“Our Quest To Discover and Utilize Our Highest Morality”

A Balance Between The Pragmatic and The Ideal.

Starting Point…sort of… :

Has it ever crossed the minds of anyone here to try and build a new culture by selecting what you consider to be the “worthy” elements of “other” cultures? Taking bits, pieces and fragments and recombining them in new harmonious configurations through the application of your imagination? Choosing what you consider to be Truths in Religion and Philosophy and from those, forging new Spirituality? Taking your favorite kinds of artistic expression and developing one on that? How about Mythology. Building your own to illustrate important cultural truths and teachings? Picking the clean technologies and leaving the dirty stuff behind?

I have. And I would enjoy hearing your viewpoints about this subject. I NEED to hear your opinions about this. What would you like to see be left behind and brought forward into the Better World so many of Us desire?

DAN 1 8/2/2005

An Ideal Morality for the “HamaNar People” would probably not be the Highest Morality for Our Use, that We could apply in Our Lives…Individually…and as a Tribal People.

It seems like, an Ideal Morality would only be possible in Ideal Life Circumstances. But One and We, should always try to do, in every situation, that which expresses the highest and most Ideal Morality. By doing this We come ever closer to the Ideal.

I believe in “Ideal Life Circumstances”, that the “Urantia Book” promises has been achieved on many worlds and is possible on Our World. This Ideal is called “The Age Of Light and Life”. But, of course, it is up to Us to make this, which We don’t fully understand, happen.

Until that time of wonderful and supreme, species achievement, We have to do the best We can with pragmatic operational forms of Our Belief in Right and wrong.

We can know when We have set a properly “high bar”, when We fall short of Living up to it most of the time, but succeed to Live It some of the time…hopefully increasingly as the years of Our Wee Tribe proceeds into the Future. “Falling short” will be produced when We get into moments where negative forces catch Us by surprise and We become reactionary…or if We lose control of certain members of Us and allow substandard behavior too much. Things like these could cause a loss of Our Cultural Balance, hopefully temporarily, which could threaten the structure of Our Lives that We worked so hard to achieve.

Hopefully these circumstances would be quickly recognized for what they are and the Majority Best of Us would take the best actions to restore the Tribe’s Best Life and Evolutionary Path. Of course I am assuming that the “HamaNar” has achieved its potential for the moment, whether it is a humble hiking club in the “HanaSpinah”, or is flourishing Peacefully and Happily in the “Corridor Of Freedom”.

Negative developments will, for a very long time, be a threat to the social health and existence of the “HamaNar”. But hopefully less so as We practice Our Culture. My intention as “First Seed Bearer” is to help this “Wee People” attain the Good and Moral Ideas that are needed for a enduring Narbarian Tribal Existence. I hope my writings (and the writings of other New Tribalists) convey valuable Moral Principles and Standards Of Decency that would enable the HamaNar to keep its balance when challenged within and without.

Ideally, as We succeed in the practice of Our New Tribal Culture, it will become More and Better…up to Its “Limits Of Decency” as a Human Group upon Urth.

The “practice” would entail the best use of Moral Principles and Standards Of Decency, as these apply in Our Daily Lives and in relationships with Other Cultures and the various environments of Mother Urth. Wise Commitment to “Paths” and “Actions” comes with experience that is influenced by Our Morality Beliefs. mistakes will be made, but Hopefully less and less as We Live Life into the Future. I so Hope that We can be depended upon to keep Our Word whenever and wherever We give it. If We do “break” It, this should happen only when all (or at least most) parties involved agree that it would be best under the circumstances.

Be very careful what You agree to.

A secondary Ideal in keeping Our Word might be to “break” only as much of it as We have to…ever striving to “keep” as much of It as We can. Incremental adjustments to Our Commitments seems preferable to total reversal, or abandonment, of them.

We should be ever Mindful of the impact We have on Our World’s Ecological Systems and strive to maintain Good Balances with these natural systems.

Balance is an important part of Our considerations of Morality. There can be too much of just about anything.

The first thing is to “watch” and control Our numbers and to help Other Cultures watch and control their numbers…for the sake of the balance and health of the whole Human and Planetary Experience. Unfortunately, this Morality is not practiced among all of the many cultures that Live upon Our World and this fact will produce much strife and hardship for all of Us, in the future.

Hopefully, Narbarism will do its part to keep Our Numbers in Balance with the capabilities of the land and resources of Our World. But the competitive instincts of Our Species will produce cultural desperations that will cause horrible conflicts and imbalances, that makes it seemingly impossible to become More and Better…to practice Our Highest Moralities. Narbarism may have to (if it survives as an ideology) begin its Life Path from “scratch” on a very damaged world. Its first Moral Acts might be connected to and influenced by Survival considerations..

I Hope that at least the “HamaNar” can achieve some realization, as a Superior Moral Culture, before (or after?) the worst happens in the near days ahead.

Being of small numbers can be helpful in this. Smaller numbers leave less “sign” and can more easily practice “Seeing While Not Being Seen”.

At first, the presence of the very Young (7 to 12 years old) could happen from adoptions of orphans. Much Hope would be placed in these. They would be the first Narbarians to know little other than the Life that has been taught them…as Living Narbarians of the “HamaNar Tribe”…the “People Of Hope”.

Their “Teachers” have to be the Best of the Best and strongly dedicated to the Ideas of Narbarism and desire these Ideals to become the Living Tribe Of Narbarism. None of these have risen out of the dying cultures yet. They have not found each Other yet.

So, What would the “Teachers Of Narbarism” Teach? The most important Ideas, in Principles and Moral Standards, has been with Us for a very long time, but need to be gathered, modified, codified and adopted into the proposed Narbarian New Tribalism and Other New Tribe Systems as well.

Though I have written some of these Principles and Moral Standards in the article entitled “Narbarian Creed”. a more thorough job of this needs to be done. I will do my best to “discover” the “Highest Moralities” and present them below.


Be ever Mindful that We are part of CREATION, as unique products of CREATOR. We ARE “The Children OF GOD”!

We are one of the ways by which CREATOR experiences CREATION. Our experiences ae CREATOR’S Experiences.

As “The Children Of GOD” We are expected to help Our Naturally Beautiful but dangerous Planet become a Paradise. A “Paradise” that is an exquisite Balance of Wilderness, Agriculture and Beautiful, Peaceful and Productive Cities.

To end war and bring to an end the warring kinds of humans. Do not go to war…except in “True Self Defense”. (See article defining and describing “True Self Defense”)

Maintain a Balance , in Your numbers, in relation to the land You occupy.

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