Narbarian Creed

“Creed” = NOUN
a system of Christian or other religious belief; a faith.
“people of many creeds and cultures”
faith · religion · religious belief(s) · religious persuasion · religious conviction · [more]
a formal statement of Christian beliefs, especially the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed.
“the godparents will then swear that they believe in the Creed and the Commandments”
system of belief · set of principles · statement of beliefs · [more]
a set of beliefs or aims which guide someone’s actions.

moral code · morals · morality · moral stand · moral principles · [more]

Sayings that help guide one in the Peaceful social exchanges of every day Living.

Narbarian Creed 2

The Need, the “Style” and the Fullfillment.

First Writing: April 20th, Hama 7 (2007) Edited December 19th, Hama 19 (2019)

To me, this work of developing succinct and meaningful maxims to Live by is very difficult, but I must try.

I have made earlier attempts to formulate a “Creed of Moral principles” that would be uniquely Narbarian and remind Narbarians of their role in Life. Unique, but as much as possible, harmonious with other “Morally Superior” creeds that also serve well, the many different cultures of Urth’s Evolving Children Of God.

As Individual Human Beings and as adherents of the multiple “Way of Ways” of the Narbarian Branch of the New Tribal Movement. The need of a creed is to remind one of important aspects of a dedicated life and to, perhaps, provide beauty in that life and meaning to ritual and ceremony. The creed could be the part of the gathering that everyone knows, a way of saying to each other that “This is us”…the who and what of us…why we do what we do. Good medicine for psychological strength; as Brothers and Sisters of a worthy cause. It is a good creed that gives us the reminder of Our ideals and helps us to feel a healthy degree of pride…the right kind of pride for the right reasons. The kind of pride that adds brightness to Our service…what We gladly do for each other and others.
The need to feel good about ourselves and what we do, through mindfulness of Our ideals and the application of these ideals. What else should a creed have, to be the above and endure? What should it not have?
Ideally wouldn’t it rhyme? Preferably, wouldn’t it not be too long? But how long? Within how many heartbeats should it be stated? What do We need to say in that time?
Our beliefs? Our virtues? Our commitment to what we are? Flowing from Our Hearts and off Our tongues with feeling and rhythm. A rhythm that flows from one and touches the ears like notes of clarity, or from many like a strong drum beat of resolve and purpose. It should have the “Nine Virtues” …and more.
Yes. All of this. Our creed should be a work of art…each time recited, a memorable and emotive event. A wee reflection of Our grand purpose and potential. Each part a response counter point in ceremony, or sent forth alone and whole into the environment of where we stand or think. A thing that makes us feel good about who and what we are, to ourselves and each other. A fine creed that would do this. A fine creed indeed.

The style, as indicated above, should include rhythm and rhyme…and meaningful, unmistakable, content. I feel that it should be structured in threes and sevens…in keeping with Our belief that such places us in more harmony with Crea and Creation. Maybe it should even begin with:


“Being the beginning,
and becoming The Way,
and shining Thy Light on Your Way.

So that We can see and learn”.

“For giving us the Tools of Evolution and Creation so that We may be Your Mighty Way:

To choose to be parts of YOU that becomes,

Unique Personalities
Good Minds,
Loving Hearts and Souls.”

So that We may earn Our Eternal Place with You…
Through Faith In You and through Our Good Works on Our World…and all the worlds of Your Making.

We will do this, with better and better ability, utilizing the following virtuous mindfulness and Spirit:

Respect…the many ways that help to achieve what We desire.

Truth…always sought, always given.

Courage…for Your Way is hard and strengthening. Fear must not rule.

Honor…for You to be proud of Us and We can be proud of Ourselves.

Fidelity…loyally making Our cause Your Cause and Your Cause Our cause.

Discipline…of Self the best of all.

Industriousness…through work we will make real Our Dream.

Perseverance…to be Our best each day and return to Our Path should we stray.

Self Reliance…Our personal strength becomes the power of the whole.

Unity…We do not alone what we do.

Hospitality…”wisely” giving guests comfort, with courtesy and understanding as We share what We have and are.

Wisdom…to find the best Ways to make Our Will Your Will, in the
fulfillment of Our Narbarian Dream for a Better Humanity and a happier Home World.

Balance…full and well rounded and founded growth containing what We do best.

And the Honesty Of Truthfulness.

This is Our Creed.

April 21st, Hama 7 – December 19th, Hama 19

The above was a pretty good try, even if I do say so myself. It does express the general high ideal…the ultimate goal of a harmonious relationship with CREA.

But, it fails to rhyme and it says little of Narbarism’s goals regarding Humanity and Mother Earth and lacks instruction about how to best deal with the issues and problems of Living. Perhaps it says enough? It does seem long enough. What purpose could be served by making it longer? Should it be shorter? What changes could make it better? Should We try another style? A different start? A devotion to basics and simplicity? A written formula of essences? I keep Thinking and can’t shake the Idea, that a Creed should be “short and sweet…yet Strong and Useful”. This work is no where near done.

I would like to see other versions than mine. I still believe that the best products are the ones that are made by more than one mind.

Perhaps a Creed should be the pattern guide introduction to a constitution?


Edited on October 29, 2019 (Hama 19) and December 19th, 2019