“The Gist Of It”

NarNatHamaHareNar – The Three Main Times Of Narbarism

The Darkness Before

The Struggle Now

The Paradise On Urth Achieved

Though there was “Light” aplenty in all the Human Times before, the Past is seen as that darkness that We Narbarians will always emerge from. The Nature Of The Past being always darker than “Now” and The Future not yet here.

The Lightning shapes symbolizes the Energy and Life of CREATION that comes out of The Was and goes to the Is and Evolves, or devolves, to the “Will Be”.

The drum in the center is the Heartbeat of Our Now…the struggle for More and Better in the Rainbow Circles of Our Living Energy. It is in this that We potentialize and make Possible the More and Better Paradise…which is always the culmination and CREATIONAL RESPONSE to what We do.

“Garbage In, Garbage Out” and “Treasure In, Treasure Out”

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