The Better The “Education”, The Better The Tribe

It has happened that a person thought I wanted to live like “the Indians”, when I mentioned living tribally. That idea just pops into their minds when I just mention tribal living, without going into detail (of which there is very much) about it.

“Living like the Indians” is not the worst idea one could have  In many ways they lived Good Lives. In many ways they did not.

I would be proud to have their hunting, foraging and herbal medicine skills and knowledge…and their wood and stone craft. Their knowledge of their territories is to be admired too. In some ways they had Good Morals. For the most part they were loyal to their People and were brave in the defense of same. They frequently (almost daily) honored their Gods and Spirits in little and large rituals of song and dance and story telling. Stories designed to mostly teach the Good Red Road in Life…the paths of Moral Behavior that made one worthy of one’s People. One thing the Original Peoples of the “New World” had a reputation for, was the “Keeping Of One’s Word”. There was a high Individual participance in “One’s Word Of Honor”.  Of course, attending this virtue was the other one of Wisdom…as applied to being careful about what One says they will do.

To tell the Truth, I would emulate many of the ways of the “Red Peoples”, as I endeavored to build a superior tribal structure. A tribal system that inspires others to emulate Us. For the Betterment Of Humanity.

There is much to learn from the “Old Tribes”. Not only the Red Ones, but also the many different ones of the European, Asian and African continents. They all knew things and did things that would benefit a New Tribe becoming.

All We would have to do is discard the weaknesses…the error in emotion and mental practices. The quickness to wage war, for example. Or even the willingness to attack another because they are different. Though I can see where certain kinds of difference should be attacked, with the goal to eradicate them from Our Species.

So. Some of the “knowledge of the “Old Tribes” should be and would be, adapted from and used. It would be a shame to waste such a rich heritage that developed over 900,000 years. Old Tribe knowledge seems to me to be a good foundational base for the development and addition of New Tribal Knowledge. The two branches, together, could become a powerful influence in the Evolution of Humanity.

New Tribalism knowledge will have its roots in the present day cultures. Particularly the knowledge in science and technology. But not all of this. The “best” tribes of New Tribalism would reject all involvement in and use of nuclear energy and technology. This dangerous science is just too toxic to use on Our World. Maybe it could be used in the exploration of the universe, but I don’t know if the Spiritual Realm will permit this.

Chemical knowledge has value, but it also needs a good dose of Morality applied to its use. It too is dangerous and can be misused in the “wrong” hands.

I hope that New Tribalism, at least it’s “better” elements will make gains in the control of “immoral Individuals” of Our Species. A great part of Our Education will be the research and development of “Standards Of Decency” that can be effectively applied in the management of Our Lives.

We need to learn how to recognize “inferior” behavior and constantly strive to reduce it among Us. It is a detriment to Our Evolution. And slows Us down…more than is normal. This can be achieved Humanely and Wisely….patiently and with perseverance. These neglected, or incompetently approached aspects of Our Evolution, need fresh new energies from the “best” of Us. The “Inferior” will not help with this, because, of course, it threatens their dismal existence…their Lives as they understand it. “Standards Of Decency” in Human Rights have to be carefully studied and constructed. Of course, there will be a broad range of Lifestyle to be included in Our New Social Structures. But, in the spirit of “bringing the bottom up”, as well as uncorrupting the “Top”, We will, gently as possible, eradicate those that make the least contribution to Human Evolution. Those who rely on misuse of force and dishonesty to  promote prestige and wealth in their mis-lived lives. These are parasites and should no longer be allowed to stain the Evolutionary Record of Our Species.

I know I am using language that is frightening to some. But please understand that I hold dear the belief, that the best progress in Our Evolution is the efforts and gains We make in Ourselves…as Individuals.

These considerations  are basic to what is needed in Our Education as New Peoples in New Tribes. We must establish certain values, abilities and “controls” that the nations have failed to develop, or maintain. These will bring what reasonably can be called “Better” into Our Lives and Cultures.

Just gathering my efforts into one place in order to make improvements on it.

My work in “Narbarism” (one of the “New Tribalism” Movements), is somewhat scattered in the digital world and on hard copy paper.

I will gradually bring it here for editing and improvements. This process will also help me with my focus about these matters.

It will be interesting to see how big a pile this all will make. I have a lot of ideas and more are coming.

Benign Leadership, Direct Democracy, or Both?

Many cultural social constructs have had benign leadership. Many have also had bad to malevolent dictatorship. This is True for nations as well as tribes.

A True Benevolent Leader is a real blessing to a struggling People, that need enlightened and “firm” guidance to survive and become Better and More. But pity the Individual who undertakes such a calling. Too often they have to trust the un-trustworthy and sometimes are even betrayed by the very People they are trying to help.

Having the final say about policies and ways of doing is very intoxicating and it takes a Truly special person to avoid this intoxication. A person that has a real grip on his, or her egos. This is, so far, extremely rare in the Humanity Of Urth. Only a few names can be seen, that has achieved this extreme virtue:

(1) Jeshua Ben Joseph a.k.a. Michael Of Nebadon, Jesus, The Risen Christ. “The Son Of God In Human Form”. Was born of Human Woman, but may not have been the seed of Human Man. Therefore not Truly a Human, though He has established a very Good example of what a benign leader might do. Though his personal sacrifice on the cross does not seem to be very productive in terms of Human Social Constructs and Evolution. but much of what He achieved has yet to become real (in the material sense) yet. We’ll see.

(2) Machiventa Melchizedek. A Spiritual Being that took the form of a Human Man in order to keep alive certain Revealed Truths about Creator and Creation on Our World. Was not “born” from Human Woman, but was materialized as a mature male adult…therefore probably does not qualify as an example of a “Benign Human Leader” of Us. Though Humans could follow his example some.

(3) Abraham Lincoln. Though arguments have been presented that denies his benign aspect, this great leader did seem to empathize with the “Common Man” of his times.

(4) Martin Luther King. A definite Human benign leader, but only within the Spiritual or Religious part of Our Nation. I have wondered what kind of President he would have made and what his views of Direct Democracy might be.

An Individual often starts well on this difficult quest, but begins to fail as they encounter the endless problems associated with their leadership of a cultural social construct. The ratio of Good, Responsible Citizens to those that are less so is still way unbalanced and out of proportion to the operational and functional needs of a nation…or even tribes for that matter.

It occurs to me that a benign leader might try to find and prepare, a replacement, in the event that the benign leader begins to fail in their quest. Or that a “pool” of benign leaders is developed to expedite a continuity of “Good Governance” for a Human Cultural Social Construct.

We also need to take a careful look at what is Truly Benign. What are the acceptable limits of tolerance within this rare Human Skill Set? How much wrongdoing from members of a given society should be put up with? Should these parameters be flexible and fluctuate? And who, should be the final deciders of these issues?

What role should the People have in these national and tribal matters?

If a Truly Benign Leader does step forward for Us, shouldn’t We step forward toward Her, or Him? Or “Them”?

I believe so. We The People, as Good Citizens of Our Nation or Tribe, should make it Our Sacred Quest to Evolve Ourselves to “Well Educated”, “Responsible” and “Devoted Members of Our Societies”.

“Well Educated” is a very important consideration here. What will We mean when We say “Well Educated”? These meanings will have to be predicated on Our Individuality, as well as Our Collective Standard Of Decency about this. Perhaps a worthy goal for this would be that 75% of Our Population would be Educated so well, in many aspects of Life, that Our National Will would be an excellent example for the rest of Our World to emulate.

We could begin these things and practice them, at the tribal level. Within the New Tribes (as well as the Old Tribes) it would be easier to design, formulate, and experiment with the best methods of Good Human Governance. One advantage the tribes would have is a greater coherency and compatibility across its membership, due to initial agreements about what is included and what is excluded…as to Human Behavior and Ideas. Three hundred Humans have a better chance to build unified standards of living and governance norms than three million.

To conclude this article I will say that “Benign Leadership” and “Good Governance Of The Many” can form a powerful alliance and ability in the quest for a Superior Humanity in a Peaceful World.

Nations Co-existent With Tribes?

On some kind of Equality basis? It is possible, but hasn’t happened very much yet.

This is because of the basic nature of the present day nations, which stems from our state of Evolution.

The nations are too power and profit oriented to consistently treat tribal structures with Fairness and Equality. Justice becomes the rule book for the wealthy.

But, it is possible for nations to Peacefully co-exist with tribes. Several things have to be accomplished first:

(1) The “Mammonites” within each nation have to be eliminated or severely brought under control. This will isolate the excessive dictates, of the excessive wealth cadre, from the institutions of True Justice.

(2) The Co-operating tribes, of a Peace Loving Humanity, have to be able to equal, or surpass the power of the nations. This will make it “not worth it” for a nation, or nations, to aggress the tribes unjustly. This would include the tribes producing, themselves, or having a reliable source of, weaponry and a self-governance system that does not break down from uncooperative factions. This “stance” of national allied integrated tribes, can also provide much of their nation’s strengths, when confronted by foreign aggression.

(3) The integrated and allied tribes must be equally dedicated to Fairness and Justice and Peace, just as New Nations Evolve into this Moral State too. Co-existence is a two way path.

I would like to say here that a good dose of “Direct Democracy”, the Ideal kind that emanates from a well educated and responsible Citizenry would help the nations and the allied tribes within them, become the best they can be…Good, Reliable Partners in the co-existence between them, for the sake of the nation.

I imagine that it is possible, that the city structures and their Citizens, could be “within” tribal structures. It started this way, in the United States of America, but the city building element became dominant and the source of the resultant social design and structure into the future. What is left of the “Old Tribes” and what develops of the potential of “New Tribes” has to grow strong enough to counter the city builder infra and social structures. The spread of buildings has to stop, or be redirected underground. Populations have to be “stabilized” (equal deaths to births).

If We “have to” eat meat, then the Bison should replace, or be crossbred with, the Cow…it being more efficient to produce and healthier. Probably to become vegetarian would be the best solution for Human nutrition concerns.

Why Tribes and Not Nations?

Why tribes and not nations? Basically, because nations reach the critical mass where Human control fails and the nations, sometimes horribly, collapse. Tribal structures are easier to control for Beings that have Evolved to where We are now.

It seems like “Tribal Social Structures” can stay within controllable parameters that are less harmful to the Individuals that comprise the population of Urth.

Also, tribal structures that are less stressful, in social terms, are easier to design and maintain for Evolutionary Progress, than nations. Nations tend to become hard to manage because of their size, not only in numbers of People, but also because of the tremendous aggregation of diverse cultural elements. (thinking of the current modern nations here).

Some Nations have demonstrated positive possibilities and realities in their handling through “Law” and “Education”, of diverse cultural elements. The United States of America is the leader in this set of cultural skills. But even this great nation, is experiencing the stresses of trying to harmonize, or even tolerate certain types of cultural diversity. And the main cultural economic structure, “Capitalism” has limitations that conflict with either “blending” or “sufficient harmonization” of the Many Kinds of People. The noble Democratic Intentions and Designs of The United States of America are being severely tested by too numerous and diversely cultural Individuals. Many see Civil War and, or, system collapse coming. If this happens then the stage will be automatically set to build new smaller tribal cultures…or a state of anarchy…probably both.

Our love of Freedom and Individuality is conflicting with Our Young Ideas of Fairness and Justice These cultural elements need rethinking and new systems incorporating and Balancing them, designed.

Smaller Tribal Structures could help with this big nation rehabilitation process. They can specialize in “Ways of Life” and maybe make sensible contributions to new nations…one building block at a time. Old Tribes, New Tribes, Alliances of Tribes and Confederations of Tribes can be stepping stones toward the Birth New and Better Nations. A “United Tribes Of America” anyone?

It is possible that New Tribes and their excellence (when this does come to pass) at stable social structures might come to be considered the better social structure designs and Nations will become a thing of the past.

Or, possibly, We will eventually learn what We need to know to make nations, even a Great Confederation Of Nations, a successful Human Endeavor.

We can do Good Tribalism, but just aren’t ready to build Good Nations yet. There are things to be gotten rid of and things to practice till We get it right.

All this keeping in Mind, that the ultimate goal is “Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards All Men and Women”.

Two Kinds Of Evolutionary States.

There is probably a third Evolutionary State, that will occur to me as I write about two of them. This would be in keeping with the “Law Of Three” that I believe in.

One is the “Established Evolutionary State”. This is the actual state of Evolution that has been attained…whether it represents “gains”, or “losses”…which are best perceived in the light of the Morality of Creational Standards…as We become aware of them. In this sense “Evolution” can be called Evolutionary, or “Devolutionary”. The one taking Us closer to Creational Ideas and Norms and the other away from the same.

The second Evolutionary State is that of Potentiality; where Evolution arrives at its possibilities, based on what has been learned and accomplished by that which Evolves. This is the exciting cutting edge of Evolution, that enables Evolution to be what it is…that which becomes “More and Better”.

Devolution is the regressive state of Evolution that occurs when various forces are brought to bear on “what is” and causes it to lose some of what it has gained. Some emotional, mental, or other essential support is weakened and lost which causes a backward movement to what is supportable. An adjustment that is the Evolutionary State’s response to changes in Reality and Life.

And what complicates and makes this whole thing very interesting to some of Us, is that Evolution is not evenly experienced. It is expressed, uniquely, by Individual Creational Units, We sometimes call Personalities, or “Souls”. No two Individuals are identically Evolved. Some (maybe even Many) can come close to this exact duplication, but never totally achieve it. But CREATOR’S GREATNESS is such that “close” is Good Enough. “Enough” so that some critical mass or energy can be attained, that enables an Evolutionary State to come into Being. I think that exact duplication of Individual Moral State in Evolution has less value in the overall scheme of things, than the subtle (and perhaps not so subtle) differences that comprises the dynamic and Living Evolutionary State . Exact duplication might only have it’s best value in the Creational Realm of Pattern…something compared to (by those that do compare such) but not having the kind of energy and Life in the Material Realm that is important. Anyway, I believe that Evolutionary States are never totally synchronized and “locked in”…they are dynamic, extremely varied and ever changing. This is what makes them Evolutionary.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned a “Third Evolutionary State”. This one can be found in the tension where the stress of the negative and positive potentials of all aspects are temporarily opposed and balanced with each other. This state is ever near to a change, one way or the other, because sooner or later, something has to give.

This point of change doesn’t always produce reversal of motion, or direction. Sometimes it can “slide sideways” into strange new “structures” within the Evolutionary State. Perhaps subtle shifts that bring surprising compromises within the whole thing.

I conclude here, that an “Evolutionary State” has three basic parts. That which is perceivably regressing, that which is perceivably “advancing” and that which is  developing strange new things, in which it is difficult to decide what is happening.

I think it would be a good idea to try to develop some kinds of control mechanism, when We take Responsibility for Our Evolution. Otherwise an Evolutionary State can become “anarchic” and “chaotic” and (to me) very frightening because such states can be very dangerous to all concerned. Even self-destructive.

How A New Tribe Can Be “Evolutionary”

The “Urantia Book” informs Us that a culture can fail when it goes too far from its Evolutionary roots.

“Failure” can include automatic harmonization with society Evolutionary norms, as well as “collapse”, or gradual disintegration.

If “Evolution” can be defined as a process of change for a “Better” state of societies , or circumstances in Life (Spiritual as well as Material)…a constant flow of change events that moves Us toward improvement, in relation to Goodness, as is defined by the “Golden Rule”, the “Ten Commandments” and the Revelations about CREATOR found in written publications, including the “Urantia Book”. of course Our definitions of Goodness, though having a constant and stable core of Truth, will change. This writer desires and assumes, that this change will always be More Living Expressions of “Goodness” in its “Highest Sense”.  In the sense that Our Ideas about “Goodness” will always impulse toward its most known manifestations…its greatest expressions that We suspect exists in Creation. Some of this is experience with Goodness in Our Lives and some of this is successful guesswork.

Ideally, Goodness will always be strong in Love, Kindness, Patience, Balance of  seemingly opposed elements and Fairness. These phenomena are the measure of how much Goodness, Goodness has.

The increase of “Goodness” is the central goal of “Evolution”. All aspects of Goodness will contribute to an ever improving state of Our Evolution.

A New Tribe would be best developed and expressed, when it includes, “Better” and “Better”, these tenets of Goodness.

When a New Tribe has dedicated its collective values (the best it can) toward the above considerations, then it will have value in the Creational Evolutionary Scheme Of Things.

Dalamatia, the Two Gardens Of Eden and Aratta of Adamson were all powerful and noble efforts of superior culture, designed to uplift Us Humans out of Our stagnant Savagery. These great efforts, so profoundly contributed to by Forces Of The Spiritual Realm, “failed” (in some degree) because of the resistance to them that came out of the “Lucifer Rebellion” and the strain and drain upon them placed by surrounding morally Inferior, but numerically “superior” Peoples…that gradually and eventually overwhelmed, or drained, the “uplifting” social constructs. This process occurred over thousands of years, but it did leave a legacy of cultural improvement that represents a partial success of these wonderful efforts for Us. The “Uplifters” did leave their mark and praise Creator for that!

Now. In the “Urantia Book”, the Angels responsible for the revelations in it, more than once, have warned Us that “artificial social constructs” will “fail” eventually from Evolutionary pressures. The Potentials, while being partially achieved, will be undercut by the Realities of Life As It Is.

But what the beautiful Angels don’t say, clearly,  is that the above mentioned “partial achievement” of “Artificial Social Constructs” do effect Evolution in positive ways. Sometimes the effect is immediate, but more often it reveals itself over time. Most of Us don’t notice the “effect” until it becomes a dominant feature of Our Cultures. Agriculture is one of these effects, that has emerged over time, that came from Dalamatia, The Two Edens and Aratta. We find more and more evidence of this cultural phenomena’s growth as We “uncover” the artifacts and ruins of earlier cultures. For one, I personally believe that agriculture wouldn’t be what it is today, if it wasn’t for the influence of these very early “Uplifter” Cultures.

My whole point being here, that “artificial social constructs” do have value in the “Evolutionary Scheme Of Things”. Maybe not all of what is initially intended, but a positive effect for Change For The Better, nevertheless.

I find wonderful value in this partial achievement. And, I am encouraged to seriously consider continuing my work to promote the artificial social constructs of New Tribes…as a positive influence upon the Evolution of Us and Our World.

Every effort for More and Better, sets up its “ripple”…its vibration for Goodness…and some of this frequently achieves permanence in Our Evolution.

Now. In the name of the Idea Of Balance, I have to also remind Us that negative effects from artificial social constructs can also happen. It is Our Responsibility to, at least, try to learn to minimize these undesirable products…that come from Our Evolutionary State, as well as Our Artificial Social Constructs.

It has occurred to me, that an “Artificial Social Construct” can begin to “Evolve” and therefore become “Evolutionary”, with the proper care and maintenance. It helps a lot to not be surrounded by enemies bent on trying to destroy you and your Superior Social Construct. The reasons the Superior Culture of the Second Garden Of Eden “failed’ was because it was surrounded by too many enemies of lesser cultural abilities and Humans could not maintain the dedication and Life Skills necessary for the Edenic Culture…that was designed and guided in its construction by Superior Celestial Beings, that Adam and Eve were. (even after their “fall”) The weakness was in the Moral Abilities of the Humans of those days.