Other Places and Paths of New Tribalism

A great expanse of Interest in “New Tribalism”

(1) Conscious Tribe Wheel_v1.pdf (dropbox.com)

(2) Noetic Nomads – | Connect | Envision | Alchemize | Connect with radical thinkers, artists, technologists, and spiritual practitioners. Co-create a more beautiful future.

(3) cheap rv living bob wells – Bing “Modern American Nomadism”

(4) (PDF) The Fifth Wave: The New Tribalism? 1 (researchgate.net)

(5) The New Tribalism and the Decline of the Nation State | HuffPost

(6) Speeches and Writings | The New Tribalism (uoregon.edu)

(7) Neotribalism – Wikipedia

Maybe, if it represents less than a Nation State wholeness, it can be called “Tribal”. Faced with all this, I will cling to my notions about “New Tribalism” and happily work with that. Narbarism is an effort to be “Positive” about “New Tribalism”.