Space Exploration and Nomadism.

If We are allowed to do so, Our adventures into Our Solar System and Beyond, could be the beginning of an incredible era for Our Species…a “Golden Age” for Human Nomadism.

I say “allowed” because of what the “Urantia Book” has shared about this urge We have, to physically and materially leave Our Home World and explore CREATION: ”

Oh it’s out there sure enough. But will Humanity be allowed to go there…when We develop the abilities to do so? Could be. We have already left Our World and landed on the “Pearl Of Earth”, built a space station and We have reached toward Mars. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I will have fun imagining what the role of New Tribes and Nomadism would be like Our There.

This Work has begun. It will always be unfinished, so I feel free to just go ahead and publish what I got.

Watch this site for “Humanus Evolvus – Nomadus”

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