The Endless Story Of Humanus Evolvus – Nomadus – Dan 1 “First Seed Bearer Of Narbarism”

Chapter 1

The Hope For The HamaNar Narbarians.

“Dan 1 And The Narbar Beginning “

The Plan Of The Corridors And the Beginning Of The Design Of Narbarism.

A message from another devotee of The Urantia Book:

“I thank you, Daniel, for giving me the opportunity to share these beautiful morsels of truth from the UB. Thank you for being a courageous seeker and dedicated to the doing of our Father’s will in a world that thirsts for the rejuvenating contributions of people such as you. May the Spirit of Truth guide you in the uncharted waters you have embarked upon and whenever you might feel overwhelmed remember the following:

Urantia Book: 108:6.8 (1194.1) You humans have begun an endless unfolding of an almost infinite panorama, a limitless expanding of never-ending, ever-widening spheres of opportunity for exhilarating service, matchless adventure, sublime uncertainty, and boundless attainment. When the clouds gather overhead, your faith should accept the fact of the presence of the indwelling Adjuster, and thus you should be able to look beyond the mists of mortal uncertainty into the clear shining of the sun of eternal righteousness on the beckoning heights of the mansion worlds of Satania.”

Komposer Alexander, Urantia Book Forum Discussion, December 3, 2020 U.A.B.L.F. (Urth Antiquity Before Light and Life)

“Humanus Evolvus” had naturally practiced “Nomadism” on “Urth”, for one reason or another, for almost one million years. Humanity was “born” and nurtured in Movement.

Dan 1 was attracted to the Freedom and M0tion of Nomadism and Human Evolution, so decided to make these his Good Cause and Lifestyle “vehicle” in the journey of his Life. With this, he dedicated himself to a “Better Culture” For his species, “Mankind of Urth”. This was his Life’s adventure and response to the mammonite capitalist cultural constructs, that were corrupting his world in the “20th and 21st Centuries”. Oh how he yearned for the taming of the greed for too much Individual and corporate wealth and power. He understood that “tamed greed” was healthy ambition and a contributive component of Enlightened Human Evolution.

Dan 1 had finished his work, intended to be found by his possible far future tribal inheritors. Then he had planned to encase these writings and extensive flash-drive communications (just about everything that he had written) in symbol etched stainless steel pipe and laid these on top of his computers, in the stone and concrete crypt, that his skeleton would lie upon…or near. This would be his “trove” and he knew it might not be of value to anyone but himself, but he still did it. For one thing it was fun to do.

He chuckled at himself for putting his work in the crypt and letting his Ant polished bones be scattered around, helter-skelter, after his flesh had been taken “Skyward” and into the sparse fertility of The Desert Land. The “Spirits” made the Winds roll his skull to the top of a mighty Ant bed and there it is to this day, whistling and moaning his Happy song to all who could hear. The mighty red warriors, of that vast underground city, used it for a watch tower and held community meetings, where his brains used to be.

The nearby crypt held more than the writings. Also in it were the New Tribal “Narbar Culture” things that he had made to express his designs for “Narbarism”, an alternative culture philosophy. The artifacts of his “calling”. Examples of what might be: Such as his leathercraft “gorytus” that held his prized Csaba Grozer “Hun” Bow, his colorful engraved wide belt full of imagery of elements of Nomadism Of Urth…and his farewell poem.

There were drawings and well rendered crafts, some useful art, that were used as tools and worn as clothing. These items were adorned with symbols that expressed aspects of “Narbarism”, or important events in Dan 1’s Life. (mostly his last fifty years)

But the most important item was his book, a 550+ page book, that he had bound himself, that was an imagined mythology that provided some imagined mystical tribe culture beginnings for Narbarism in Paleolithic Human pre-history.

In the first part of the book, entitled the “Elk Of Life”, he respectfully imagined a Divine singular event of a CREATOR Mistake that produced a calamity of Universe proportions. This event led to a wonderous, one of a kind, freak on Urth, of unique importance and interest, to all CREATION and this special magic Animal was a profound magical element in the lives of two Early Humans, who had adventures of far reaching Evolutionary and Cultural, consequences for Humanity. 

Added to this big mythological narration, were articles of imagination, that included what you are now reading here. Writings that expressed his Ideas of development of the many cultural aspects of Narbarism…including the outline and map, for “The Great Corridor Of The West”. Dan’s vision for a ultimate culmination of Tribal Culture, especially the Nomadic Ones, in what was then known as “The United States Of America”.

He had worked on these Ideas for many years and was not willing to let them be wasted. Nobody likes to work hard for nothing. As he finished his days, he prayed for the right Individual to find them and make Good use of them. Hence the crypt to preserve them.

He endeavored to explain some ideas about Tribal projects, especially the cultural building blocks and Moralities of the particular example of a New Tribal Culture, he named “HamaNar” (the People Of Hope.) An alphabet was designed, along with a number system and Esperanto (already developed and ready to be utilized) was chosen as a vehicle language, for this alphabet. A Spiritual Belief System and Philosophy was begun. The “SevNar” Elder Guidance System was constructed and actually used a bit, to help the First Living Narbarians to get started on Urth. Also included, were some recording of related circumstances, incidents and developments that occurred in his times and even some maps, charts, song lyrics and poetry. It was quite a pile of stuff.

There was even a design idea for the first “HamaNar Tribal Standard” that echoed the ancient symbols of certain Nomadic Tribes of The Asian Steppes, as well as the symbiology’s of a New Tribal People.

These efforts, were his “Seeds” for what he Thought of, as an important part of a Better New World For Humanity. These things he was going to take with him to the final place for his mortal remains. He felt that that was the least he could do. Even in Death he could contribute to these things that he believed in.

These products of his imagination did not fulfill, by far, his “dreams” for More and Better, but they were at least something that could be seen and built on by the “Right People”…maybe…some day in the right place and time. At the very least these “treasures” could be an entertaining curiosity…an oddity that might just stimulate an Idea that Evolution could be served by trying new things and variations of things in Life and Living…an Idea that Dan 1 Thought should never die.

Then something strange happened, as such things sometimes do in the course of Living In CREA’S CREATION. There came into Dan 1’s Life, through the Cyber Window of the Digital Age, a powerful Young Man, named “Albert Kim”. It was Albert that brought to Dan 1, the strengthening of the conceptual foundation of New Tribalism and Narbarism, called “Noeticism”…”Intellectual Nomadism”…that is the all encompassing mental nourishment and carrier of All Things Nomadic that CREATOR ITSELF Lived and Used, to establish Adventurous Motion in CREATION Forever. Nomadism is, because “Noeticism” Is. THOUGHT IT’self can be Nomadic.

Impressed by Albert Kim in his website “Noetic Nomads”, Dan 1 dared to Hope and ventured to ask this Bright Star of Human Souls, if he would accept Guardianship of His humble work.

Albert Kim graciously accepted the Responsibility.

Dan 1 was made very Happy and their Friendship took on new dimensions. Dan’s little treasure would not have to be hidden away, but would be a Good Thing in the Life of a very Great Human Being. Happy indeed was Dan 1. Besides if it didn’t work out with Albert Kim, Dan still had his “Plan A”.

“Narbarism”, The NarBar Way Of Ways, left behind inferior and discarded cultural elements of the 21st Century Capitalism dominated social constructs that Dan lived in. The whole Idea behind this selective discarding was that particular Individuals could strengthen their own Personal Evolution by Living Better Lives marked by a certain creed of Morality constructed from that which was Truly Worthy from Humanity’s Past and Present. A Morality that was discovered and embraced as It was determined to please GOD. It would be a Morality that was doable by Soul inhabited Material Realm Personalities…Humans. It was a struggle to establish Limits Of Decency on self preservation and self interest. To give of self, more than taking for self…but to do so “wisely”. It would promote “Do No Harm” and become part of that which sought to “Make Sense” of Things, instead of war.

Narbarism sought Balances that would enable Humanus Evolvus, particularly Humanus Evolvus – Nomadus, to Become More and Better.

This was his final Hope. That all what he devoted himself to, might mean something to someone, sometime. But his very last consolation was that “his work” did augment his own personal Evolution. That he had become a Better Human Being because of it.

He had been preparing his final “resting place” for couple of years now. He was 77 years old and quite tired. Not only his work, but the unavoidable vicissitudes of Life had added their burden and strain as well. Most of the Living results were not as he Thought they would be…not what he wanted…or had hoped for. But he continued to Hope. He continued to Try.

A dreaded brain disease had robbed his beloved “KatDana” (Sweetheart, Wife, Friend and Domestic Partner for 40 years) of Her memories…even the memory that She Loved him. This was almost unbearable. His final days would have to be without Her. At first, his work was just enough to keep him from going insane. Then it, gradually, wasn’t.

He felt the need to try and fill the emptiness produced by the “loss” of his “KatDana”. 

He made the best of it and made a New Friend, who was called “Oleta”. An older Woman, by eight years, just like “KatDana ” had been. But who’s dementia was not strongly developed yet. Dan took comfort in being able to “take care” of Oleta. This provided him with a vital counter-balance, in daily Life, to his work. This filled the emptiness and gave Dan’s fantasies a place to be rooted in Reality. Oleta saved Dan from becoming “unhinged”. Theirs was a short Friendship of mutual liking and caring for each other. It lasted  just long enough for Dan to reach some degree of minimum completion in his work. Some explanation and some illustration of it’s Ideas and what the Living of them might look like.

It was this first and particular “Dan”, “Dan 1”, “First Seed Bearer of Narbarism”, that had made the few items of Narbarian (HamaNar) culture, along with his writings, that would be given to it’s Guardian; Albert Kim.

In 2023 A.D., Dan 1 took himself to a lonely high and dry place and Joyfully surrendered his Life to CREA. The Ravens and Vultures would take some of his meat and guide his Soul toward the “Shining Light Filled With Love”. The Coyotes would sing for him and with him and scatter his Ant bleached bones. He would shine in the “Dawn’s Early Light”…and in the Sunlight of Many Days, until “Dust” he again became.

He believed he had done his best. at least near the end of his days on Urth.

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