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“Hegel and the Hegelian Dialectic,
As Contributor and Contribution,
To Narbarian Philosophy”

I, DAN 1, “The Tribeless”, First Seed Bearer of the Narbar Way, Member of the First TriNar of the NarBar Way, and “Honorary Elder of the Ghostchild People, have started in Our “WordPress” website, in cyber space, (Narbarism), the philosophy of the NarBar Way.

It was and is, a good start, but I am haunted by two feelings of inadequacy about this beginning effort:

(1) I am not sure I have started it in the right place…in terms of the “ideal” starting place for such an effort.
(2) I feel the need for some profound workable structure that will make and keep NarBar philosophy organized and easy to refer back to, as one’s need arises.

This feeling has led me to two different disciplines that I feel may be adapted to help in this matter:

(1) Quantum – a strict, mathematical like, approach to language that leaves little room for ambiguity or vagueness in a communication. It advocates and postulates precise meaning to words and sentence structure, leaving one with a kind of clear language shorthand with a weird syntax structure. Quantum is especially intended for legal and official documents such as treaties, where the intention is to deny the “loopholes” of such works that enable them to be dishonored. Vagueness of terminology allows the unscrupulous to come up with some excuse to deny the correct and honorable fulfillment of the terms of a treaty. Quantum could be used to a lesser extent to encourage precision of meaning in philosophical thought as well…thus lending its method to the enhancement of philosophy. A philosopher would have to utilize this powerful medicine in diluted doses, because of the nature of philosophy as opposed to the nature of legal and official documents. I am not clear yet on what aspects of Quantum I could use in Our philosophical effort. I feel in time this use will come forth more clearly. I do tend to use only one meaning to important words in my Thoughts.

(2) Hegel and the Hegelian Dialectic – it seems to me, right now, that Hegel’s thoughts may be of more immediate use to Us in Our effort. Hegel has made a sincere effort to take a closer look at the nature of thought itself, in a certain “use” perspective, which assists in my original philosophical notion of “bringing forth the Good and Best of Thought” and “Discarding the bad and worst of thought.” Hopefully leaving “darkness” behind…or minimizing its effects on Our Lives.

(3) Hegel’s approach is progressively cyclic. He begins with a “Thesis” and then comes up with an “Anti-Thesis” and then seeks common ground between these to produce an acceptable “Pro-Thesis”…where solution to a problem is found. This system provides some structure that offers some Hope for solutions to problems and I see this “structure” as Good expression and example, of “The Law Of Three”. (See “Narbarian Spiritual Concepts”.)

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There are many philosophical ways and I think it would be Good to eventually try to utilize a lot of them in the continued improvement of Narbarism. Hegel’s way seems to me to be a good place to start making Narbarism a reasonable and possible thing for Good Living. A starting place right after giving credit to the “First Narbarian Belief” that the ALLNESS has the need to express its completeness in other ways and the resultant beginning of thought and power in that omniscient and omnipotent presence which became Crea the Great Grand Father of All Creation.
G.W.F. Hegel did say that: “Everything that from Eternity has happened in Heaven and Earth, the life of God and all the deeds of time simply are the struggles for mind to know itself , to make itself objective to itself, to find itself, be for itself, and finally to unite itself to itself ; it is alienated and divided, but only so as to be able thus to find itself and return to itself.”
I believe that the “alienation and divided” condition that Hegel mentions is necessary and chosen by “God”, or the ALLNESS from which God came. Hegel drew his opinions about Deity and built upon them, from the beliefs of his times. It may be that he mistook the Human condition regarding Mind and Thought to be a reflection of the Mind of God, which is inviolate as to its totality, unity and coherence in its “original” state, but becomes alienated and divided for the purposes of Creation. The thinking processes observable in Humanity, of dispersal and re-coagulation into a semblance of unity does trace back to God The Creator…who planned this technique for finite thinking in Creation and Evolution. We have to learn through the discovery and coordination of fragments of Truth and Knowledge. The ALLNESS; First Source and Center Mind of Deity never fragments for any reason, but remains a unified entirety….unchangeable because it is all that can be thought. All change, growth and difference will be experienced outside this Central Self, as Creation expands into Nothingness.
Hegel devotes much time and energy to other concepts as well as thought itself and all of this work is worth a look and consideration for modified adoption. Being of the 19th century, some of his ideas are somewhat dated and should be adjusted in minor ways, thus leaving His best essence intact and serviceable for Our needs. One of the profoundest contribution He has made to Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, is His ideas about higher truth proceeding from the “unity of difference” found in the exploration of a concept. He tells Us that a truth can be followed intellectually to a point where its opposite becomes evident, by degrees, circumstantially and then actually prevalent. This opposite of the original truth could in its turn be followed right back to the original truth. At this point the mind addressing this phenomena of

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thought should endeavor to synthesize the two sides of the truth into a path that leads to a HIGHER TRUTH. Thus one can begin to see an Evolution of Truth that would at some extremely distant time in the future, or beyond the future, lead one to certain increments of DEVINE TRUTH…or the PARENTAL TRUTH OF ALL THINGS AND ALL THAT CAME BEFORE THINGS…AND EXPERIENCE AND TIME. The One Truth, Divine full circle…a kind of completion that will probably be just the next step toward some new phenomena…if it is discovered that the Dialectical process does take origin in Divine Truth. The “Law of Three” does seem to support this possibility. The Dialectic, really a “Trilectic thing, is an active use of the Law of Three.
If We believe this then We can take pride and comfort, as philosophers, that We have participated in this Evolutionary Process in our quest to Evolve and know the “Deity Originated Process of Purpose”. I think Hegel believed in this and so do I. I feel that Hegel, as well as the thought of other philosophers, would be very helpful in the development of Our own. All philosophers have built upon the work of philosophers before them, even if only to refute the thinking of them. Our own philosophy would take its place in the great evolutionary process that philosophy, as “The Search For Truth”, is. These words indicate to me that Hegel acknowledged the divine origin of Mind and therefore Thought and upon this compatibility much can, with NarBar Agreeology, be built.

Now, let me try to work on the beginning that Hegel did. (Or at least where I think he did at this point in my education about him.) Which, perhaps, would be part two of the beginning of the Philosophy of the NarBar Way. Part One being what I have already put together regarding the Moral and Ethical content of Narbarian Philosophy…which seemed to me, at the time, a good place to start. Later I will present this effort to the First TriNar for examination and discussion and finally for permission to include in the body of philosophical work on Our web site.

I will start by thinking and writing that “Nothing Has Meaning Without Thought”. Power and energy have no direction or focus or purpose without thought. Emotion is in the same boat without thought. Spirit would be non-existent, or confused and aimless without thought…definitely empty. It is fair to state that very existence itself would disintegrate, scatter or fade away to nothingness if it wasn’t for the bindingness, purpose and direction of thought. In return, Emotion helps Thought to

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feel and Spirit helps Thought to be Motivated. Divine Purpose becomes in this Triality.

I truly believe Thought always was, is and will be.

I truly believe that Thought and Mind are two parts of a Triality completed by the emotional motivation of need. This works in the following manner:

Mind is the point of origin, evolution and return of Thought. Mind cannot exist without Thought, just as Thought cannot exist without its originator…Mind. Mind is the chosen pattern and mechanism for the practice of Thought. The beginning of Mind is Divine, Infinite and Eternal. Where it touches Nothingness, it is both Infinite and Finite, in accordance with the needs and rules of actualization of Creation.

The ingredient that sets Mind into into action, as an originator of Thought, is a mild but persistant emotion called “need”. Here We observe the “Law Of Three” and the formation of a “Triality”. Need originates in Emotion and is given the power to act by the phenomena of Potentiality. I can wonder if need might not have another origin as well as emotion? Perhaps a combination of origins that ultimately give “birth” to need? Hmmm…do I smell another Triality here? Anyhoo, I believe Potentiality is an ALWAYS EXISTANT element of the First Triality, (which is also always existent because it is an integral part of THE ALLNESS and forms the “Door” to Creator and Creation).

We describe the First Triality as:

(1) Nothingness – (The Great Emptiness that is filled). (How can Nothingness be part of Something called a “Triality”?) Nothingness is Something that is filled. I think of “Nothingness” as the Something that will become More than THE ALLNESS and enable THE ALLNESS become More.

(2) Somethingness – (All that is, was, or will be…from Thought and Emotion and Spirituality through Material and Finite Time and Space…including The Need to be More and Better.)

(3) Potentiality (The “Realization Condition” that enables Need and Impulse toward More and Better, utilizing limitations and the evolving “upward” through limitations…the Good Heart and Mind use and then overcoming of limitations to become More and Better)

From this “FIRST TRIALITY” all other Trialities will stem. It provides all that is needed for the fragmentation, alienation and division of CREATION, as we experience it, to begin and Evolve.

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Emotion is also a part of a Triality. Perhaps the “Second Triality” in which the three Divine basic building blocks can combine to begin to Create “Place” of Somethingness in Nothingness :

(1) Emotion (reactive feeling energy not necessarily a part of Mind, or the Thinking Process). It is NarBar belief that fear was the first emotion. Though, maybe, it is Love after all.

(2) Mind/Thought – The Way to Touch and Know What Was, Is and Will Always Be as the ALLNESS penetrates the Unknown to make it Known.

(3) Spirit – The Great Stage – The Womb of the Vast Containment of Creation – The Nurturing Realm and Urging to Fulfillment of Potential. (The “Something More that can contain Something More”, that Mind and Emotion can lead to)…and always grow to be able to contain Something More. More about “Spirit” to follow. Came from Mind and Emotion, but is more than the sum of Mind and Emotion.

We begin to see here that Trialities are interlocked and interactive and are the beginning of the great “Weaving” of Creation.


Perhaps it would be good here to begin to chart this interaction of Trialities:

The First Triality, (The original Triality that all other Trialities come from) –

Somethingness ++++ led to ++++
Potentiality +
The Second Triality

Spirit ++++++ which led to ++

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The Third Triality +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

“Ability to Perceive”…The Way of Divine Infinite and partially fathomable Mind.

“Decision Reaction to what is Perceived”…Thought Choices.
“The Need” for the Decision Reaction regarding the Perception to enable Evolution…or growth to become Creatively More and Better. “Needereperenev”.

To my way of thinking this gives Us, for Our philosophical foundation, Our First Triality of Trialities…the “Nine Thing”. I will try to explain this pre-Creation phenomena the best I can within the limitations of my mental ability and present understanding.

The always was, is and will be FIRST TRIALITY, which was all that was needed to begin the growth of Somethingness into what We know as GOD or CREATOR. This Triality is three and ONE at the same time. It is Unity and “Division” simultaneously. A changeless and inseparable Unity composed of its three elements, which, at the same time, held the potential for unending change that would cause MORE. So long as this MORE represented BETTER. What is BETTER is for the ALLNESS and Crea to decide and share with Creation as Creation becomes ready to be it. ALLNESS has chosen growth within limitation to fulfill itself…perhaps to know itself. It was all that was necessary to form the Trialities that came after it….was caused by it.

I will write a little about some of the above mentioned elements of this philosophical attempt, trying a different viewpoint:

SOMETHINGNESS…by its very nature needed to become something more. Just as the number “1” has little, or no, meaning without the More of “2” and so forth. One might say that each item of Somethingness sets the “stage” for a next item to arrive to. By the very nature of “SOMETHINGNESS” IT cannot, will not, and could not, stay the same. All it needed was motivational stimulus and a path to become more than the entirety that it always was. An entirety without growth is static and loses reasonable purpose for existence.

The “limitation” within this “reasonable purpose” is measured growth that comes with the Thought of “One Thing At A Time” and “Each Thing In Its Own Time”. “TIME” as the sequential occurrence of items of “Somethingness”, can go very fast and very slow. Determining the “Why” of this is a subject that I Hope Humanity will come to understand Better one day.

POTENTIALITY…is an almost indescribable “pre-thing”, that calls to “Somethingness” to be. POTENTIALITY is an encouragement of Opportunity, that indicated to Somethingness that “Something More” was possible, desirable and necessary for the fullfillment of the nature of Somethingness. Potentiality could almost be seen, amongst other things, as the self-awareness, or “consciousness” of Somethingness. Potentiality was a pre-thought, pre-emotion essential ingredient in the motivation of Somethingness to help it realize it could be Something More.

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NOTHINGNESS…This was and is, the “Eternal Actuating Path” for the fullfillment of Somethingness to be Something More. In a “totality”, like “THE ALLNESS”, there can be more, but it is only a static concept until CREATION, the actual entry of Somethingness into Nothingness. (assumption). In any direction, into Nothingness, can Somethingness become Something More. Into Nothingness can Somethingness act…ultimately returning to itself…having never left itself in the process of its fullfillment.

Then…in order to begin to act…a specific process began that led to the formation of the Second Triality. A division happened through volition…a decision was made to begin to self-divide concepts Somethingness into specific areas and Items of ability. Through this specifitivity, specific first steps toward Being Something More could be taken.

Somethingness, without changing its reality, essence or nature, divided and “cloned” a specific ability we call Mind. (FIRST MIND OF CREATION) At the same instant it also made Emotion. Then, in keeping with the Law Of Three, it simultaneously formed Spirit. These three elements of the Second Triality became the foundation for the new unique combination of the Third Triality, which began the volitional process toward CREATION and EVOLUTION.

Mind became a dynamic full circle tool of the relationship between Mind and Thought, Emotion and Spirit. At the same time Mind and Thought became coordinate with the third element of the Third Triality….NEED…POTENTIALITY. Need was a combination of Emotion and Spirit. Need was motivational and perhaps the beginning of “Morality”. Morality being defined as the way that Somethingness could go or be in order to become more…but in a best possible way. With Need and the Divine Mind ability to recognize Need and develop Thought about it, the stage was set for the beginning of CREATION.

So, the “Cycle of More and Better” is begun, the “FIRST TRIALITY OF CREATION” is made…the “Holy Trinity”. Here is where Spirit originated as the “Conjoint Actor”, or the “Womb Of Creation”…where Creation was nurtured and sustained in Nothingness by the Love and Need Of GOD.

Where Thought culminated in the beginning of finite reality, time and space and actuality of experience including and beyond GOD AS FIRST SOURCE AND CENTER… Where Thought became a food for Evolving Minds and Souls…and unique personalities of transcendent destinies that were part of God’s Destiny into More and Better.

Here I am compelled to apologize for this “overlapping” of Spiritual Thought” and “Philosophy”. But doesn’t it make sense that One becomes the Other? You see, I am Thinking that the Better We understand SPIRIT and the Ways of GOD, the Better Our Philosophies will be. The Better Our Daily Lives will be.

I am so ready for a Roy Rogers movie right now.

Dan 1 October 28th, 2019 (Hama 19)

Quotes from Hegel taken from;
“Lectures on the History of Philosophy”
Translated by E.S. Haldane
University of Nebraska Press – Bison Book Edition – 1995
Page 8

The above was written by Reason of Faith. Below I will try more Faith in Reason.

“Hegelian Dialectical Process and Narbarism.”

Where the “Thesis” of Narbarism Reaches Its “AntiThesis”.

April 7th, 2007 (Hama 7)

The following observations and beliefs are based on my limited knowledge of the subject matter. Probably, further personal evolution of my position on these matters will be forthcoming.

The Hegelian Dialectic is repeatedly composed of three stages; thesis (the primary statement), antithesis (the exception or opposite to the primary statement) and synthesis (the merging into a better truth of the two preceding occurances). Hegel has stated that this process will happen over and over again on the way to Absolute Truth…TRUTH that remains True, no matter what. What he calls the “Truth of the Whole”. It would seem that Dialectic would more properly be called “Trilectic”, but out of respect for this great philosopher, I will use his terminology.

The Urantia Book seems to support the philosophy of Hegel, in that both expound a “progression” to higher Truth and a greater state of Being. More and Better. While Hegel focuses on worldly matters, after his thesis’s “Logic” and “The Phenomenology of Spirit”. The Urantia Book attempts to guide to more Spiritual concerns. But in “Logic” and “Phenomenology of Spirit”, this philosopher really reaches toward higher understanding as regards Spirituality and ends up sounding very similar to the divine messages offered in the Urantia Book. This Narbarian hopes to bring, harmoniously, both of these worthy sharings forward into our culture. I hope to purchase a copy of both of these translations from the German soon. All impressions I have of Hegel and his thought, come from what others have said about him. I believe it will help me a lot in this study if I also join the “Hegel Society of America”, where I can ask questions of men and women who have more experience with his philosophy.

The “Dialectic” of Hegel is a good Human look at what is revealed, in the Urantia Book, as Divine Plan in the Evolution of Creation. A process by which a “weaker”, partly true state, or concept, undergoes a self-analysis that tests its

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absolute validity and value. This “test” guides the precept to find out if it is always
true, under all conditions, or only sometimes true, depending on the variables that touch upon it. The path followed will eventually find where the precept “breaks down”, or finds its “exception to the rule”…its limits of applicability. Sometimes this limit is, or becomes, an opposite position of thought and reveals a way in its opposition to become stronger and closer to the ultimate “Truth”…a desirable result. Step by step, higher and higher truths.

Narbarism’s basic and primary thesis is that by imitating the Divine Plan of Evolution, as we conceive it, can be helped by shedding the “unworthy” and bringing forward, into Time and Space, that which is “worthy” to be, or build upon. The Capitalistic state of Humanity, at the birth of Narbarism (1963), is the “darkness” from which Narbarism begins its struggle to become and help Humanity become, “More and Better”. This is a thesis composed of many and varied complicated elements, but the central idea is that Humanity is still way too far in the grip of fear and the results of fear; greed, self-servingness, aggression, exploitation, etc. This condition is believed to be intense and severe enough to pose a threat to the existence of the species and it’s Home World, Mother Earth, or Urantia. Though I do believe that Our World will manage to heal Herself after we are gone. I believe that She will have help in this restorative process from celestial sources…the Servants of God; The Three In One. The principle of Mercy will activate in response to the victimization of this planet. Unless, of course, the Celestial Powers opt to keep Earth unhealed to serve as a museum like example of what a dominant species can do to a planet. I wonder what Mother Earth would think and feel about this?

It is Narbarism’s and Narbarian’s chosen task to aid its own species to pull back from the brink of extinction. Basically through the application of Good Heart and Mind and Example. Individually and collectively. Through the exploration and discovery of Better Ways and then the implementation of that knowledge in one’s everyday living. Under the circumstances, no easy task, but the effort is worthy in itself.

So, where is the antithesis of the thesis of Narbarism? It lies in the emerging facts of the discoveries and the failure to discover Better Ways to do things. Some problems may not seem to have an answer or solution. Some solutions might indicate a need to change personal and cultural attitudes about just what a problem, or an undesirable state, is.

Take for example the very basic feeling that the definition of “darkness”, in the Narbarian context, is the Free Capitalism of Humanity as practiced in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Its inadequate control over the excessive accumulation of wealth of “The Few”, with the attendant exploitation of “The Many”. It’s inner character of intolerance of alternative lifestyles. Its mandate that, if one wishes to be a successful Capitalist, one has to be as ruthless and self serving as the others who have chosen this path. All others are to be used as “consumers”, which feeds the wealth accumulation of The Few. Its willingness to deplete the resources of the planet and leave a toxic wasteland in its place. Its allowance and use of excessive planetary population.

But all this, I know is a “natural” evolutionary state of Evolution of Capitalism. Ours is only one of billions of worlds that go through it. I also know that, because I do find things about Capitalism, that I deem unworthy of a good Human Spirit, I tend to ignore its role and worth in the Evolutionary History of Our Species. I am working on this personal impatience. I do believe that Capitalism has a wonderful potential to become a great Human Way of Life.

In Capitalism we have left behind autocracy, serfdom and slavery…at least as it was practiced so crudely and cruelly a hundred years ago. But I do wonder if we have only made these abominations more subtle and sophisticated? Autocracy and slavery are still visible in the attitudes of Men and Women. One can still be punished for failing to obey, or questioning authority. “My way or the highway!”??? The “highway” symbolizes little or no means of livelihood and can be quite intimidating to some. In every man’s heart waits the “Little King”…his home is his castle. His word is law and supersedes all other opinions. Not the Family’s, but his rules will be done. Despite all this, it is better today than it was a hundred years ago. Progress has been made and this gives me hope that more will be made.

I wonder if these alterations are valid methods of Evolution…the gradual change that we all can recognize intellectually, but still feel impatient about as we struggle in our lives? Are the improvements in the Human State, which we call Capitalism, the antithesis to the Narbarian premise that this “darkness” is undesirable…the darkness from which we emerge? Are these changes generated from enlightenment within or without? Or both? Probably “both”, I have to answer. I can see some of the “forces” that act upon Capitalism and I can also see, but less so, because of my focus, an occasional act of benevolence happening inside too. Corporations have given a lot of money to various charities and have helped countless lives to be improved.

More spending power for the Worker, less daily hours worked, sometimes a Co-operative Spirit in the workplace, safer working conditions; these indicate some willingness to share the benefit with many. Especially when they contribute to additional profit taking. Today, many of the non-profitable advances and benefits laboriously earned for the workers are disappearing; such as pensions and group medical care. This is not a good sign and could be the beginning of Corporate and Worker relation collapse. Worse things could come. ”Offshoring” has begun in the quest for cheaper more manipulatable labor.

It is the overall collective state of our species that is acting upon this cultural expression. It is the overall state of our species that evolved it and will continue to evolve it. It is the overall state of our species that itself is evolving and expresses itself in these cultural manifestations. So, what I originally saw as “darkness” and which others see as “lightness”, was my own personal reaction to it. Because I could imagine a better way to be, I am discouraged by what is the norm all around me.

Capitalism can evolve into something far more beautiful and superior than what it is now. It can do this and still express its best self. This expression would be merely the outcome of its bringing forward its best self…its ultimate worthiness. That worthiness is the systematic inclusion and equal sharing of profit, with the entire contributive work force. A work force that could truly become “partner” in reward as well as deed. That is all Narbarism is asking it to do. Distribute equally and fairly, the reward for the collective effort. How superior this would be than what we have now. Capitalism must leave its dark self behind and add itself to other Human expressions of goodness and light that will emerge and endure on this world of ours. This may be the most important Human endeavor of our times. Capitalism is the mightiest driving and motivational cultural force of the 21st Century. So very much depends upon its successful evolution.

“Narbarian Hegelianism” ?

Perhaps in part. The part that is compatible with Hegel’s Spiritual teachings..

When Capitalist Evolution happens, Narbarism, as a reactionary movement, will find its antithesis and will then become part of a new synthesis. Part of the reason for Narbarism to function will have become passe. This synthesis will represent the partial fulfillment of Narbarism as a just and worthy cause. This synthesis will be a clear sign that Narbarism has achieved one of its goals. Without the dark times of Capitalism, there would have been no Socialism, Communism, or Narbarism…at least the part of Narbarism that works “within” to strengthen the Capitalist Cultures. Personally, I am eager to see this phase completed, so that other work, such as the “New Tribalism” could receive more attention and energy. I will label this phase the “Narbarian/Capitalist Dialectic”.

The Narbarian/Capitalist Dialectic is to strive to leave darkness behind in History, while at the same time learning and teaching the value of “Purified Capitalism”. A Capitalism that has shed itself of negative and unhealthy elements and shares our world with other lifestyles, who express it in unique ways and may or may not, contribute their own vision to it. What is the strength and the weakness of the Narbarian/Capitalist thesis? What would the Hegelian Philosophical method reveal?

This particular thesis may be ready to test. The antithesis found. This test could begin with the five questions of journalism; Who, What, Why, When and Where:

The Narbarian/Capitalist thesis is an ideal that challenges Humanity to become “More and Better”.
Who challenges? Those who see a better way.
What is the challenge? To become Better and More to earn the future.
Why is there a challenge. There are those who refuse to accept the extermination of their species through error, and work to correct the errors.
When is the challenge? Now and until the goal is reached…to a “workable degree”.
Where is this challenge? In the individual hearts, minds and Spirits of Humanity on Our Home World Mother Earth. The “Midwayer Brotherhoods” and other responsible Spiritual service bodies and entities are invited to help.

The thesis has many parts.

The Narbarian/Capitalist Thesis states the following:

(1) Humanity has to free itself from the horror of fear motivation;
Individually and collectively.
Who says so? Those who see the danger of not doing so.
What is the way to do this? One person at a time in a great co-operation…being constantly mindful of our personal emotional state, as we deal with the many problems and confusions. Use the fear in a positive direction, or deny it, but do not let it take control unless ALL else has failed. Even as a final act, one could conquer fear and become a martyr to Love and Trust. This example has been set. Second to that one can only die screaming and killing.
Why do we have to do this? To extricate ourselves from the insanity that drags us to the abyss.
When? Begin now.
Where? In yourself. Little fears, big fears, all fears as you can find them.
(2) Humanity has to build its ability to Love and BE TRUSTWORTHY.
Who? All of us.
What is the how of doing this? Begin loving and trusting wisely. Always be ready to defend yourself, to the best of your ability, from betrayal…or be prepared to be a martyr of Love and Trust.
Why do we have to do this? To give us the strength, individually and collectively, to defeat fear and what comes from fear.
When? Every chance we get or develop in our daily lives..
Where? Wherever there is the opportunity. “Seek and ye shall find”.

(3) Humanity has to become Wise in the Understanding of Its Limitations.
Planetary resources, population, and all limitations indicated by its level of Evolution.
To understand our limitations, is to begin to develop skills in not exceeding them. This must be done until we find ways to extend these limitations through changes in ourselves and the way we do things. We will be amazed at the unfolding of our limitless potentials, when we come to understands our limitations.

(4) Humanity has to learn to value difference, even more than we already have.
Diversity is a strength that needs to be mastered. Where one becomes a friend of diversity, one increases one’s options to excel and have a richer life. While stagnant paths of life do have their use and value, the paths that acquire vitality and power of growth are the ones that bring in selected elements from other ways that enhance and harmonize. This is one of the beauties and strengths of the Capitalist Path.

(5) With this new value, Humanity has to build marvelous harmonies of diverse cultural and racial expressions.
Humanity’s diversity is a treasured strength and the multiple paths to many options of growth and evolution are a filling flow.

(6) Humanity has to seek and learn the Will Of God to expedite its own Evolution.
There is so much we don’t know, in detail, about the Will of Creator. The most important things have been revealed to us. The things that will insure our success as a species, if we could but heed and practice; The “Golden Rule”, “Ten Commandments” and teachings of Jesus and other devoted enlightened Guides.

(7) Humanity must find good reason and achieve good ways to take JOY in itself.
Find things to be JOYFUL about! Count your blessings and learn to value them. Eat and drink deeply of your delicious achievements. This will bring additional Hope and Strength to help us continue this worthy effort.

(8) Humanity must find its heart and come to care enough to make the above evolutionary changes happen.
What holds the “Spirit of Caringness” down in the individuals hearts is the fear of losing through the necessary personal sacrifice, that is needed to be a truly caring person.

(9) Capitalism must give adequate opportunity to be achieved by the “The Many”…through “Fair Practices”. Cannot Capitalism be successful, without its fear based ways? Without tilting the playing field? Stacking the deck?
We must remember that Capitalism is an aggregate of individuals and that change has to occur on the individual level. Person by person. To give us hope, we should seek the persons that make these essential changes and praise them. At least support them by buying their products and services.
Why must Capitalism give “adequate” opportunity to “The Many”?
It is believed by this Narbarian, that some people will avail themselves of an adequate equal opportunity that, otherwise, would see little hope or possibility of succeeding in it. Herein is the beginning of the emergence of the antithesis to this proposal. The practice of truly free Capitalism is beyond many, because of shortcomings in individual character or ability. I would rather be a modestly compensated scholar than a corporate billionare, but at the same time I could think of some really good things to do with excess wealth if I had it. If Capitalism achieves this goal, it still remains for the Many, (as many as possible), to make good use of the opportunities.

I can see now that my understanding of the Hegelian Dialectical process is weak. I find myself not knowing what to do next. It is time to study more, to rise above this empasse. Emotionally, I still feel that the Dialectic is a valuable tool for the formation of Narbarism. Intellectually, I just don’t know how to apply it. I will seek help in this.

I will submit this paper to the main web site and the MSN web site, so that any interested parties can see what I am up to and where I am at with this path of exploration. When I have found a way over the obstacle of my own approach to this subject, I will submit another paper…either as continuation or replacement.

Respectfully, DAN 1

April 10, 2007 (Hama 7)

I have discovered, in Wikepedia, that the Dialectic is not new from Hegel. It can be recognized in the Hindu scriptures, the Vedas, in the deities. Some believe that the Hindu deities are really representations of cosmic principles that comprise the struggle in the universes between Order and Chaos. Socrates and Plato had their Dialectics too. These offerings of Thought might be a better source to begin understanding how the Dialectic works, than Hegel’s work. Though I am still going to read his “The Phenomenology of Spirit”, which is well thought of all over the world. Thinking of joining the “Hegel Society of America”, which would put me in touch with people who have more experience in navigating through Hegelian Thought.

April 12th, 2007 (Hama 7)

This morning, I have managed to print out Hegel’s “Preface To the Phenomenolgy of Mind.” It is the translation by J.B. Baillie. The “preface” is a good place to start this study, because Hegel wrote it after he finished the ”Phenomenology of Mind”. This preface may summarize his work and provide me a kind of short cut that will enable me to get a working grasp of his concepts. It’s a matter of time now. Fifty-four pages to read and think about…and try to figure out its application in Narbarism.

April 16th, 2007 (Hama 7)

I have made progress, though slow, and I do feel like I am “near” enough understanding to make the Dialectical Process work for Narbarism. The whole truth is that which includes its opposite. The whole truth is a circle. To select the part “truth” is a choice made for hopefully good reason. One question that will arise is just how far one can go toward the opposite position or tenet of the truth…this is a question based on the assumption that the more of the “Circle Of The Truth” that is contained within the part truth, the mightier that part truth will be than what is left.
Of course, if adherents of the opposite within the Whole Truth, also choose to embrace, as far as they can, the same “Gray” area that we have, then their becomes the recognition of an entire zone of either contention or agreement, for the two positions to meet on. If such happens it could be enlightening for all involved and conducive to tolerance and peace between the positions.
I would like to present and explore specific examples of the above theory, in future postings. Let us test this with real things that are important to us.
If anyone is interested in this and would like to contribute here, please jump in and state your thoughts. I will respond…uh…if I am at all capable of doing so.
I may finally be on a rewarding path with this.

Respectfully Submitted, DAN 1 June 27th, Hama 7

Editing and additional work begun in October 28th, 2019 (Hama 19) This is and probably might always be, “A Work In Progress”.