“Our Moral Obligations To Ourselves and Our CREATOR”

Morality Is The Essential Ingredient To Our Evolution Into an Excellent Species.

If We were to list Our Moral and Evolutionary Progress on a one to ten scale and then determine Our position on that list, I Think We would find Ourselves at about “3”, or “4”.

We are behind in Our Progress in this and in a very dangerous state because of this position. We face permanent stagnation, or extinction, if We do not Learn how to improve Our Standing in CREATION, by Evolving.

Our Evolution as a Species of Developing Soul Inclusion, was interfered with and helped to cause Our present stagnation in this CREATIONAL PROCESS. This “interference” came as betrayal to Us and CREATOR, by Superior Beings that were supposed to help Us become More and Better.

I believe We can overcome the “handicap” that these betrayers produced in Us and change Our situation for the Better. but We have to Work to do so.

This happens one Individual at a time, but Most Of Us must develop Stronger Moral Knowledge and Skills, in order to rescue Ourselves from Our dismal condition.

I am very afraid of failing to do this. I don’t want to be remembered in the “Akashik Records” as One of those that were too weak to overcome the effects that the betrayers caused in Us. I have decided to improve my Own Moral State and I seek Others that are also devoted to this Sacred Quest.

I have found You and You have found Me and, Together, We can go find More. We do this until Our Collective Moral Power turns Our disadvantaged species around and HumanUs Evolvus Of Urth, earns “Light and Life” Status and a place in the Happiness of CREATOR.

Do We mean the same things when We say “Moral”?

Let’s contemplate and deliberate and come to Agreement, on the meaning of this essential and indispensable word.

Moral =

ADJECTIVE concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character;”the moral dimensions of medical intervention” · synonyms: virtuous · good · righteous · And holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct;”He prides himself on being a highly moral and ethical person.” 

NOUN: a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience;”The moral of this story was that one must see the beauty in what one has.” synonyms: lesson · message · meaning · 

(Morals): A person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. “The corruption of public morals” · synonyms: moral code · code of ethics · 

I can see that Morality is a thing of “Quality” and “Quantity” and that it also the essential ingredient in all Individuals and the Groups that Individuals form.

So, Morality is the principles of right and wrong behavior. In other words, if We Think in a Moral context, this will influence and guide, Our Behavior in Life and with One another.

But Morality is subject to Wisdom and fear…modified by Wisdom and interfered with by fear.

A Moral Individual dedicates as much of themselves and the way they conduct their Lives, the best they can, as they make the endless decisions about this conduct. Morality is a fluid spectrum of choices. Sometimes We have to Wisely settle for the lesser Moral Choice, because of circumstances. It is in the parameter of this Moral spectrum that the Moral Individual strives to stay.

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