied quality) These become the tribes called “gangs” and usually end up being “outlaw” and live through criminal activity. These produce followings through fear and many of their members join for protection from rival gangs. These groups usually are fairly well armed with firearms and are very territorial.

They come in various ethnicities (often racist) and sizes. The “Biker Groups” are the most mobile and sometimes travel hundreds of miles from their headquarters. If one would like to see these, they should go to Sturgis, South Dakota in August. In 2015, 739,000 bikers (many not gang members) arrived there. One could say that all these are the dark side of New Tribalism, but, of course, there is potential for some of these to become involved in Evolutionary New Tribalism.

These “wild” formations did not begin as “New Tribal Theory”, but as reactions to the failure of Capitalist Society’s realities. Compared to this reactionary element, Groups stemming from “New Tribe Theory” are very few…very rare…hard to find. One might look for these among the “Rainbow Peoples”.

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