Self Governance – Article 2 – “Governance through Good Mind and Heart Citizens Devoted to the Concept of the Well Being and Betterment Of The Many.”

It’s primarily about The People. Whether they be Members, or Citizens. If there were no People, or too few People, there would be no Governance…just the “leadership” of the most able. If there is too many, government would become ineffective and probably cease to exist. (If “excess” population cannot be syphoned off-world into Other Planet, or artificial world, Colonization.)

Good Governance depends on manageable numbers in relation to adequate, well watered, territory for Food Production. The ways We take care of Our Planet is critical too. So far, We Humans tend to “foul Our nest”. Good Governance is very much about the “positive” relationships between Humans and their Home World.

Good Governance would probably lead to Better and Better Governance.

Good Governance begins with a sufficient quantity and quality of Good Hearts and Minds to gain dominance over their territory. Humans of negative composition have to be eradicated, or controlled. Control being better, because control would afford the best possibility of utilizing the sometimes high energy of the negative Humans, for the benefit of those practicing Good Governance.

“The rise of political discourse dominated by broadcast media sound bites and seemingly unlimited interest-group advertising has changed the relationship between voters and their elected leaders. At the same time public confidence in Congress has dwindled, there are decisive electoral benefits for an incumbent representative who focuses on gaining publicity.[7] Moreover, such a responsibility is poorly fulfilled by only voting and passively consuming political news, but best fulfilled through active participation in public debate,…

…the maintenance of direct relationships with representatives, and intentional auditing of government by the citizenry.”

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