Other Places and Paths of New Tribalism

A great expanse of Interest in “New Tribalism”

(1) Conscious Tribe Wheel_v1.pdf (dropbox.com)

(2) Noetic Nomads – | Connect | Envision | Alchemize | Connect with radical thinkers, artists, technologists, and spiritual practitioners. Co-create a more beautiful future.

(3) cheap rv living bob wells – Bing “Modern American Nomadism”

(4) (PDF) The Fifth Wave: The New Tribalism? 1 (researchgate.net)

(5) The New Tribalism and the Decline of the Nation State | HuffPost

(6) Speeches and Writings | The New Tribalism (uoregon.edu)

(7) Neotribalism – Wikipedia

(8) Team Human – Medium {A} We Need to Find Capital-R Reasons for What We Do | by Douglas Rushkoff | Team Human | Medium

(9) https://123homefree.org/ Wandering with Sheep and they provide the pulling power for One’s tiny rolling Home. Holding a vision of “Family Farms” and “Homeless” helping each other.

Maybe, if it represents less than a Nation State wholeness, it can be called “Tribal”. Faced with all this, I will cling to my notions about “New Tribalism” and happily work with that. Narbarism is an effort to be “Positive” about “New Tribalism”.

We can be tribal and still “connected” to what We come from. As tribe We are part of the larger group…at least until Our New Tribalism can become more sustained and standing on its own merits and survival skills…and the “Parent” group fades away.

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