“Introduction to A Tribal Direct Democracy Constitution” Chapter 1

A Few Things We Might Consider

How might self governance, in the form of “Direct Democracy”, work for smaller social groups? Many people Think that Direct Democracy for larger groups, such as nations, cannot work because of the complexity and “largeness” of nations. I disagree with this Idea. I think Direct Democracy can be a governance form of nations. It boils down to what The People are willing and capable, of doing. Direct Democracy could start at the Town Government level and grow from there.

I Think the Town level is where I should focus, for the remainder of my days. I use the word Town interchangeably with Tribe…to some extent. There are differences between them.

I would think, initially, that the less numerous a tribal membership, the easier it would be to arrive at consensus and majority rule in the group’s self governance and Lifestyle needs and desires. And these critical considerations should be written, once discovered and tried. Such writing could be called a “Constitution”…the writing that “constitutes” the governance aspects of a Tribal, or Town, Culture.

But a major role will be performed by outside social structures, in the interactions of these with the smaller groups trying to self govern. Some of these will be larger…stronger…but, hopefully, strong Morally. “Moral” in the aspects of willingness to “Live and Let Live” and develop and maintain certain Balances that are beneficial to all involved.

I believe Direct Democracy is very much about “Balance”. “Environmental Balance”, for example.” Balance, as in “Mutual Assistance” in The Balance of Human Relationships for each other. The “Balance Between Work and Rest” should be practiced too. Maintaining “Balances”, whether “Static”, or “Dynamic”, or even where Third Elements are a part of a Balance, are important to the establishment of a well designed and serviceable Tribal and Town, Constitution.

“Give and Take” is an essential Balance Process too. Knowing when to “Give” and when to “Take” is a Living Art Form. This is called “Compromise” and the best compromise is when most participants in a dispute are rewarded with, at least, some acquiescence to their needs. Everybody wins some and loses some, but it seems the Ideal here is when everybody is part of a “Win-Win” scenario.

One example of this Ideal Win-Win scenario, is the government facilitating a basic income for everyone. An income, Ideally Earned with Good Citizenship, that is sufficient to providing for basic needs in Life; adequate food, transportation, modest but sturdy and dependable shelter, medical care and even some educational assistance.

This basic income would provide a secure base for building a more Prosperous Life on…for those of Us who would like to do this…would like to develop a more specialized (collections?),extravagant or “stronger” lifestyle…hopefully with a social service attitude, to some degree. For example to provide good jobs and produce good products.

Probably the strongest Social Construct Constitutions are those that strongly advocate the development and maintenance of Individual Strengths…so long as these “Strengths” are beneficially utilized, to some extent, in Co-operational Service to the Tribe. Personal Strengths are sometimes poorly utilized when they become the source of Individual power over Others. But it is also True, that some Individuals should be controlled by some use of power, for the sake of the Tribe.

There are some Individuals that should not be involved in Tribal, or “Nation”, societies. They are very “weak” (in the Moral sense), when it comes to relating Justly and Fairly to Other People. These should be controlled. They can really foul up good motivations and intentions for a group. The whole tribe is responsible for the early detection of this negative kind of Individual and not letting them gain a harmful foothold in the social structure. From the Common Bully, to the Weasel Betrayer/Manipulator, these can ruin a good thing for the rest of Us.

From a Historical perspective, We seem to be slowly and painfully, Evolving away from strong leader rulership and the rule of the “few” toward the Potentially Superior “Rule Of The Truth Loving Many”. Monarchies are just about extinct, though “Dictatorships” still seem to have a lot of energy in Our Troubled Times. But these, Ideally, are increasingly replaced by Democratic and Parliamentary Governance Structures as the Intelligence of the People is nurtured and called to Good Use. This Evolutionary Process does take backward steps, but the forward momentum , in the overall thousands of years view of Ourselves Of Urth, is quite perceivable. The rule of the strongest is Evolving into the Mutualism of the Wisest Many.

Strong Leadership can be of great service to We The People, but watch out, the Strong Leader can go from benevolence  to exploitation, quickly. Try to include them.

Outgrowing Our primitive, rule of the few, Governance Systems seems to be part of this overall Evolutionary process. The strain of “The Many” eventually overwhelms the once temporarily serviceable, few over the Many, governance designs; either bringing collapse or in the nick of time, innovation. “Representative Democracy” was a great innovation, but has become corrupted by “the few” and the time is coming for the rise of “Direct Democracy”, or “Collective Governance”. I Think it is possible that We could rise out of “collapse”, or near collapse, and build better societies with better governance designs that include the decision making processes in more and more dedicated Citizens.

There are so many changes that should be made in the Nations. Tribal Direct Democracy (see The Crow Nation) could provide helpful Ideas in this process.

Population Levels – One of the underlying problems of Our Times:

As of yet, Population Control has not been tried in strong and intelligent enough ways to reduce this strain of “The Inadequately Prepared Many” on governance systems. The most efficient and enlightened slowing of population growth, is not achieved through war, or biological and chemically induced species genocide, but rather by Gentle and Loving means that extoll the social virtues (hence Co-operating Individual Moral Strengths) of “Environmental Balance”…the responsible Care of Our World…as an act of Devotion to CREATOR. Thou shalt not Overpopulate Your World. Thou shalt not exceed the finite resources of your world.

Getting back to Small Group Direct Democracy:

If the larger social constructs are not “strong” Morally, the smaller neighboring groups would do well to quietly form defensive alliances.

Intelligent and serviceable alliances are part of Direct Democracy Self Governance. In this way there is some preparation to not only survive a fragmenting culture, but help provide Good Examples for its Progress into Better Forms…new governance structures that enhance more Human Lives and Living, than before.

The smaller Tribal ( or other social structures) alliances could be confederacies…when dealing with relationships with larger groups. The autonomy and sovereignty, of the contributing smaller groups being respected, within the unity of these Confederacies, that expresses the United Strengths against the lesser morality activities of corrupt nations of worn out social design parameters.

All of the above and More, should be considered in the designs of Tribes and their constitutions.

Before I begin exploring the Best Ways Of This building Of A Good Constitution, I need to share something else that might be very important to the process.

Evolutionary Processes of Time and the Living Application of Discovered Principles For Constitutional Design causes the need for Evolutionary alterations and adjustments in the Ideas and Text of a Constitution. A provision should be clearly formulated and included in it, that allows these alterations and adjustments to be brought in. This will help keep the Constitution relevant and Alive as a “Living” guide document for a Tribal Culture…or a nation. This will keep the document dynamic and Meaningful as the Tribe realizes its best expression…whether it grows or not.

The beginning of a well considered and written Tribal Constitution can be from one interested Human Being. The full Flower of Magnificent Development of such a beginning, will increase with every dedicated Individual that enters into this undertaking. The Work is best when it is shared with as Many as possible and is kept accessible to Many of the generations to come. Some will have More to contribute than Others, but all contributions add up into a successful wholeness of it. Even detraction from this Work has its values, because from such comes the challenges that keeps this Ideological Treasure Of Tribe, or Nation, strong and useful guidance in the behaviors of Our Lives. Real Life will test it. Can it survive? Time will tell. Every day of its Life is a success worth noting.

This introduction ends here. The real Work begins in “Chapter 2”.

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