The “Varhovar”

Item Twelve


In order to increase the opportunities for Higher Levels of Citizen Participation in Collective Governance, there will be an increase in the number of Congressmen and Congresswomen for each state. This will increase the Good Heart and Mind Influence toward the top of this governance structure.

Those that distinguish themselves as Participating Citizens, can continue being of service to Our Nation as “Honored Advisors” of both the “House of Representatives” and the “Senate”…and even up to the Seven Seat Presidential Level.

There will be five hundred (500) People’s Choice “Volunteer Advisory Representatives” for the “Volunteer Advisory House Of Representatives” {Volunteer Advisory Representatives of the House of Volunteer Advisory Representatives}

(There will be ten “VARHOVAR”), from each state No matter what the population of these states are and no matter how many counties there are in each state. This “choice” will be expedited by Direct Individual Vote within the counties of each state* and then added to the votes of the other counties within the states and then the nation.

Ranked Choice Voting may be used in this election process.

The numbers here are arbitrary. The People will ultimately decide how many “Advisors” will be per state.

*Counties of each state – Gerrymandered districts have been eradicated from Our New Direct Democracy.

The “VarSen” (“Voluntary House Of Representatives Of The National Senate”) could be elected the same way and also number five hundred Representatives.

The word “VARHOVAR” is just a suggested “gift” for the language of Our New America. It might be felt, that to become a VARHOVAR would be an honorable attainment in one’s Life. The “VarSen” and “DECI” (for “Dedicated Citizen”) is another of these honoriums. I have a few others. All of these merited and earned statuses receive generous incentives and recognitions of Honor.

One of the “perks” would be increased power of their Vote:

Citizen (The basic level of those Citizens that have not yet attained the qualifications for “DeCi” status) has one vote.

The “DeCi” has earned two votes.

The “VarSen” has three.

The “VarhoVar” gets four.

And the Seven Presidents has five.

Other benefits includes an increased basic income, or pensions (that do not exceed one million dollars per year)

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