Nations Co-existent With Tribes?

On some kind of Equality basis? It is possible, but hasn’t happened very much yet.

This is because of the basic nature of the present day nations, which stems from our state of Evolution.

The nations are too power and profit oriented to consistently treat tribal structures with Fairness and Equality. Justice becomes the rule book for the wealthy.

But, it is possible for nations to Peacefully co-exist with tribes. Several things have to be accomplished first:

(1) The “Mammonites” within each nation have to be eliminated or severely brought under control. This will isolate the excessive dictates, of the excessive wealth cadre, from the institutions of True Justice.

(2) The Co-operating tribes, of a Peace Loving Humanity, have to be able to equal, or surpass the power of the nations. This will make it “not worth it” for a nation, or nations, to aggress the tribes unjustly. This would include the tribes producing, themselves, or having a reliable source of, weaponry and a self-governance system that does not break down from uncooperative factions. This “stance” of national allied integrated tribes, can also provide much of their nation’s strengths, when confronted by foreign aggression.

(3) The integrated and allied tribes must be equally dedicated to Fairness and Justice and Peace, just as New Nations Evolve into this Moral State too. Co-existence is a two way path.

I would like to say here that a good dose of “Direct Democracy”, the Ideal kind that emanates from a well educated and responsible Citizenry would help the nations and the allied tribes within them, become the best they can be…Good, Reliable Partners in the co-existence between them, for the sake of the nation.

I imagine that it is possible, that the city structures and their Citizens, could be “within” tribal structures. It started this way, in the United States of America, but the city building element became dominant and the source of the resultant social design and structure into the future. What is left of the “Old Tribes” and what develops of the potential of “New Tribes” has to grow strong enough to counter the city builder infra and social structures. The spread of buildings has to stop, or be redirected underground. Populations have to be “stabilized” (equal deaths to births).

If We “have to” eat meat, then the Bison should replace, or be crossbred with, the Cow…it being more efficient to produce and healthier. Probably to become vegetarian would be the best solution for Human nutrition concerns.

Why Tribes and Not Nations?

Why tribes and not nations? Basically, because nations reach the critical mass where Human control fails and the nations, sometimes horribly, collapse. Tribal structures are easier to control for Beings that have Evolved to where We are now.

It seems like “Tribal Social Structures” can stay within controllable parameters that are less harmful to the Individuals that comprise the population of Urth.

Also, tribal structures that are less stressful, in social terms, are easier to design and maintain for Evolutionary Progress, than nations. Nations tend to become hard to manage because of their size, not only in numbers of People, but also because of the tremendous aggregation of diverse cultural elements. (thinking of the current modern nations here).

Some Nations have demonstrated positive possibilities and realities in their handling through “Law” and “Education”, of diverse cultural elements. The United States of America is the leader in this set of cultural skills. But even this great nation, is experiencing the stresses of trying to harmonize, or even tolerate certain types of cultural diversity. And the main cultural economic structure, “Capitalism” has limitations that conflict with either “blending” or “sufficient harmonization” of the Many Kinds of People. The noble Democratic Intentions and Designs of The United States of America are being severely tested by too numerous and diversely cultural Individuals. Many see Civil War and, or, system collapse coming. If this happens then the stage will be automatically set to build new smaller tribal cultures…or a state of anarchy…probably both.

Our love of Freedom and Individuality is conflicting with Our Young Ideas of Fairness and Justice These cultural elements need rethinking and new systems incorporating and Balancing them, designed.

Smaller Tribal Structures could help with this big nation rehabilitation process. They can specialize in “Ways of Life” and maybe make sensible contributions to new nations…one building block at a time. Old Tribes, New Tribes, Alliances of Tribes and Confederations of Tribes can be stepping stones toward the Birth New and Better Nations. A “United Tribes Of America” anyone?

It is possible that New Tribes and their excellence (when this does come to pass) at stable social structures might come to be considered the better social structure designs and Nations will become a thing of the past.

Or, possibly, We will eventually learn what We need to know to make nations, even a Great Confederation Of Nations, a successful Human Endeavor.

We can do Good Tribalism, but just aren’t ready to build Good Nations yet. There are things to be gotten rid of and things to practice till We get it right.

All this keeping in Mind, that the ultimate goal is “Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards All Men and Women”.

Two Kinds Of Evolutionary States.

There is probably a third Evolutionary State, that will occur to me as I write about two of them. This would be in keeping with the “Law Of Three” that I believe in.

One is the “Established Evolutionary State”. This is the actual state of Evolution that has been attained…whether it represents “gains”, or “losses”…which are best perceived in the light of the Morality of Creational Standards…as We become aware of them. In this sense “Evolution” can be called Evolutionary, or “Devolutionary”. The one taking Us closer to Creational Ideas and Norms and the other away from the same.

The second Evolutionary State is that of Potentiality; where Evolution arrives at its possibilities, based on what has been learned and accomplished by that which Evolves. This is the exciting cutting edge of Evolution, that enables Evolution to be what it is…that which becomes “More and Better”.

Devolution is the regressive state of Evolution that occurs when various forces are brought to bear on “what is” and causes it to lose some of what it has gained. Some emotional, mental, or other essential support is weakened and lost which causes a backward movement to what is supportable. An adjustment that is the Evolutionary State’s response to changes in Reality and Life.

And what complicates and makes this whole thing very interesting to some of Us, is that Evolution is not evenly experienced. It is expressed, uniquely, by Individual Creational Units, We sometimes call Personalities, or “Souls”. No two Individuals are identically Evolved. Some (maybe even Many) can come close to this exact duplication, but never totally achieve it. But CREATOR’S GREATNESS is such that “close” is Good Enough. “Enough” so that some critical mass or energy can be attained, that enables an Evolutionary State to come into Being. I think that exact duplication of Individual Moral State in Evolution has less value in the overall scheme of things, than the subtle (and perhaps not so subtle) differences that comprises the dynamic and Living Evolutionary State . Exact duplication might only have it’s best value in the Creational Realm of Pattern…something compared to (by those that do compare such) but not having the kind of energy and Life in the Material Realm that is important. Anyway, I believe that Evolutionary States are never totally synchronized and “locked in”…they are dynamic, extremely varied and ever changing. This is what makes them Evolutionary.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned a “Third Evolutionary State”. This one can be found in the tension where the stress of the negative and positive potentials of all aspects are temporarily opposed and balanced with each other. This state is ever near to a change, one way or the other, because sooner or later, something has to give.

This point of change doesn’t always produce reversal of motion, or direction. Sometimes it can “slide sideways” into strange new “structures” within the Evolutionary State. Perhaps subtle shifts that bring surprising compromises within the whole thing.

I conclude here, that an “Evolutionary State” has three basic parts. That which is perceivably regressing, that which is perceivably “advancing” and that which is  developing strange new things, in which it is difficult to decide what is happening.

I think it would be a good idea to try to develop some kinds of control mechanism, when We take Responsibility for Our Evolution. Otherwise an Evolutionary State can become “anarchic” and “chaotic” and (to me) very frightening because such states can be very dangerous to all concerned. Even self-destructive.

How A New Tribe Can Be “Evolutionary”

The “Urantia Book” informs Us that a culture can fail when it goes too far from its Evolutionary roots.

“Failure” can include automatic harmonization with society Evolutionary norms, as well as “collapse”, or gradual disintegration.

If “Evolution” can be defined as a process of change for a “Better” state of societies , or circumstances in Life (Spiritual as well as Material)…a constant flow of change events that moves Us toward improvement, in relation to Goodness, as is defined by the “Golden Rule”, the “Ten Commandments” and the Revelations about CREATOR found in written publications, including the “Urantia Book”. of course Our definitions of Goodness, though having a constant and stable core of Truth, will change. This writer desires and assumes, that this change will always be More Living Expressions of “Goodness” in its “Highest Sense”.  In the sense that Our Ideas about “Goodness” will always impulse toward its most known manifestations…its greatest expressions that We suspect exists in Creation. Some of this is experience with Goodness in Our Lives and some of this is successful guesswork.

Ideally, Goodness will always be strong in Love, Kindness, Patience, Balance of  seemingly opposed elements and Fairness. These phenomena are the measure of how much Goodness, Goodness has.

The increase of “Goodness” is the central goal of “Evolution”. All aspects of Goodness will contribute to an ever improving state of Our Evolution.

A New Tribe would be best developed and expressed, when it includes, “Better” and “Better”, these tenets of Goodness.

When a New Tribe has dedicated its collective values (the best it can) toward the above considerations, then it will have value in the Creational Evolutionary Scheme Of Things.

Dalamatia, the Two Gardens Of Eden and Aratta of Adamson were all powerful and noble efforts of superior culture, designed to uplift Us Humans out of Our stagnant Savagery. These great efforts, so profoundly contributed to by Forces Of The Spiritual Realm, “failed” (in some degree) because of the resistance to them that came out of the “Lucifer Rebellion” and the strain and drain upon them placed by surrounding morally Inferior, but numerically “superior” Peoples…that gradually and eventually overwhelmed, or drained, the “uplifting” social constructs. This process occurred over thousands of years, but it did leave a legacy of cultural improvement that represents a partial success of these wonderful efforts for Us. The “Uplifters” did leave their mark and praise Creator for that!

Now. In the “Urantia Book”, the Angels responsible for the revelations in it, more than once, have warned Us that “artificial social constructs” will “fail” eventually from Evolutionary pressures. The Potentials, while being partially achieved, will be undercut by the Realities of Life As It Is.

But what the beautiful Angels don’t say, clearly,  is that the above mentioned “partial achievement” of “Artificial Social Constructs” do effect Evolution in positive ways. Sometimes the effect is immediate, but more often it reveals itself over time. Most of Us don’t notice the “effect” until it becomes a dominant feature of Our Cultures. Agriculture is one of these effects, that has emerged over time, that came from Dalamatia, The Two Edens and Aratta. We find more and more evidence of this cultural phenomena’s growth as We “uncover” the artifacts and ruins of earlier cultures. For one, I personally believe that agriculture wouldn’t be what it is today, if it wasn’t for the influence of these very early “Uplifter” Cultures.

My whole point being here, that “artificial social constructs” do have value in the “Evolutionary Scheme Of Things”. Maybe not all of what is initially intended, but a positive effect for Change For The Better, nevertheless.

I find wonderful value in this partial achievement. And, I am encouraged to seriously consider continuing my work to promote the artificial social constructs of New Tribes…as a positive influence upon the Evolution of Us and Our World.

Every effort for More and Better, sets up its “ripple”…its vibration for Goodness…and some of this frequently achieves permanence in Our Evolution.

Now. In the name of the Idea Of Balance, I have to also remind Us that negative effects from artificial social constructs can also happen. It is Our Responsibility to, at least, try to learn to minimize these undesirable products…that come from Our Evolutionary State, as well as Our Artificial Social Constructs.

It has occurred to me, that an “Artificial Social Construct” can begin to “Evolve” and therefore become “Evolutionary”, with the proper care and maintenance. It helps a lot to not be surrounded by enemies bent on trying to destroy you and your Superior Social Construct. The reasons the Superior Culture of the Second Garden Of Eden “failed’ was because it was surrounded by too many enemies of lesser cultural abilities and Humans could not maintain the dedication and Life Skills necessary for the Edenic Culture…that was designed and guided in its construction by Superior Celestial Beings, that Adam and Eve were. (even after their “fall”) The weakness was in the Moral Abilities of the Humans of those days.



New Tribalism = A Specialized Interest

Many Individuals are attracted to the idea of alternate Lifestyles. But many of these will not be suited for involvement in New Tribes Of the “Better” Kind.

This is because some Individuals just cannot adjust and adapt to the needs of Many. Cannot fit in with a group…unless said group somehow can maintain hyper Individuality and coherence at the same time.

This kind of group did and can exist. The “American Mountain Man” did this. They socialized in their special way…infrequently and briefly. Then they went about their solitary lives.

They did develop and exercise “power” a few times. As a distinct and unique “group”. They, Individually, had above average skills in fighting. Skills that were enhanced and strengthened, by their Wilderness Living Lifestyle, their interactions with each other and their close contacts with the Old Tribes of the “Original Peoples” of the “Land of the Eagle and of the Condor and all the lands in between”.

But their strengths were in their loose and fluid, Individual philosophies of Personal Freedom. But this was the source of their “weakness” as well. If a lack of place and group permanence is construed as social weakness.

Those of the “Mountain Man Kind” might be able to form this kind of tribe. All that is needed is a bit of wilderness and some “Kindred Spirits”. This does exist now, in a few places, such as the “Rocky Mountains” and “Alaska”…probably in Siberia too.

The other type of New Tribe is, in varying degrees, more of a cooperative and social nature. These can be found almost anywhere and are of different Moral and Visionary levels. These can be found in small groups and in larger groups. They can be found in the cities and in rural areas and some can even be found in the remnants of wilderness that we still enjoy.

These social construct New Tribes can be very valuable in the perspective of the survival of the Human Species. Valuable as doable alternates in relation to collapsing civilizations.

New Tribalism is a specialized interest that could become “general” as More and More People need viable Lifestyle alternatives to turn to. The pragmatists usually follow the “visionaries” in these things. The way of things is not shown by the pragmatists and the way to do things is not proven by the visionaries. Both and more, are needed to make things, hopefully Good Things, come to pass.



When A “New Tribe” Is Of Value.

Depending on how one defines it, a “new tribe” can become a valuable social entity for several different reasons.
It might be mentioned here, that the “Old Tribes”, having developed out of little Families, Clans and Bands of richly varied and diverse Pre-historic Humanity, were intrinsic Evolutionary and essential steps toward a one day United and Peace Waging Humanity. A day that is probably still many thousands of years in an uncertain future. We, Homo Sapien Evolvus might not come to that day. There are forces and conditions that are competing to influence the achievement, or non-achievement, of this “dream” which began with the Creational Evolutionary Plans of Creator, here on Our World, Urth.
The value of the “Old Tribes” is in their “role” as social building blocks that augment and expedite the plans Of Creation. It is about important aggregations for survival, in the competitions between parts of species and races of Pre-Humanity and Humanity.
New Tribes, in some ways, are also expressions of Our quest to fulfill Creational Evolutionary Design and Planning. They can be valuable in their role to salvage elements of the largest social constructs, as these fragment and collapse under their own weight, as Humans reach limits of their abilities to successfully control their destiny. In other words, We tend to grow beyond Our abilities to maintain “large” societies because of the “Frontier Unknowns” these bring with them, as certain stresses accumulate to strain the abilities of the Leadership Kind of the Governments.
Usually We learn Our lessons in Life, from these stresses and strains, but usually after a collapse has occurred.
One of the values of New Tribes, (of the more Progressive and Positive Kind) is the saving of what can be used to rebuild a Better World, but not necessarily the same pattern as before. This idea could be said to be the “Overall Positive Value Of New Tribalism”.
But there are more “personal” viewpoints about the values of New Tribalism also.
One of these “personal viewpoints” is related to some Individual Needs that come from the weakness, or even absence of a “Good” Family structure in one’s Life. A new tribe could provide some healing and satisfactory emotional support for some Individuals who might need a Family Structure to relate to and function “in” (with), in their Lives. Family structures can become Clans (United Families) and Tribal (United Clans) size groups. But there is a “science” and “art” in the achievement of this. Methods that encompass, or is influenced by, many social organization styles and norms.
Another value, of a personal viewpoint, might be the mutual protection and safety that a new tribe might provide. Usually, it takes more to defend against more. Unless one is a formidable warrior type, then survival can be augmented in close knit groups. But even “Lone Wolves” have their limitations…as do any social groupings.
The preservation of and maintenance of a new tribe can be a wonderful challenge for those of Us who perceive the value of this remedy to collapsing civilizations…or even merely to experiment with Better Ways Of Living. Those of Us who enjoy the challenge of riding the “Winds Of Change” and even directing them to serve Humanity and the Creational Plans.
But We must keep in Mind that there will be “Loss” as well as gain. The point might be to minimize the losses and maximize the gains; according to the Morals and Values (Virtues) of the members of a new tribal society.
There will be many differences between the world of the “Old Tribes” and that of the “New Tribes”.
For many thousands of years (almost a million) the Old Tribes had vast lands in which to seek “elbow room” and expand into. They did this as one solution to the problems caused by prolific Human reproductivity and the competition that came from this. (Also, there is the manipulations of Us by powerful alien groups that promote “gains” for themselves from Humans waging war on Humans) We have much ignorance to overcome.
Today and tomorrow, the New Tribes will not have the luxury of Wilderness to go to and fill. The “More Advanced” of them will have to master their numbers in relation to their ability to produce food and the amenities of Life and will have to learn the arts of making do with limited areas of land. However, the overpopulation of Our World might be reduced to where this limitation of space to Live in, might be relieved, through times of terrible struggle, disease and war.

Far Better to Responsibly learn and develop the disciplines of self-control that would promote a Peaceful and Evolutionary transition to Better Humanity Of Urth. Far Better to reduce Our Birth Rate and Humanely cull genetic defects and develop the social skills We need to construct Good standards of Living within prescribed areas. Each tribe should do this, un-interfered with within established “Standards of Decency”, in their own way. For the sake of their own group.
The value of this aspect of New Tribalism is obvious, to those of Us who can perceive it.

Evolution and Constitutions As Part of New Tribal Design

This is the post excerpt.

Intelligent and intentional design began Evolution and has always been part of Evolution.

Constitutions were no more and no less, than verbal traditions that began when “Sonta En” (“Fonta”) said no to a two fisted grab for meat off the spit. Then She made it understood as to why this must be. Morality was being taught.

For over 990,000 years, these verbal traditions, as to “Right” and “wrong” were Humanity’s Constitutions.

Then these Morals began to be painted on and carved in, stone.

Now, these Constitutional Ways We Do Things informs Us the way We should Live. In Our Times now, this taught Morality can be found in Verbal traditions (spoken and sung), on and in stone and other hard durable substances, in writing on softer substances and can even be found in electronic digital magic on screens large and small. They are probably even part of the entries in the “Akashik Records” of the Spiritual World.

Constitutions have proven themselves to be helpful, durable and conducive to Evolution in All CREATION, as well as for Humanity Of Urth. They are intended to help Us see and practice the Better Rules of Living. They have come from the Best Of Us.

They have assisted many Civilizations to be the best they could be (according to the times) and have provided Ideas for New Constitutions, when these were needed by New designs and forms of Society. Cultures rise and collapse, each in their turn, making way for Evolutionary Advancement through fresh new combinations of cultural elements.

Civilizations fail and become building material for new Tribal Identities to utilize; sometimes reaching only a certain strength as singular societies, sometimes aggregating into stronger social groups. All have their Constitutions as part of this Evolutionary Progress.

New Ideas for New imagined Tribes are stimulated, from the disappointment and stress of dominating “civilized” cultures. The ones that increasingly fail the mandates of their Constitutions and slide into selfishness and corruption.

We are now at a point where We can intentionally and with good purpose, develop Better Constitutions for Our Tribe. We can do this even before We are a tribe. The Better the Constitution, the Better the Tribe.

What should a Tribal Constitution be? Well, We could start with the Idea that a Constitution should be intended and designed to help every Individual, of the Tribe, “to be the best they can be” and that there are certain guidelines and tolerances within which to keep Individual Behavior. Minimums of Behavior have to be decided upon and Excesses have to identified and dealt with. Between and out of these, Ideological boundaries, the desired Good Life can be Lived by the Members of the Tribe. Pressures from Nature and Other Cultures will have to be also dealt with…in as Positive and Productive ways as possible.

Now, in Our Times, We are fortunate to be able to draw upon previous Constitutions for Inspiration and influence. Most, if not all, Constitutions, are intended to call to the best in and of Us, for the sake of Good Strong Cultures and Good Living. Usually as “improvement” over what has been suggested before. This “call” serves Evolution and CREATION.

I feel that it is my mission to help develop a New Constitution for my imagined and desired People, the “HamaNar”…the People of Hope. I see myself as the forward scout and trail marker for them. This can be seen in all that I have done and do in my written works…which I Hope will be one day discovered and utilized by them, as they rise to their moment.

The next thing I should do, is begin to write a suggested Constitution for them to build upon, in their own unique tribal way.

A Suggested Constitution for My “HamaNar People”

We The HamaNar People, a Tribe of Hopeful and Cooperating Individuals of Good Spirits and Minds, do discuss, agree upon, design and propose, the following declaration to be the beginning of Our Tribal Constitution.

We Love CREA. We are the Children Of CREA and sincerely desire to be Children that gives, in Our Lives and Living, Happiness to CREA.

To be able to give Happiness to CREA, WE will endeavor to discover what CREA desires of Us and fulfill those desires as Ascendant Souls, that have begun Our Immortal Careers in the Finite Realm of CREATION.

We intend to Live Our Lives as beneficial assets to the planet Urantia (Urth) and Our Planet’s Nature and Environments. As We become more experienced and Wiser, We will become more beneficial to Our First World. We know We will have much to learn and will always have much to learn…this being A Way Of CREATION.

We intend to live in Peace with all of Humanity, that will Live in Peace with Us.

We intend to not be a burden, detriment, or threat to any Other Culture that Lives on Our World with Us. But They must do their share in this undertaking for Peaceful Co-existence. If need be, We will defend Ourselves.

We will strive to stay within Our Tribal Territory, even to the point where We practice Wise and Loving control of Our population numbers. We intend to stay within Our Boundaries and need Other Tribes and Nations to do the same.

We intend to be an asset for all Other Tribes and Nations and treat Them Fairly and Justly in all contacts with Them. We expect to be treated the same as We treat Others.

We will Democratically Govern Ourselves, through the Good Heart and Mind Participation, of each of Us, as is possible and productive to do.

We will practice Our Self Governance every day. The Councils constantly being active in the self Watchfulness of Our Culture.

We seek, in the Best Of Us, Good heart and Mind.

We Honor those with Good Heart and Mind, from the least of Us to the Best Of Us. This includes Elders, Men, Women and Children, each having their councils, as part of the whole Tribal Council.

All suggestions will be respectfully considered and the Best of these will be acted upon.

Reward of Recognition will be given to Those Of Us who contribute to the Well Being of Our Tribe, beyond what might be considered “Normal”. “Normal” always a reflection of Tribal “High” Ideas, Aspirations and Goals.

We intend to continuously study the “Standards”, “Guidelines” and “Goals”, that We practice in Daily Living, always watching for Way To Improve Them…as well as to Express Them.

All “Laws” will be considered and formed, through Individual Voting, by every Member of Our Tribe.

All “Laws” will be constantly reviewed, in the context of how they serve cases of violations that come under them.

Consensus of Individual opinion is the most desirable goal in voting.

A “Strong Majority” in The Vote, is the second most desirable goal in voting. “Strong Majority” being defined as 70% as opposed to 30%, or less.

If a “Strong Majority” is not achieved, then further examination and discussion of the issue, if circumstances permit, is called for. If circumstances do not “permit”, then a narrow Majority Margin is used, until circumstances permit.

To Be Continued