Millennials and Generation Z’ers

“What Do the Succeeding Generations Want?”

Used to hear about the “Generational Gap” back in the 1960’s. How the “Older Generation” was different than the “Younger Generation”. This social phenomena can and does, have a great effect on the cultures they are part of. The next Generations might mostly want the same things as We do. I hope so, because if “They” don’t want the same things, Our hard earned Direct Democracy will be short lived. The “Younger Ones” have to be included in Our Quest.

I suspect that this Human phenomenon, of Our Cultural State, has always been so. The “Young” inheritors  have always been different, in some ways, than the “Old”. Generally, the Young have championed New Things and the Old has clung to old things…what they were familiar with…tried and True. But, of course, there is a lot of exceptions to these basic Life Classifications and behaviors, because of the tremendous differences in Individual Personalities. But, nevertheless, there is uniqueness and distinctions of “Similarity Life Style”, seen among particular generation groups, in a Culture.

Usually, there is enough of the spirit of an older generation, to be found in younger generations to carry on, at least some of, cultural traditions, as We Evolve.

In a given Generation Classification, there can be differences of Ideas and Perceptions that causes differential stresses within that generation. The existence of political parties and the rise of the “Flower Children” in the 1960’s are just a couple of examples of this “inner tension” within a generation. This is more noticeable in the dominant generations of a culture.

Now, in the 21st Century (My “end of days”) there is the same phenomenon in the name of the “Boomers”, “Generation X’ers”, the “Millennials” and the “Generation Z’ers”. These are the names of generations that have been born to the generation before them. Of course there is some overlap and there is also a classification thing that is studied within these called “Cohorts”. These are of the “Age Cohort” type of cohort. They are lineal divisions within a given generation. For example, if a generation is deemed to be a fifty year breeding span, then it gets divided into five sections of ages; 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, 31 to 40 and 41 to 50…or something like that. This cohort thing helps Us to organize studies We do of the different generations. But, of course, there are always Individual nuances that defy bracketing in this way.

It feels kinda strange that I don’t know what the generation before me was called. “Golden Agers” maybe.

I have heard that the “Millennials” and the “Generation Z’ers” resent the world that We “Boomers” have made and accept as normal…and right. The world as it is, just doesn’t seem Right to them. Little provision has been made for them in it. They forget, if they ever realized, that there are Many of Us Boomers that also are discontented with many aspect of Our Culture, in Our Times.

Here in 2021, We do have a mess of things, as pertains to Our Culture. Many things seem to be stressed, fatigued, or breaking down. Our “age”, the era of Us Boomers, enjoyed an unprecedented period of Prosperity, that followed a terrible war. Many things We learned from doing what was deemed necessary to “win” World War II, was useful in increasing the material Prosperity in Our “Boomer Economy”. Finance, Science, Technology and Manufacturing Techniques were the main four elements of this “Boomer Economy”. All of these resulted in more productive (but ultimately harmful) Agriculture, expanded Suburbs of Cities, mightier than ever Towers of Trade and Commerce in the Cities and better highways.

Education mutated toward business norms and Transportation waxed exceedingly and increasingly, powerful, polutive and “efficient”.

Nature itself became less of a Frontier and more of a zone of economic exploitation. More millionaires and now, more billionaires, have come into being. Most more dedicated to the “Taking” than the “Giving”. As I write this, there are rumors in the media and “internet” that the “trillionaire class” has begun. All this while the sidewalk pooping and addicted “Homeless” builds tent communities in many cities and towns. What kind of Prosperity is it that stands on such despair?

I can see what We have wrought…or allowed to be wrought in Our Times. I am a “Boomer” that does not like all of what We have done…with Our Times…Our Nation…Our Environment. There are many Others like me, that would bring meaningful, more Moral and systemic change to Our Nation and Our World. All of What We have wrought is not necessarily bad in itself (much is though), but it is How We have used it (or allowed it to be used) is the problem. We have neglected considerations of “Limitations of Decency” and focused on Our Prosperity Quest….the one area of Life where We are “Progressive” in the sense of obtaining more.

I need to know More about the feelings and Ideas, of the “Generation X’ers”, “Millennials” and “Generation Z’ers”, toward Us “Baby Boomers” and what We have wrought. What do they want? What kind of World do they want? Is it only that they have a hunger for their share of the Materialist American Dream that has begun to crack and crumble? Or do they want something Better for Us and Humanity in general.? I must find out more about this, because they are all We have to correct the mistakes and build a “Braver and Kinder New World”.

I must increase my contact with these Younger Folks. I’m thinking they have not given up Hope yet, for a Better World that We should build.

If I find a sufficient compatible “current” among them, then I would try to help them achieve a new greatness for a near future and a distant future. I mention “currents” because I am aware that the same Personality differences that are part of “My Generation”, is also part of their generation…but maybe in different proportions. Just as there are “Saint –like” and “despicably immoral Individuals” among Us “Boomers”, but these are also part of the following generations. But, to What degree?

Most of Us Humans are a blend of Moral and immoral attributes. None of Us are representative of “The Ideal” state (which is what We might Think that CREATOR would want Us to become…as far as We can “know” such things.) Our goal, in this matter, should be to desire and work toward, Better and Better Living examples of the “Ideal” state (condition)…as We can determine such to be in Our Time. (Virtue)

I Think there are less of the subsequent Generations, that have been born. (Which I see as a Good Thing) Too many People (too soon) are part of the problem of problems of Our Species and World. Big Families seem to be not as important as they used to be. The quantity of Us seems to be yielding to the quality of Us…at least in the “developed nations. In many ways the “Big Family” aspect has “failed” in Our Culture, or, at least has served its purpose in Our conquest of the New World.

Families are constantly under pressure from Individualism…as Fathers leave them to seek One’s fortune, or Mothers leave for Love, or the “Youngun’s” leave (as soon as they can) to seek their Independence and Destiny. Surrogate Group structures form and are gravitated to…Cults, Gangs, “Tribes of Many Kinds” and such. These become the new Families.

As to the birthrate, an emphasis on “Quality” over “quantity” does seem to be “quickening”. This has to be helpful, because Our Nation desperately needs more Quality in its structures and systems.

But as the more conscientious (advanced) of Us slow down on reproductivity, this reduction is offset by those who breed excessively…when they should not be doing so. These overrun the resources of their lands and come to the lands, We have conquered, to seek benefit from what We have wrought for Ourselves. Maybe this is “poetic justice”. What We have sown, so We now reap. Do We choose to do what it takes to continue Our Progress? We have a lot of “hard” decisions and choices to make.


Anyway. I feel the need to apply some of what is left of me, to more understanding of the “Generation X’ers”, “Millennials” and “Generation Z’ers”. They could prove to be very valuable, in the quest to build an increasingly great Direct Democracy Republic. Far too many of Us “Boomers” are too exhausted, or otherwise set in Our ways, to do the hard Work of preparing Ourselves for Good Collective Governance…for Better than What We now have. We have much Learning to do to make this Work for Us.

I wonder what Work We have done to inspire future generations to value Collective Governance? What do the “Generation Xer’s” and “Millennials” Think and Feel about Direct Democracy?

First stop in this new branch of my quest, is “You Tube”. What does it have to share about the “Millennial” and “Generation Z’ers”? I will start asking. Will get back here to report what I find out.

Dan 1    Harvest Time, Hama 21    October 28th, 2021

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