Self Governance

Coming articles about ways of “Self Governance”:

(1) “Controlling the excessively self serving “Leadership” of Representative Democracy, Elitist Autocracies and even Anarchic Societal Conditions. (Inferior Capitalism)”

(2) “Governance through Good Mind and Heart Citizens devoted to the concept of the Well Being and Betterment Of The Many.”

(3) “The Delicate but Critical Balance Between Our Individual Needs and the Needs Of Others.”

(4) “Recognizing The Work That Has Already Been Done Toward The Development Of National Standards Of Decency For Self Governance.”

(5) “The Role Of Superior Capitalism In Our Self Governance.”

(6) “Where Do We Begin Our Self Governance?”

(7) “When Do We Begin Our Self Governance?”


“Controlling the excessively self serving “Leadership” of Representative Democracy, Elitist Autocracies and even Anarchic Societal Conditions. (Inferior Capitalism)”

Do We want to? Do You want to? Do You think We can do Better than We have, about this leadership thing?

The “Urantia Book” tells Us that We are, where We are, in Our Evolution as Our Natural State of development, so to speak. I believe this is True.

We try new ways of doing things and these often produce an increase in the average condition of Our Species. Sometimes these innovations fail (to some degree) and sometimes they increase the life State average We call “Evolution”. The opposite effect can happen too, where We lose Evolutionary ground, because of becoming less than We were. Sometimes a part of Us devolves, as another part Evolves.

But I also believe that it is True that We didn’t get where We are by being complacent about where We are.

Our True Leaders built new paths for Us in Life and Living. Despite the depredations of pseudo leadership, they helped Us with these new directions. They continue to come and “raise the bar” for Us to rise to. When We succeed in this, Our Natural State of Evolution increases. When We fail, with new efforts for Change for the Better, Evolution is effected less and remains stable…unless the failed effort causes a reaction that undermines the Evolutionary State.

True Leadership, those Individuals of high Intelligence and superior Morality, develop and offer Us new perspectives and ways of Life in Philosophy, Spirituality, Science and Applied Hardship Relieving Technology. “They” did this with Ideas about Better Ways of doing things, so as to make Life Better and reduce hardship. “Hardship” should be overcome and leave more energy and time for addressing challenges, that, when solved, produces a higher Evolutionary State. It seems like there has always been a hunger to do Better and become Better as Children Of GOD and express this desire in the outward material manifestations of Our Cultures.

It looks like Our Species is good at the technology part, but “behind” in Morality. We can learn how to build the tools of the “Digital Age”, but struggle to apply the “Golden Rule”, “The Ten Commandments” and other precepts of Applied Wisdom in the interactions of Our Lives. This lag produces an out of Balance Evolutionary State that does not have certain Evolutionary strengths that includes unified and harmonious elements that enables a faster and more controllable Evolvement. There is so much “waste” of time and energy when Morality lags behind the rest of Our Progresses.

The “Urantia Book” also admonishes Us to follow Our urges and inclinations to become Better. This work, from these Other Beings of Creation, who reach “down” to assist Us, does not say to be content with where We are, but to build upon, or add to, it. They even promise a reward for Our Species and planet, once We have achieved a certain level of Evolution, that they call “The Age Of Light and Life”.

This will be a long journey for Us, but We have come far already and all We have to do is continue to strive for More and Better.

Some of Us will lead the way, others will follow and yet others will be dragged along kicking and screaming.

Of course the “kickers and screamers” are the “Status Quoers”, those that are doing “well” with what We have and who feel threatened by True Progress. They are the “Takers” and “Controllers” , usually an relatively, or negatively, unenlightened and uncaring bunch, that sees all change for the Better as a threat to their positions in Life. These are the dictators of various sorts, the politicians, the industry leaders and those that follow them seeking to benefit from and bathe, in their wealth and power, to what ever degree they can. All of these are a formidable obstacle to Positive Evolution, but their own greed eventually undoes their “stand”.  They end up allowing the changes that enhances and foments True Evolution, in the name of their profits. So, We can see that even these are part of Our Positive Evolution and can actually serve Us well by providing some resistance to poorly thought out ideas and urges. This “drag” causes the new ideas for Change to become well considered and heartfelt and well organized enough to succeed.

Evolution is an unstoppable GOD Given Mandate that unfolds at Our Pace.

The “Pace Setters” see the possible and desirable, next steps in this process and provide the True Leadership We need to become More and Better. This is really quite the fantastic and intricate “mechanism” of Material Life in CREATION that We are tremendously privileged tp participate in.

So, We begin to see that those that control Us for their own gain, are really subject, ultimately, to what We Do. but We have to develop the strengths that are necessary to overcome their devolutionary enertia. The “darkness” yields to the Light only so far as the Light’s Brightness is. Yesterday’s bright ideas are gone, or are part of the reluctant status quo, that provides the base for further advancement.

This “advancement” is more in some areas and less in other areas. In Our Times (probably since the beginning of Our Species) Our Morality is the least advanced. Our Morality could be so much Better than it is. But We have to care about this and be willing to make the necessary personal sacrifices for this. We, Individual by Individual, have to commit to this sacred quest. We, Individual by Individual, have to learn to control the “just as things are” controllers.

There is a level of these that are very difficult to face and overcome. These are the “new world order” Individuals, of great wealth and power, that remain very difficult to see. But their “works” are the world We now Live in. We can deal with these “works”. Eventually We can find them and bring them under Our Control for More and Better…for the Moral Advancement of Humanity. Without this Our Evolution will be without the Emotion that produces Goodness and ultimate success.

We The Exploited have much to learn about self determination in the Ways Of Our Lives. Much to learn about cooperation among Ourselves in the quest to deliver Ourselves from the exploiters. The “Bondage Matrix” that has been constructed to control Our Lives, was enabled by Our lack of skills in cooperation and Our ignorance of what “they” have done and are doing to Us.

We have to Care. We have to Care about Our Evolution. We have to Care about Our own Evolution and that of Others that are of Us. We have to make efforts to become More and Better in Ourselves and more effort to help Others do so too. We need to learn to see this need for as many of Us as possible. With every success in Ourselves and in Others, Our strengths for self determination grows.

To Be Continued