The Ancient Sacred White Fire Of The North

“Some Explanation of the Use Of The Fire’s Symbology and How This Found Its Way Into Narbarian Foundation Structure.”

   The term “The Ancient Sacred White Fire of the North” is symbolic of the White Race in Europe, Scandinavia and the Vast Realm of Russia and Siberia. This usage was revealed to me by Okimow Wacon Ne Pa Ka Nee Pa Wit of the Ghostchild Movement of the Land Of Forever…which is also known as the “North and South American Continents”. Okimow Wacon Ne Pa Ka Nee Pa Wit suggested that Narbarism could be the rebirth of the Old Sacred White Fire of the North as the New Sacred White Fire of the North. He thought this because I was of European extraction and therefore Narbarism was too. He did not realize, or understand, that I am of the “Others” of pre-history, who have lost their heritage and much of their culture due to conquests and assimilation, that began with the Lucifer Rebellion five hundred thousand years ago and then with the “Andite” (Aryan) conquests that followed.
I have claimed heritage from the Peaceful Peoples of Europe and Asia who were subjugated and absorbed by the warlike Nodites, Andites, Celts, Teutons and Romans.
My ancestors were the Andonites and Blue Men who first populated Europe and Asia. I claim nothing of the conquerers who forced themselves into my DNA and will not breed with any other than the Eskimos, Red Family, Yellow Family, Indigo Family and certain Women of Pictland, Russia, Siberia, The Steppes and the Danubian Basin and Alps…which still gives me lots of choices for a place to leave progeny if I were to do so…(I wont, cuz I got a vasectomy in 1976 as my part to curtail population growth)…its all moot for this old poot. My ancestry is “Pre-White”. Might even be a Neanderthal and Denisovan way back there somewhere and when.
It has taken me a couple of years to figure this out, though I realize that my thinking, though evolved, is not perfect. This means that some of Narbarism is about rekindling the captured, or extinguished fires of my ancestors. These fires will remind and have honorable place in the forming Narbarian Culture. They will become part of the wonderful Rainbow Fires of Earth that was begun in the 1960’s, by those that awakened from the forcibly induced nightmares of the Luciferian Age.
In order to better understand the role and functions and meanings of the new Narbarian fires, it will help a lot to explore the meanings and values of the “Old Fires of Middle Time Humanity”. The Old Sacred White Fire of the North is a good place to start.
It is my purpose in this document to give additional explanation of this fire’s symbolic usage. I will seek answers to the following seven questions:

Why did this Fire Symbolism usage come into use?
Who used this symbolic reference?
When was this reference used?
What is the full context of this symbolic reference?
Where was this reference used?
Where is this reference used?
Why was it accepted into Narbarian usage?

If I can answer these questions adequately, I will be satisfied and finally “settle in” to the Narbarian usage of this symbolic identification:

(1) Why did this Fire Symbolism usage come into use?

I may have to use my own mind to explain the above questions. Okimow Wacon Ne Pa Ka Nee Pa Wit has so far remained silent to my query regarding the meaning of the term.

To answer the “why” of this, let me break down the term into each constituent meaning and reassemble it.

Term: “The Ancient Sacred White Fire Of The North”   Followed the captured, or extinguished “Ancient Sacred Original Fire Of The Birthland”.

The = One and only.

Ancient = Old even beyond the reach of history. More specifically, back to the time when the Nodites, Adamites, Blue Men, Red Men, Yellow Men and Andonites began to migrationally merge into the Andites…about 25,000 years ago. Actually, back to the time of the beginning of the Homo Sapiens Species when the First Andonites, “Sonta En” and “Sonta An”, (see “Urantia Book”) decided to protect and preserve, their unique selves, thereby earning recognition status for Our Planet as “Inhabited”.

Back to this sacred beginning goes the primary root of my ancestral tree…which is True for all of Us Homo Sapiens. I am honored to hail from the line of “Onagar”, a very great Grandson of Sonta En and Sonta An, as the second root of my lineage. This being already just one little part of the root system that rose into the innumerable branches of Humanity’s Tree Of Life that rose over the Forest Of All Species Of Urth.

Into what was to be known as the “Altai Mountains of Asia”, my ancestors followed meat and berries and there met “Scolos” and His brave Followers. I suspect, that it was at this point in time, that my lineage was first enhanced by someone of this humble, but to become powerful, other Human migratory group’s introduction and encounter. In a brief tryst, in an Iris filled meadow, the “blood” of the “Blue Man” entered, for the first time, the genetic line that led to me. In the thousands of years to come, more “introductions” would add their uniqueness to the branch, I am briefly part of.

This was just one branch of millions that eventually became the “Ancient Sacred White Fire Of The North”. Its Living Light bathed the Mountains, Forests and Grasslands from the Altai Mountains, across Siberia, Scandinavia and Europe. This “Fire” for better or worse dominates Our World today.

Sacred = Having obligation to Creator. Worthy of reverence and deep respect.

White = All color merged in the motion of Living?

Fire = Racial Spirit and the light that emanates from it. Possibly overseen by a Racial Angel…or Angelic Guardian of a race.

Of The = From and included in.

North = The Northern Latitudes of the Earth commonly called the “Temperate Regions”. This life zone is vaguely north of the equatorial region and south of the Arctic Circle, but sometimes inclusive of regions found North of the Arctic Circle. An area that has always been affected by the Ice Ages to one degree or another.

Regarding “The” as an indication of one or singular:

Question: Why is it thought that there is only one Ancient and Sacred White Fire Of The North?

With the so called “White Race” divided so extensively by language and custom, if not physical type, (though there is also some division such as Aryan, Alpine and Mediterranean types), one would think that there would be more than one “White Fire” to represent these divisions of the so called “White Race”. This, multiple fire potential is probably a viewpoint from a certain perspective that has much to do with a larger amount of knowledge than I now possess. The single White Fire perspective, that I am familiar with is probably from that of the Original Peoples of the “Land Of Forever and Always”; the Red Race. I suspect this because Okimow Wacon Ne Pa Ka Nee Pa Wit, Founder of the “Ghostchild Movement” is partly of the Red Race and has focused his life in service primarily for its benefit. This is perhaps an expression invented by him as a convenient way to reference the White Invaders from Europe. So…the White Fire of the North is the Spirit of the White Race from Europe…which could be seen as inclusive of the divisions, so ancient and so diverse, within it.

Regarding “Ancient”:

Question: How old is the “White Fire of the North”?

Answer: It’s first two flames, though not yet “white” began almost one million years ago. 37,893 years ago, the time of the arrival of Adam and Eve to the “First Garden Of Eden” and the later dispersions and blending of certain Andonites, Sangiks (Races of color), Edenites and Adamsonites with the Nodites was the beginning of the True “White Fire Of The North”. The offspring of Adam and Eve were the source of the brightest “whiteness” of this Fire’s symbology. This migration and blending of old powerful races occurred over a five thousand year period and became established and consolidated with the Andites who strode and rode North into Scandinavia from Mesopotamia. After many conquests and assimilation of many Northern Andonite and Blue Race Peoples, these entered history as the hybrid or mongrel White, (depending upon one’s personal emotional mindset about this), Celts and Teutons. These conquering White Peoples invaded Europe from Scandinavia and subjugated and assimilated the last Andonites and Blue Men of that region. This huge process began in 15,000 BC and is still in motion today in the Land of Forever where Original Red Family and Metis are struggling to stem the White tide of assimilation in their quest to retain identity and sovereignty. Also in Siberia where many Peoples also struggle for their racial and cultural rights.

Regarding “Sacred”:

Question: Why is this fire seen as sacred?

The Spirit of all the fires of all the races are seen as sacred. Races have certain unique characteristic emphases, which are really certain combinations of racial ability that emphasize certain character traits over others. Also, each race has its characteristic weakness as well as strengths. The Green and Orange Races of Mother Earth weakened each other so much, through constant war, that the Indigo Race was able to conquer, exterminate or absorb what was left of them. That left seven races; four “colored” (Red, Yellow, Blue and Indigo)…two of divine origin of hybrid mix (Nodite and Edenite)…and the first original race (The Andonites). The “White Race” is really a hybridization (some would say mongrelization) of the Nodites (The Black Race – I call them the Black Race because they brought so much harm to Humanity and they have nothing to do with the Indigo Race of Africa.), the Violet Race (Descendants of Adam and Eve), the Blue Race and the Andonites. (With a pinch of every other race thrown in).
I have often wondered if it was a desirable goal for all the races to blend in such a way as to enhance all the good character traits of every race in such harmony that a super race would be the result? This will depend on whether or not Humanity succeeds in wise breeding of its good traits and qualities with the corresponding diminishment of the inferior traits that reside within each race. If we will survive these dangerous times, then we will see. Right now it seems like there are many undesirable traits being reproduced in Our “Melting Pot” cultures and these do seem to be getting the upper genetic hand. But I still see and interact with, a lot of high types in many people around me and therefore continue to entertain hopes for Human evolution into its best collective self. So…even though the “White Race” is a hybrid, a mixture of all the races, they deserve to have their Spirit thought of as sacred for that very reason…they represent all the races together in one ratio or another. White is really inclusive of Rainbow in endless variation and rainbow is truly a sacred symbol. It occurs to me that I should change the designation “White” to “Rainbow”, but this should not be done until the White Race has stopped most of its evils and begins to fulfill its potential as the Rainbow Race of Mother Earth. Then it will truly be sacred. The inclusion of other races continues to this day as the “colored” races enter America and Europe and mix. To me it is a beautiful destiny…for the “White Race” to become the “Rainbow Peoples of Mother Earth”. A blending of all the good qualities found in Humanity, living side by side in peace and happiness with well maintained relatively “pure” strains of the Red, Yellow, Indigo, Redhead and Blonde White and the last of the original Humans, the Andonites, who we know as the Eskimos of the North. There is no absolute purity left in any of the races of Mother Earth. There is only the least mixed and the most mixed. The least mixed are valuable to Us as living Human History. A history that should also have its positive cultural traditions and ways expressed and treasured. Negative racism should be discarded and Positive Racism erected in its place. In this way the good blending can coexist with the uniqueness of racial difference.

Regarding “White”:

Question: Why do we say “White”.

This is a reference to our paleness compared to the other races. White, symbolically, when not referring to race, is the color of clean snow and purity. We fall far short of that mark, but do have the potentiality to come closer to achieving the excellence of being that White implies. This will be achieved individually, as each of us learn to control the selfish leadings of ego and all the confusion that attends selfish life ways. It is being done, but not in great enough numbers yet. These days it feels like hopeless entrapment in our own cultural mess and it is too hard to become Better and More. But not really. Ways can be found to achieve this worthy goal. Narbarism hopes to become one of those ways.

Regarding “Fire”:

Question: Why do we say fire instead of Spirit?

The word Fire symbolizes the word Spirit, but I do not know why Fire is the usage. I would guess that it may have something to do with the fact that we are poorly developed in the true Spiritual sense and so Fire is chosen to represent our unfulfilled potential in this vital aspect of Our existence. Also, maybe in Our finite minds We are more comfortable with the fire usage because We can see its light more than the light of Spirit. Us savages just like to see and feel our symbology. It is easier to build a real fire to be symbol in ceremony, than it would be to conjure a Spiritual light that could be seen by Our physical eyes. We are in the material and physical realm and function accordingly. There is a poetic element at work here too. It is easier to rhyme with fire than Spirit…at least in the English language. And lastly, the word fire just keeps us connected with Our Ancient Heritage, of which it has played so much a part, and we honor this.

Regarding “Of The”

Question: What does “Of The” mean?

“Of The” pertains to the geographical area of Our Origins and Ways. Where We developed and operate on Our Home World. Our “Hood”. It could relate to an ideological position too, but since the word “North” follows “Of The”, We can just stick to that. Geography plays an important role in the what of Us. Cold periods with the blush of Springtime and the blast of Summer Sun give Us those strengths of ability and diversity that characterizes our misdirected energies on Earth.

Regarding “North”

Question: Uh…whuts North?

Well…North is a very challenging region on Our world that has stimulated most of the innovativness and inventiveness of technology and science that could serve Humanity so well. More specifically it is the Old North that played such a powerful role in our quest for life. From Mesopotamia and Mexico to the Arctic Circle, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans on the Eur-Asian and “North American” continents, the Old North, if not the cradle, has been the crucible in which today’s Human races have made their most energetic efforts. Our Wisdom is striving to catch up with Our mania for Progress (relentless growth beyond limits of decency) in the North and if it doesn’t, self destruction may be the result. If this comes to pass, the leadership of the Human Species will pass to those super struggling and less energetic, but possibly Wiser, races that have come forth in the polar and tropical regions of Our Planet.

So…that is about all I can say about the symbolic term “The Ancient Sacred White Fire of the North”. Its voice is heard under and within the conqueror’s noise…that same almost harmony of noises that was heard in the turning to the darkness of aggression for the Tribes of the North. One element of this faint voice can be seen in the document from Albion entitled “The Law Of Freedom.” The yearnings for equality and fairness, of the subjugated Britannic and Pict Andonites and Blue Men; Men and Women of the land…can be seen there. The other element, the voices of fear and arrogance, of power and profit hunger form the outer circle of this fire’s sound. An outer circle that will one day dissipate into time, leaving the beautiful and true core of melody that are the White man’s best and worthy contribution to More and Better on Mother Earth. A fire that finally emits no unworthy darkness.
Now I can say more about the role of Narbarism in relation to this term.

You see, Narbarism, or The NarBar Way, is a ridiculously miniscule effort of a very few people, that has barely marked a wee trail in reality, let alone a path or Way. But nevertheless, the NarBar Way still aspires to become a humble but worthy part of the Human Lifestream on Mother Earth. We are the “Lost Peoples” that Thom Hartmann has written about, but also lost in another way.
We hopeful few are also lost in the sense of disenchantment with the lack of good heart and mind and misbehavior of Our host cultures…particularly the Capitalist “Dog and Pony Show” called the United States of North America. This culture, that has so far tolerated us malcontents, has become too successful in the quest for profit and power. It goes beyond earning and has become a dominance quest for the exploitive few, whose ethics and morals are only something placed on display in church and charity. Who see We The People as things to be manipulated. The fear based exploits of these malevolent few has betrayed and poisoned Our Way of Life and has made a mockery of it. But this is not the worst of it.
The worst is that We The People have allowed this to happen! We have allowed ourselves to be repeatedly duped by the liars who should be setting much better examples of good and right. Narbarism struggles to set itself free of this shameful charade, find expressions of living that restores goodness and beauty in the Human Soul and set new standards of living that will quicken Our progress to Our highest destiny as true Children of Creator in an age of Light and life. The potential for this is there…here in each one of Us. We of the barely begun NarBar Way have what it takes to see this and, more importantly embrace it as Life Itself.
We NarBars, followers of Narbarism, seek the many ways of Equity and Balance for Humanity. Many ways that can be woven into a Rainbow Way of profound Human Achievement. Many lifestyles must be lived, not just City Building Capitalism.
While it is true that we place great hope in a New “White” People that has finally, through such great trial and error, realized its higher potentials of goodness on this sacred quest, it is equally true that We see the contribution of all the Peoples of Earth and their validity in the Human Family. Narbarians celebrate difference and diversity and it is through this embracing that We will see the “White” Fire Take its rightful place in the collective fires of the Rainbow Way. The day will come when the differences, still distinct, will be woven into the beauty of the heart built glory of the Rainbow Movement of Humanity. We are only part of this splendid destiny. When all of Us realize Our unique high potentials, then the darkness, we now live in, will be as one dark nights dream.
The White must be Whiter in the sense of purity of Soul and purpose. In True Goodness. It must reflect all color and ways and be enhanced by them in a joyful harmony. It must educate itself mightily and use this great knowledge for the benefit of all…for the enhancement of the lives of all.
So…haven’t I said it? Haven’t I explained the What of Who We need and Want to become? Can’t We do this? Is there any good reason why We shouldn’t?
It doesn’t look like the “NarBar Way of the NEW Sacred White Fire of the North” is the best way to say what we are. The White Fire has not been and is not inclusive enough, in the correct way, to be our symbology exclusively. The NEW Sacred White Fire will depend as much as it can on the worthy Ancient Wisdom and Spirit of the Old Scared White Fire…especially when that old knowledge is harmonious with the desired goals of the New Fire. Then reciprocally the New White Fire of the North strives to express the best that the Old Fire had to offer, with good evolutionary additions of its own. This fire can have a place within our symbology, but shouldn’t be all of it.
The closeness and understanding of Nature and the bonding of Families into close knit Clans and Tribes, are just two of the Old Ways that will find new life in the NarBar Way and others. When the fires of the New Tribes are seen in the wilderness of Mother Earth, there too will be seen the light of the Old Fire. In the flames and in Our Spirits, it will burn brightly. There are other self satisfying and self serving ways to conduct one’s life and other equally valid and beautiful life dedications, but I, for one, think and feel that the NarBar Way is one way to fulfill a deep need to help make a Better World with More Goodness and Happiness. The NarBar Way is a good path for those of us who have no heritage and culture, because of the depredations of the pre-White and White branches of Humanity. That is what it is primarily being designed for. Beyond the foundation, Narbarism becomes very inclusive of all that is worthy.

I wonder? Is there an Old White Fire still burning in Europe and EurAsia? Would it be possible, in warm ceremony, to bring some flames from it here to start Our New Fire? Hmmm. Maybe among the “Norse”, or perhaps sequestered with the Pagan Slavs of Eastern Europe? There is a quickening of the Spirit of these Pale Peoples. Which indicates an increase in the collective consciousness of certain Humans in these regions of the North.This increasing consciousness is becoming seen in “You Tube”.

July 18, Hama 7

Yes, it seems there is. Or at least I interpret certain things to be the Old White Fire still functioning.
One of these is the rise of Odinism. Odinism is the religious or Spiritual following of the Old Norse Gods…as opposed to the One True God of Israel, the Koran and Christianity. Odin is at the top of this Pagan Pantheon and is where supplication is sent from the White worshipers. Recently, (not sure just how long ago), the Odinists separated from Nazism, and the Aryan Brotherhood and began to focus on Odin and His sub-gods exclusively. I do not yet know what the intent and the need, was in this action, but I suspect that it had something to do with purification and an impulse for less violent response to perceived threats.
I would like to say the Ku Klux Clan too, but it is a Radical branch of Christianity…which I consider to be another flame of the Old White Fire that came from the Semite Fire of the Mid-East. Nevertheless, it does function exclusively for the White Race and thus qualifies for recognition as a White Fire Element.
All of these are founded on the fear of the loss of the White Race, either through interbreeding with the races of color, or being conquered and exterminated by the same. This fear serves to keep these groups in the Spirit of the Old Tribalism, (yes for us and no for you), that is one of the roots of Our World’s problems.
Whether or not the above mentioned parts of the Old White Fire of the North, would cooperate with the founding of the New White Fire is a question that has yet to be answered. I do have my doubts about this, but who knows what kind of a reaction I will get when I approach them with this proposition. The New White Fire’s stance regarding the correctness of the New Tribalism, may cause a negative reaction from the Odinists, Aryans, Nazis and Ku Klux Folks. They will probably view us as traitors to the White Race. They will not realize, at least at first, that the New Tribalism is a more positive approach to the issue of racial preservation. They will not see that exclusively White Tribes, or Peoples, can thrive and prosper just as well as the same of other colors. It will be hard for them to realize that cooperation is superior to intimidation and violence in the building of an ideal expression of the White Race.
Certain branches of the White Race can stick to themselves sexually and preserve the heritage, (what’s left of it; there is no purity of race left on Mother Earth), that they cherish. Who knows, maybe they could even, through selective breeding and access to the sacred stones of the Blondes and Blue Eyes, restore the desired “purity” of their kind.
The stones I speak of are called “Tilasite” and are found mostly in Scandinavian countries. They are pink in color and “encourage hereditary blondness and blue eyed recessive genes of all sorts to manifest themselves in the children of those who wear, or live near, this rock.” From: “Michael’s Gemstone Dictionary” by Judithann H. David and JP Van Hulle. Publisher is “Affinity Press” and is located in Orinda, California. Copyright 1990. ISBN 0942663-05-5 Paperback $18.95.
While I am on that subject, I should say that “Bauranoite” functions with red hair much the same way. (same book). Maybe the Odinists and other White Race protectionists could fill their places of worship with these minerals, or travel to Scandinavia, to expedite their visions of White Purity Restoration.
While the above would help with the physical aspects of this issue, there will still be the same old problem of the “Better than Thou” attitude that is so unattractive in a Human Being. Uniqueness is not necessarily betterness. The Others are unique in their way too and should be appreciated for it.
All races need to cull out their degenerate strains for the goal of racial enhancement and improvement of “quality”. Our societies are bogging down in undesirable individuals who are inferior in the sense of violent and criminal impulses, mental deficiency and genetic diseases. Its time to raise the bar folks. Raise our standards for the sake of that bright destiny that awaits us as a planetary species. But this has to be achieved out of Love not fear and hatred. And it has to done with as much intelligence as we can bring to this worthy effort. It can be done with kindness and goodness of attitude. It can be done with fairness of judgement as to all the races and their special qualities. It should be done by the “highest” representatives from all races and from the mixed breeds as well. Let there be no notion of one race being better than another and destined to rule over another. That is erroneous thinking. But do make each race responsible for its own improvement.
Having said all of the above, I need to end with a self searching question. If Narbarism is open to good individuals of all the races, (and it is), then doesn’t that disqualify this movement as a representative of the Sacred White Fire of the North? Hmmm…I got some thinking to do.

I like to think of the Narbarian Star being a wee spark of the “The Ancient Sacred White Fire Of The North”. This idea and the “HamaNar Mythology” (“The Elk Of Life”) is two of the few links to the “Old Tribalism” of ancient times that the Narbarian twig of New Tribalism relates to. This connection, imaginary or not, comforts me and helps me with my sense of identity.


This paper was edited on October 28th, 2019 (Hama 19)

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