The “Tri-Sev” and “TriCon” System Of Leadership”




Back in about 2001, I thought it might be a Good idea to form an online group to discuss “Narbarism”, as a type of New Tribal Structure, and develop ways for it to have real leadership practice in self governance.

In this group, I presented some ideas about a democratic leadership system and the structure thereof, that might be of use in deciding preliminary policies for the development of self governance in “Narbarian Tribes”.

I actually received some participatory interest from a couple of “Kindred Individuals” in England and Texas and was able to make some progress with them in the design and functional sense…regarding the leadership structure and the formulation of suggestions to help guide a New Tribe (of a Narbarian Type), should one wish to begin existence in reality.

No one ever stepped forward to declare their intention to build a new tribe, but I was happy with the progress made with the experimental leadership system…the “TriSev”.

I began structuring the “TriSev” from the sacred concepts attached to the numbers “3” and “7”. I entertained the notion (still do) that to follow the use of 3’s and 7’s in Creation, would lead to success in the Narbarian New Tribes quest…at least as to organizational structure. This Idea is Intuitive, “Good Ju Ju”. But it has been said that “like attracts Like”. Who knows, working in patterns of threes and sevens might stimulate some lucky harmony with CREATION? As far as this went, it seemed to function well.

So…I thunked up and designated a leadership “cell” of the “TriSev” to be a triality of three groups of seven Individuals…a 21 member study and recommendation governing body (once fully developed)

A component arrangement of a three person grouping was called a “TriNar”. Each “TriNar” was a distinct contemplation, discussion and voting unit, that did its duty to help make advisory decisions , regarding advising tribal policies to new Narbarian Tribes…or just to the Narbarian concept structure as this developed. They are formed, one at a time, and given credit for their sequence in the forming “TriSev”, by designating each one as “First TriNar”, “Second TriNar” and “Third TriNar”, and so forth.

The First TriSev” would be formed when these three TriNars became complete and functional…including their “SevNari”

The “SevNari” is important as a “tie Breaker”. When it occurs that one “TriNar” enters a tied vote stalemate with another “TriNar”, about the who, what, when, where and why of what should be done, a special Individual, of tie breaker rank, would carefully cast their vote regarding a given stalemated issue. This tie breaker was called a “SevNarI”, because they became the seventh member of two “TriNars”. These seventh members would only function to break tie votes, or stalemate circumstances, in a two TriNar assembly…and this function continues even as a “TriSev” is formed.

A “TriSev” being a leadership cluster of Three SevNars…21 TriNar Members.

NarBar TriSev Symbol



No limit for number of “TriSevs”, has been decided. The formation of the “Second TriSev” would begin with the first member of the “First TriNar Of The Second TriSev”.

I thought it might come to pass that additional “TriSevs” would be necessary, as the tribe grew more numerous. or as new tribes were formed. (Should they opt to use the “TriSev” self governance advisory system.)

The name given to three complete “TriSevs” is “TriCon”. (Advisory Congress Of Sixty-Three Members) It is hard for me to imagine a Tribe becoming too big for this. But who knows what could happen some day?

It is considered that after the completion of the “First TriCon”, (an organizational cluster of three TriSevs), a temporary halt will be placed on the formation
of TriNars and SevNars and TriSevs until the founding of the First NarBar Tribe or other social structure in real life. For every TriCon there might be a Tribe or possible other NarBar Social Structure Design. But this idea has not been decided upon yet. It all depends on the need and demand that comes, when a tribe develops. Such a group may not even think of itself as a Tribe. But maybe as a “Clan”, or “Club”, or “Organization”.

Each “TriNar” should be responsible for keeping its positions filled and for deciding who would function as their “SevNarI”.

As of January 19, 2019 (Hama 19) only one “TriNar” was completed and it has become dysfunctional due to lack of interest in this Narbarian Leadership Structure Proposal. A proposal, or issue, has not been discussed, or voted on, in the Yahoo Group “Narbarism 2” since about 2004 (Hama 4) “Narbarism 2” was the experimental operation center for Narbarism back then. It still is, but I am the only posting in there at this time. I have no idea, what has become of my First TriNar Sisters, “Gwa 1” and “Shra 1”. I haven’t been able to find them.

More “TriNars” were intended to form and participate, but these didn’t come. The First TriSev hasn’t been completed yet.

A “tie vote” is an indication of a strong split in the Thinking about a given issue, or proposal. But, I for one, believe that it might be best to postpone final vote (if possible) when a tie becomes apparent. This would give more time for more discussion of the issue. I feel that a fifty/fifty split is not a good thing. There should be a larger margin of “majority” in decision making voting…or We should be prepared for some kind of split in tribal direction, or policy. This duality syndrome is not necessarily a bad thing, but it could be disruptive of Tribal intentions and goals.

Could a social construct go in two (or more) different directions, at the same time and not be weakened or broken? Something to think about. I think that it is possible. I am thinking of American football teams, with their “Offense” and “Defense” strings. “Intentionally Designed Diversity” anyone? “Connected Multi-Directions”? As a Tribal survival coping mechanism?


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